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  • Villa Constantine in Kolympia, Rhodes

    Villa Constantine in Kolympia, Rhodes

Find the cottages available from Olivers Travels, including Villa Constantine in Kolympia, Rhodes

A provider of holiday cottages, manor houses and castles for holiday too, "Olivers Travels" have a good selection of holiday accommodation for special occasions. The new castles, manor houses and cottages.

There is one property from Olivers Travels I'd like to bring to your attention. This cottage is "Villa Constantine in Kolympia, Rhodes".
  1. Villa Constantine in Kolympia, Rhodes - Villa Constantine in Kolympia is on the Greek Island of Rhodes. Villa Constantine sleeps up to 12 people, and occupies an excellent beach front location.

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  • Cou Cou Apartment in Barbados
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  • Sandalwood House in Barbados
  • Pandanus in Barbados
  • Ceiba in Barbados
  • Buttsbury Court in Barbados
  • Belle View in Barbados
  • Innisfree in Barbados
  • Saint Peters Villa in Barbados
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  • Paynes Apartment in Barbados
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  • Gibbes Beach House in Barbados
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  • Ca Limbo in Barbados
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  • Villa Plantation in Barbados
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  • Atlantic Seaview Villa in Barbados
  • Villa Chune in Barbados
  • Villa Mullins in Barbados
  • Holetown House in Barbados
  • Sandy Estate in Barbados
  • Cove Beach Mansion in Barbados
  • Heywoods Villa in Barbados
  • Villa Prospect in Barbados
  • Villa Lancaster in Barbados
  • Villa Sandy Beach in Barbados
  • Villa Dolphin in Barbados
  • Villa Pelican in Barbados
  • Villa Aanya in Barbados
  • Villa Nadra in Barbados
  • Muffins Lodge in Barbados
  • Villa Gibbes in Barbados
  • Villa Westmoreland in Barbados
  • Apartment Standfast in Barbados
  • Villa Garden Dream in Barbados
  • Villa Bondye in Barbados
  • Villa Erzulie in Barbados
  • Villa Legba in Barbados
  • Villa Grand Bois in Barbados
  • Windfall in Barbados
  • Villa Half Moon in Barbados
  • Villa Mosaic in Barbados
  • Atlantic Beach House in Barbados
  • Anchorage in Barbados
  • Evergreen in Barbados
  • Freyers Well Bay House in Barbados
  • Galena in Barbados
  • Glitter Bay Apartment 212 in Barbados
  • Glitter Bay Apartment 310 in Barbados
  • Seawards in Barbados
  • Happy Trees in Barbados
  • Sugar Cane Ridge #11 in Barbados
  • Sugar Cane Ridge #12 in Barbados
  • Sweet Spot at Royal Westmoreland in Barbados
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  • Villa Bura in Dalmatian Coast
  • Villa Dijana in Dalmatian Coast
  • Villa Javor in Dalmatian Coast
  • Villa Plava in Dalmatian Coast
  • Casa Crvena in Dalmatian Coast
  • Villa Zuta in Dalmatian Coast
  • Villa Roza in Dalmatian Coast
  • Villa Klaudija in Dalmatian Coast
  • Villa Wanda in Dalmatian Coast
  • Villa Lora in Dalmatian Coast
  • Villa Cecilija in Dalmatian Coast
  • Villa Andreja in Dalmatian Coast
  • Villa Alenka in Dalmatian Coast
  • Villa Visnja in Dalmatian Coast
  • Villa Zelimirka in Dalmatian Coast
  • Villa Zlata in Dalmatian Coast
  • Villa Zorica in Dalmatian Coast
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  • Villa Mirjana in Istria
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  • Villa Andela in Istria
  • Villa Vitika in Istria
  • Villa Fala in Istria
  • Villa Komen in Istria
  • Villa Kopriva in Istria
  • Villa Odolina in Istria
  • Villa Dolga in Istria
  • Villa Lipica in Istria
  • Villa Polana in Istria
  • Villa Lucova in Istria
  • Villa Draga in Istria
  • Villa Urga in Istria
  • Villa Bibali in Istria
  • Villa Buje in Istria
  • Villa Buroli in Istria
  • Villa Rusani in Istria
  • Villa Dagrotina in Istria
  • Villa Finida in Istria
  • Villa Caire in Istria
  • Villa Murine in Istria
  • Villa Vardica in Istria
  • Villa Fiorini in Istria
  • Villa Ravni in Istria
  • Villa Markoci in Istria
  • Villa Turini in Istria
  • Villa Foli in Istria
  • Villa Marici in Istria
  • Villa Martinak in Istria
  • Villa Paradiz in Istria
  • Villa Narta in Istria
  • Villa Poljana in Istria
  • Villa Sveta Ana in Istria
  • Villa Raka in Istria
  • Villa Veternica in Istria
  • Villa Lozan in Istria
  • Villa Iva in Istria
  • Villa Pepelana in Istria
  • Villa Gadrina in Istria
  • Villa Kostel in Istria
  • Villa Solina in Istria
  • Villa Botova in Istria
  • Villa Gola in Istria
  • Villa Sela in Istria
  • Villa Novaka in Istria
  • Villa Cambina in Istria
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  • Villa Teodora II in Kvarner
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  • Villa Persephone in Corfu
  • Gastouri Achileo in Corfu
  • Villa Helios in Crete
  • Leto's Lodge in Crete
  • Villa Selene in Crete
  • Daios One Bedroomed Villa in Crete
  • Daios Two Bedroomed Villa in Crete
  • Daios Two Bedroomed Family Villa in Crete
  • Daios Two Bedroomed Wellness Villa in Crete
  • Daios Three Bedroomed Family Villa in Crete
  • Daios The Mansion in Crete
