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If you're looking for a holiday cottage in this great nation where you can spend some time with friends and family, have a look at some of the cottages we've got listed below. This sample of cottages all sleep more than 8 people, and at the last check, there was even a holiday cottage which sleeps 16 people - now that's quite a holiday cottage; in fact the cottage which sleeps 16 people is more of a manor house.

So, should you looking for a large holiday cottage have a look below to see what takes your fancy. You'll see a sample of prices with the cottages, keep in mind that these prices are the "price per person". The amount you pay will be for the accommodation, but we have shown how much each person would pay - assuming that the maximum number of people that the cottage will sleep are going to be staying. we talked about the price per person in the cheap holiday cottages page.

Anyway, have a look below and see whether there's a large holiday cottage to suit your needs.

Find some large holiday cottages