  • Villa Giannis in Crete
  • Villa Myrtle in Crete
  • Villa Ying in Crete
  • Villa Style in Crete
  • Mama La Roosa in Crete
  • Villa Zevra in Crete
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  • Blueberry Villa in Halkidiki
  • Huckleberry Villa in Halkidiki
  • Lingonberry Villa in Halkidiki
  • Elderberry Villa in Halkidiki
  • Boysenberry Villa in Halkidiki
  • Marionberry Villa in Halkidiki
  • Dewberry Villa in Halkidiki
  • Cloudberry Villa in Halkidiki
  • Villa Metaxa in Halkidiki
  • Villa Retsina in Halkidiki
  • Villa Mastika in Halkidiki
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  • Plaza Di Bogomila in Lefkas
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  • Villa Par in Aphrodite Hills
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  • Villa Espelhar in Albufeira
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  • Villa Adreana in Albufeira
  • Villa Catia in Albufeira
  • Villa Pedrina in Carvoeiro
  • Villa Carlotte in Carvoeiro
  • Villa Luana in Carvoeiro
  • Villa Beleza in Carvoeiro
  • Villa Natureza in Carvoeiro
  • Villa Laranja in Carvoeiro
  • Villa Lua in Carvoeiro
  • Villa Colibri in Carvoeiro
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  • Villa Anahy in Lisbon
  • Villa Donatela in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Sorrell in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Rafaelina in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Leonor in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Maristela in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Debora in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Deolinda in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Dianai in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Eduarda in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Elzira in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Felipa in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Fryda in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Abelia in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Albertiana in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Alexia in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Anabelia in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Calixta in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Domitila in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Imaculada in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Iolanda in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Isaura in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Leocadia in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Lygiana in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Nilda in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Tereza in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Thalita in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Valquiria in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Veriana in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Vilma in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Zita in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Tareija in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Feliciana in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Horaciala in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Faustina in Lisbon Coast
  • Villa Assuncao in Lisbon Coast
  • Casa Cintia in Minho Region
  • Casa Clarissa in Minho Region
  • Casa Benedita in Minho Region
  • Villa Enia in Minho Region
  • Villa Estora in Minho Region
  • Casa Ligia in Minho Region
  • Villa Venade in Minho Region
  • Residence II in Pine Cliffs Resort
  • Residence III in Pine Cliffs Resort
  • Terrace II in Pine Cliffs Resort
  • Terrace III in Pine Cliffs Resort
  • Terrace IV in Pine Cliffs Resort
  • Ocean Suite I in Pine Cliffs Resort
  • Ocean Suites II in Pine Cliffs Resort
  • Ocean Suites III in Pine Cliffs Resort
  • Garden Suite I in Pine Cliffs Resort
  • Garden Suite II in Pine Cliffs Resort
  • Ocean Suite Studio in Pine Cliffs Resort
  • Villa Concetta in Pine Cliffs Resort
  • Villa Daiane in Quinta do Lago
  • Royal Golf Apartment in Vale do Lobo
  • Villa Beijinho in Vilamoura
  • Villa Alipha in Vilamoura
  • Villa Angele in Gozo
  • Villa Pasha in Bodrum
  • Villa Marin Hill in Bodrum
  • Villa Bitki in Marmaris & The Bozburun Peninsula
  • Dionysos Cottage in Marmaris & The Bozburun Peninsula
  • Villa Selimiye in Marmaris & The Bozburun Peninsula
  • Villa Kizkumu in Marmaris & The Bozburun Peninsula
  • Maison Automne in Aquitaine
  • Manoir D'Ete in Atlantic Coast
  • Le Bloc Blanc in Atlantic Coast
  • Le Mas en Rose in Avignon
  • La Fontaine in Avignon
  • Le Mas Des Lauries in Avignon
  • Villa Bayou in Dalmatian Coast
  • Villa Cordelia in Dalmatian Coast
  • Villa Daco in Dalmatian Coast
  • Villa Vigora in Dalmatian Coast
  • Villa Glavica in Dalmatian Coast
  • Villa Paciencia in Carvoeiro
  • Villa Ulrica in Carvoeiro
  • Villa Amarelo in Carvoeiro
  • Villa Calinho in Carvoeiro
  • Villa Andorinha in Carvoeiro
  • Villa Apaixonar in Carvoeiro
For the very latest in holiday cottages from Olivers Travels, have a look at our castles, manor houses and cottages which have recently been added page.

The latest cottages available from Cottages 4 You

Cottage Code : Grendon House
Sleeps : 10
...that can sleep up to 10-guests. This holiday home has beautiful gardens with a private pool and indoor games, making it ideal for family holidays. Ground Floor- Queen bedroom, with en-suite bathroom...
Cottage Code : Heronetta
Sleeps : 10
... Not only is this luxurious home one of the largest properties on the island's much sought after West Coast, but it's also the largest beach property on the prestigious Sandy Lane Beach. The s...
Cottage Code : Point of View
Sleeps : 10
...the pool ready for lazy days.You are greeted by a grand reception area with chandelier and staircase, and to the right you have the main living areas. The spacious lounge is equipped with television...
Cottage Code : Dene Court
Sleeps : 10
...Sandy Lane Estate. Guests will be blown away by the impeccably well-maintained exterior grounds…the villa's gardener takes great pride in ensuring this feature is a special part of ...
Cottage Code : Buttsbury Court
Sleeps : 10
...bedrooms are all generous doubles and also have a luxurious marble bathroom each. One bedroom is equipped as a single-bedded nursery or nanny's room.Outside, at the heart of the villa is a stunn...
Cottage Code : Belle View
Sleeps : 10
...accent.Belle View sits in the perfect location on the side of a hill offering wonderful views, is surrounded by beautiful mature vegetation offering cooling shade, yet is close to all ameniti...
Cottage Code : Villa Agwe
Sleeps : 10
...realise the third bedroom that has a Queen bed and en-suite shower room.The elegance of Villa Agwe seamlessly flows upstairs, where the final two bedrooms are. Both the Master bedroom and King bedr...
Cottage Code : Sandy Estate
Sleeps : 10
...dining on one of the elegant verandas, one of which is decorated with a glistening chandelier. The enormous master bedroom has multiple access to the outside areas and is embellished with a chand...
Cottage Code : Villa Garden Dream
Sleeps : 10
...kitchen- Media room- Utility roomFirst Floor- Master bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- King bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- Living area- Study- TerraceBasement - Communal bathroomExterior- Priv...
Cottage Code : Villa Bondye
Sleeps : 10
...garden and some of the trees wonderfully light up at night as well as the lining of the villa's exterior.A cluster of trees by the pool provide privacy from the neighbouring golf course and a...
Cottage Code : Windfall
Sleeps : 10
... poolside is lined with sun loungers and indulgent outdoor seating, with candles, plants, pebbles and soft lighting helping to curate an irresistible ambiance. From the pool, move through to the first...
Cottage Code : Villa Mosaic
Sleeps : 10
... with en-suite bathroom- Master bedroom, with en-suite bathroom & balcony- King bedroom, with en-suite bathroom & balcony- King bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- Queen bedroom, with en-suite bathroomEx...
Cottage Code : Sweet Spot at Royal Westmoreland
Sleeps : 10
...while Speightstown has a calmer vibe and a fascinating history to uncover, as well as some suitably chilled-out eateries.The VillaSweet Spot is like a pretty jewel box near the sea, that c...
Cottage Code : Hillside Villa at Round Hill
Sleeps : 10
...open out onto a large furnished outside living room. Guests will be able to lounge inside while relishing the warmth and tropical scents of the garden. What better way to watch the sun go down th...
Cottage Code : Scotch on the Rocks
Sleeps : 10
...home was built by Scottish Lord, The Earl of Mansfield and is now owned by members of the Red Stripe Beer family.The villa has been renovated, making everything feel and look shiny and new. Neutra...
Cottage Code : Discovery Beach Villa
Sleeps : 10
...coral yellow villa adorned with pink flowers and lush green hedges that sits on its own charming beach next to the waters of Discovery Bay. This wonderful seafront home possesses a lovely homely and...
Cottage Code : Daybreak Cottage
Sleeps : 10
... quaint dining area – from here, you will feel like you're on top of the world. A spa bed is placed out on the veranda where you can receive massages while enjoying the endless serenity arou...
Cottage Code : Montego House
Sleeps : 10
... to nature during your stay here as all five of the bedrooms open out onto the terrace and lawn. Morning meditation and evening star gazing will be how you want to start and end your days. The bedroom...
Cottage Code : Villa Discovery
Sleeps : 10
... markets, super clubs where guests may purchase day passes, more water sports, Prospect Plantation Great House, rafting on the Martha Brae, jitney tours of a working plantation and dramatic Dunn's...
Cottage Code : Arc En Ciel
Sleeps : 10
... lead off towards beautifully tended gardens and you also have a casual dining terrace, bar and television room. Privacy, relaxation, tranquillity and good times are assured. Despite the seclusion of ...
Cottage Code : Pandanus
Sleeps : 11
... pool ready for lazy days.You are greeted by a grand reception area with chandelier and staircase, and to the right you have the main living areas. The spacious lounge is equipped with television and ...
Cottage Code : Bearded Villa
Sleeps : 12
...villa was not luxurious enough, there are housekeepers to keep the villa spotless and there are also other staff, such as a chef, a butler and babysitter, available to hire.The pool pavilion is a gr...
Cottage Code : Sandalwood House
Sleeps : 12
...with en-suite bathroom- TerraceCottage- Queen bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- Twin bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- Living area- Well equipped kitchenExterior- Private swimming pool, with Roman s...
Cottage Code : Villa Platinum Coast
Sleeps : 12
...the perfect spot to relax and recuperate, whether that's reading a good book, watching a movie on the large television or simply sitting around as a group talking or playing games. The best t...
Cottage Code : Ca Limbo
Sleeps : 12
...with four bedrooms being within the main house. Two master bedrooms have a king size bed each. The third bedroom features a queen size bed and the fourth, two single beds. The remaining two ...
Cottage Code : Beach Lodge at Sandy Lane
Sleeps : 12
... off from the hot daytime sun or enjoy a tranquil night's swim under the stars and the villa's magnificent lighting. The spacious garden comes complete with various seating areas, perfect for ...
Cottage Code : Holetown House
Sleeps : 12
...bathroom- Communal bathroom- Dining & living area- Fully equipped kitchen- Utility roomFirst Floor- Three double bedrooms, with en-suite bathrooms- TerraceCottage- Two double bedrooms, with e...
Cottage Code : Heywoods Villa
Sleeps : 12
...by vibrant local art adorning the walls. Guests will be delighted with the villa's wonderful interior of natural coral stone walls, wooden floors and custom-made furniture imported straight fro...
Cottage Code : Villa Sandy Beach
Sleeps : 12
...sunshine. The master bedroom opens up to a large terrace, furnished with lounges and chairs and overlooking the glorious surroundings. There is another terrace on the ground floor, situated right i...
Cottage Code : Villa Nadra
Sleeps : 12
...en-suite bathroom- Dining area- Living area- Fully equipped kitchen- Utility roomChattel Cottage- Twin bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- Living area- KitchenetteExterior- Private swimming pool, with...
Cottage Code : Villa Legba
Sleeps : 12
...in the living room and patterned furnishings. The villa's media room is a wonderful place to spend evenings in and comes complete with a flat-screen cable television and a stereo system.All bed...
Cottage Code : Bumper's Nest at the Tryall Club
Sleeps : 12
...poolside. The villas 2015 renovation has made the home one of the most elegant at The Tryall Club. The 1,400 square foot veranda is an idyllic space to take in the beauty of Jamaica's natur...
Cottage Code : Sea Glass at Tryall Club
Sleeps : 12
...is being in a world of your own, wonderfully quiet and tranquil while just minutes away by complimentary golf cart are the amenities that have defined the Tryall Club as one of the finest private c...
Cottage Code : Villa at Great River
Sleeps : 12
...with antique stone terrace for sunset cocktails. This 7-bedroom villa overlooks the mesmerizing beauty of the sea at night, glimmering with reflections of cruise ships and the romantic night lights...
Cottage Code : Knockando at Round Hill
Sleeps : 12
...is ideal for poolside alfresco dining and for entertaining guests well into the night. Directly opposite sits an additional hut equipped with two sun loungers and a small table. Here, you can esca...
Cottage Code : Tropical Atlantis
Sleeps : 12
...style with white walls and furnishings, polished dark wood floors and ceilings, fans and greenery. Lush. Your en-suite bathroom is gorgeous and the views through the French doors and windows are sim...
Cottage Code : Colibri Cottage
Sleeps : 12
...hot sun and just gazing out to sea. Welcome to paradise! The pool terrace is broad, fringed with tropical flowers and dotted with sun loungers and umbrellas. Long, hot, sunny, lazy, blissful pool-...
Cottage Code : Villa Lancaster
Sleeps : 14
...room- Spa treatment area- Utility roomFirst Floor- Caribbean Suite – King bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- Glass & Mirror Suite – King bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- Shell Suite R...
Cottage Code : Phoenix on the Beach at Tryall
Sleeps : 14
...up the table. You won't have to venture to one of the many luxury restaurants in Montego Bay to experience fine dining.Guests staying at Phoenix will be able to enter the pool terrace from mo...
Cottage Code : Endless Summer
Sleeps : 14
...beds- Queen bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- Twin bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- Dining & living area- Fully equipped kitchen- Media room- Utility roomFirst Floor- Master bedroom with en-suit...
Cottage Code : Villa Pelican
Sleeps : 16
...kitchen- Utility roomFirst Floor- Alligator Suite - Queen bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- Reef Suite - Queen bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- Silverback Suite - King bedroom, with en-suite bathroom...
Cottage Code : Villa Erzulie
Sleeps : 18
...and air conditioning. If that isn't enough, each bedroom is also equipped with walk-in wardrobes and flat-screen televisions.The garden is perhaps the most superb feature of the villa, as it ...
Cottage Code : Cove Beach Mansion
Sleeps : 20
...This impressive holiday home has a host of committed staff, excellent facilities throughout and even a private beach.Ground Floor- Camelia Suite – Double bedroom, with en-suite bathroom & li...
Cottage Code : Apartment Baobab
Sleeps : 4
...home away from home for a small group or family, with children over twelve. The interior of the home is bright and airy, with blue touches throughout the home complementing the stunning location...
Cottage Code : Cou Cou Apartment
Sleeps : 4
...the sea breeze is all encompassing and the sounds of waves crashing on the beach lulls you into a state of relaxation. Cou Cou Apartment is a luxury beachfront home in a condominium by Reeds Bay....
Cottage Code : Villa Mahi Mahi
Sleeps : 4
...Mahi Mahi is a stunning beach front villa, which can be found ontop of the pure white sands of Mullins Beach, in St Peter.Everything about this home is very modern and airy, but no more so than t...
Cottage Code : Paynes Apartment
Sleeps : 4
...the patio doors are opened revealing the immaculate Paynes Bay Beach. There is an en-suite bathroom attached this bedroom too, so there's no need to share a toilet or shower with those pesky...
Cottage Code : Villa Ibo
Sleeps : 4
...and fresh interior. Budding cooks will enjoy the granite finished countertops in an Italian styled kitchen, which is fully equipped with all the utensils needed to deliver a mouth-watering feast. T...
Cottage Code : Apartment Standfast
Sleeps : 4
...you're not indulging in a swim in the extensive outdoor pool, you'll be absorbing the tropical sunshine on the private rooftop deck.Your Bajan holiday awaits.The ApartmentApartment Standf...
Cottage Code : Glitter Bay Apartment 212
Sleeps : 4
...door, Glitter Bay Apartment 212 brings you close to the water, and the calm seas are great for swimming and snorkelling. When you want to chill in the sun, you'll find lounger chairs and paraso...
Cottage Code : Glitter Bay Apartment 310
Sleeps : 4
...most beautiful beaches. You will have a great view of the Caribbean Sea from your third-floor vantage point, and use of all the resort's facilities including a swimming pool, restaurant and fit...
Cottage Code : Tropical Lemon Tree
Sleeps : 4
...is fully-equipped and your open plan, living and dining room has a luxurious, contemporary feel. The modern table, chairs and sofas invite you to sit down and relax, whilst more traditional feature...
Cottage Code : Villa D'Arcy
Sleeps : 4
...carefully landscaped and planted garden, your private splash pool is flanked on all sides by tranquil greenery and a sun deck complete with potted plants, sun loungers, a barbecue and umbrella for ...
Cottage Code : Villa Pitons Bay
Sleeps : 4
...sipping on a fresh Nespresso from the machine. The living room is spacious and open, with enough seating for everyone to gather around at the end of the night reminiscing over the day, or to...
Cottage Code : Saint Peters Villa
Sleeps : 6
...feeling the sea breeze float in the open window and drifting away into a restful slumber after a day exploring. That is what you can have at Saint Peters Villa, the perfect home away from home dur...
Cottage Code : Beach Villa at Mahogany Bay
Sleeps : 6
...mix up a cocktail while lazing about. The white picket gate opens out onto the beautiful sandy beach, where there is amazing snorkelling. This villa has an amazing location, and is the perfect cosy...
Cottage Code : Casa Turquoise
Sleeps : 6
...waves crash and the sun sets.Casa Turquoise can rented alongside its sister beach home, Villa Mahi Mahi. Please enquire for further details.The VillaCasa Turquoise is a 3-bedroom villa that is loc...
Cottage Code : Villa Agassou
Sleeps : 6
...one-bedroom guest Cottage. This is a superb option for a group of friends who might want to indulge in a more private type of holiday experience. Villa Agassou is ideally located within a sho...
Cottage Code : Casa Joyboy
Sleeps : 6
... the facilities of Royal Westmoreland at the guests disposal.Ground Floor- King bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- Twin bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- Communal bathroom- Dining & living area- Fully eq...
Cottage Code : Oceans Edge
Sleeps : 6
...road south and you'll be in Holetown in around seven minutes. Here you will find a lively town with plenty to see and do. There's a great restaurant scene, with many taking full advantag...
Cottage Code : Villa Chune
Sleeps : 6
...beer and sodas.The private location of this holiday home allows guests to discover the true and natural Barbados, but watch out, you might just see a monkey or two in one of the many neighbouring t...
Cottage Code : Villa Gibbes
Sleeps : 6
...is set over two storeys and has two bedrooms on the ground floor, with the master suite spread over the entirety of the first floor. The bright and spacious bedrooms are bursting with tropical flai...
Cottage Code : Villa Westmoreland
Sleeps : 6
...from the living area.Spacious and serene natural toned bedrooms come decorated with hints of bright colours and patterns. On the ground floor, you will discover the sizeable master bedroom whic...
Cottage Code : Villa Grand Bois
Sleeps : 6
...with both boasting living and dining areas. Sun lounges are placed right beside the quaint plunge pool as well as some situated directly overlooking the stunning beach. Outside, guests will dis...
Cottage Code : Atlantic Beach House
Sleeps : 6
...room sharing tales of the trip or watching a movie. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms in this villa, the master bedroom has its own en-suite while the other two rooms share a bathroom. Ea...
Cottage Code : Anchorage
Sleeps : 6
...the adjacent television/office room. Here you'll find a variety of channels to enjoy on the flat screen television and a fax/printer and broadband within the office area. The kitchen is large an...
Cottage Code : Freyers Well Bay House
Sleeps : 6
...and trees creating a totally tropical feel. There are hammocks and shaded areas to enjoy throughout the garden, giving you utter peace and quiet. The pool terrace is particularly impressive, wi...
Cottage Code : Galena
Sleeps : 6
...and quiet. The star of the show is the huge, private swimming pool set within a terrace that's also home to some sun loungers and a small dining area.The VillaGalena is a 3-bedroom villa that i...
Cottage Code : Seawards
Sleeps : 6
...area, Seawards enjoys an excellent west coast location between Holetown and Bridgetown. With its own cook and housekeeper ready to enhance your stay, this three-bedroom holiday home provides a w...
Cottage Code : Sunset on the Beach at the Tryall Club
Sleeps : 6
...can hear the rustling of the trade winds and the lapping of the waves on the beach. This beach house really is a dream location, situated on the beach front, with 24 louvred doors in the living...
Cottage Code : Harbour Seven
Sleeps : 6
...appointed en-suite bathroom. You also have a king size bed and private balcony from where you can sit and admire your very own, exclusive view of the harbour. All three bedrooms are air-conditi...
Cottage Code : La Mer Villa
Sleeps : 6
...of your surroundings. La Mer Villa is almost encased in lush greenery, with palms and tropical plants to the left and right, and the sparkling Caribbean Sea ahead. Paradise!The fresh, white timbe...
Cottage Code : Villa Fairwind
Sleeps : 6
...as well as the Caribbean sun. The third room has a queen size bed, en-suite bathroom and stunning views out onto the rolling hills of Cap Estate. Ceiling fans and air conditioning are fitted ...
Cottage Code : Villa Eriu
Sleeps : 6
...to a blissful paradise. This two storey, three bedroom home is located in the Sugar Beach resort, a luxury getaway that boasts elegance and opulence. By staying in one of the resorts residences...
Cottage Code : Villa Aanya
Sleeps : 7
...It also houses a great amount of outside space as well as a bright and spacious interior. Guests will be delighted by the stunning sea views best enjoyed from the balcony's sun lounges and the f...
Cottage Code : Fosters House
Sleeps : 8
...with direct access to the beach from the idyllic outside space.This is truly a place where you can escape from it all, with a peaceful and relaxed vibe that flows throughout the beautifully furnish...
Cottage Code : Carlton Beach Villa
Sleeps : 8
... - lounging by the pool? Exploring Barbados? Or the beach bar? This home is well-equipped for everything you might need, including air-conditioning in the bedrooms and en-suites so you can get a restf...
Cottage Code : Gibbes Estate
Sleeps : 8
...private direct access from the Villa to the beach. The VillaGibbes Estate is a 4-bedroom beachfront villa, where guests are welcome to sprawl out on Gibbes Beach.Ground Floor- Twin bedroom, with en-...
Cottage Code : Green Monkey House
Sleeps : 8
...Two twin bedrooms, with en-suite bathrooms- Dining & living area- Fully equipped kitchen- Utility roomExterior- Private swimming pool, with Roman steps & ladder access- Barbecue- Lawn area- ...
Cottage Code : Ceiba
Sleeps : 8
...where the gorgeous master bedroom can be found, with a king size bed and en suite bathroom. The fourth bedroom is in the attached guest cottage, which is entirely self-contained and has use of a lo...
Cottage Code : Innisfree
Sleeps : 8
...share of breath-taking beaches, Innisfree also has the use of a private cabana on Sandy Lane Beach. The villa's location is just a few minutes' drive from the centre of Holetown, which is we...
Cottage Code : Flying Fish Estate
Sleeps : 8
...main house and separate cottage with a bedroom and small kitchenette. Begin your day relaxing in the open plan living space, with a fresh coffee or orange juice as you contemplate what the day will...
Cottage Code : Gibbes Beach House
Sleeps : 8
...that overlooks the pool and the Caribbean Sea. The master bedroom is bright and airy, with double doors opening onto the balcony, it also boasts a large four-poster bed and a large en suite, becau...
Cottage Code : Villa Plantation
Sleeps : 8
...in Barbados, Caribbean sleeps 8 people. Nestled within Royal Westmoreland an attractive holiday home that has been expertly well-appointed by the Archer's Hall can be found. Villa Plantatio...
Cottage Code : Atlantic Seaview Villa
Sleeps : 8
...villa, that sleeps up to 8-guests. The villa has 2-kicthens, which is ideal if you and your party want to use the facilities, whilst the Chef is busy cooking up something delicious. Ground Floor- K...
Cottage Code : Villa Mullins
Sleeps : 8
...scenery, Villa Mullins is ready to welcome you to Barbados. The VillaVilla Mullins is a 4-bedroom villa, that is a short walk from Mullins Beach. This modern holiday home, has large and spac...
Cottage Code : Villa Prospect
Sleeps : 8
...on the West Coast of Barbados. These benefits include a magnificent sea view, a gentle and cooling breeze, and being only a short distance away from the nearest beach – it's right on your...
Cottage Code : Villa Dolphin
Sleeps : 8
...Right on the beach in front of the Caribbean Sea, Villa Dolphin will be your own little piece of paradise during your Bajan holiday. With steps leading down onto the beach's glorious sand, bea...
Cottage Code : Muffins Lodge
Sleeps : 8
...side. Guests will feel as if they are swimming in the midst of an enchanting forest, is there any better way to unwind?When stepping inside the villa, you will discover the dining area is both ele...
Cottage Code : Villa Half Moon
Sleeps : 8
...everyone. The VillaVilla Half Moon is a quirkily designed 4-bedroom villa. There is a 5th Bedroom in a detached Cottage, which is available to guests upon request.Ground Floor- Bedroom with two tw...
Cottage Code : Evergreen
Sleeps : 8
...even a rooftop bar and dance floor! There are also two acres of idyllic, tropical gardens to enjoy. Here you'll find even more seating areas for soaking up your tranquil surroundings. Enjoy...
Cottage Code : Happy Trees
Sleeps : 8
...allows you to let more light in as required, or keep the sun out. Indoor and outdoor lighting and music systems controlled using wall switches or one of two iPads allow you to dim or brighten the l...
Cottage Code : Sugar Cane Ridge #11
Sleeps : 8
...within Royal Westmoreland. Efforts will be made to minimalise disturbance to guests. Apologises for any inconvenience caused.**The VillaSugar Cane Ridge #11 is a 4-bedroom villa, split across 3-fl...
Cottage Code : Sugar Cane Ridge #12
Sleeps : 8
...swimming pool, fitness centre, tennis courts and get a reduced Green Fee rate.Ground Floor- Bedroom with two double bedsFirst Floor- Master bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- King bedroom- Queen ...
Cottage Code : Calypso Shores on the Beach
Sleeps : 8
... outdoor barbecue makes social gatherings or dining al fresco easy, you won't have to leave the villa for an elegant dinner enhanced by the sunset. Stepping inside, guests will discover a contempo...
Cottage Code : Yellowbird at the Tryall Club
Sleeps : 8
...villa, with truly breathtaking views of the wonderful pool area the rolling green fairways and the different blue azure shades of the Caribbean Sea. Newly recovered sofa sets gives the indoo...
Cottage Code : Tradewinds at the Tryall Club
Sleeps : 8
...and the beach being your immediate environment. Not to mention the awe-inspiring views of the horizon and beyond!The home's living room incorporates high ceilings and neutral coloured walls that...
Cottage Code : Brise de Mer
Sleeps : 8
...plus bar and patio area, this is where grandparents, grown up children or late-night revellers can do their own thing!The middle floor is where you have your fabulous, light and fresh living quar...
Cottage Code : Cayman Villa
Sleeps : 8
...comprises three beautifully appointed en-suite bedrooms in the main house, two with private balconies. A fourth bedroom is located in a totally separate cottage. Move a short distance acro...
Cottage Code : Morne Trulah
Sleeps : 8
...long, hot, lazy afternoons. If you can ever bring yourself to leave the heavenly confines of Morne Trulah, you have the beautiful white sand and warm waters of Trouya Beach very close by. Rodney Bay...
Cottage Code : Villa Blue Moon
Sleeps : 8
...along the coast.The VillaSleeping up to 8-guests, you and your guests will enjoy fabulous views of the green and Caribbean Sea, as well as Cap Estate’s exclusive amenities. Ground Floor- Que...
Cottage Code : Villa Equinox
Sleeps : 8
...far as it likes across the big, blue expanse of the Caribbean Sea. Listen to the waves and look out for wildlife, including, rare glimpses of migrating whales. A trail leads down from the edge of t...
Cottage Code : Soufriere Beach Villa
Sleeps : 8
...close proximity to one of the island's most stunning beaches - Sugar Beach. As soon as you enter this spacious and bright villa you will feel at home; the large open plan living and dining are...
Cottage Code : Villa Nerida
Sleeps : 10
... exceptional accommodation in Baška Voda. Contemporary décor and magnificent views combine at this 4-bedroom villa with a spacious terrace leading to its own stunning infinity pool.Ground Fl...
Cottage Code : Villa Dijana
Sleeps : 10
...VillaVilla Dijana is a beautiful villa with private heated pool with sauna, 5 bedrooms with en-suite bathroom, 50m from the seaGround Floor- Open-plan living/dining area- Open-plan fully-equipped ...
Cottage Code : Villa Javor
Sleeps : 10
...balconies. On the ground floor, there is a stylish open-plan living space. Featuring a fully-equipped kitchen, with a cosy lounge and dining area perfect for entertaining. Patio doors lead out t...
Cottage Code : Villa Klaudija
Sleeps : 10
...hinterland is impressive 5 bedroom Villa Klaudija - a luxurious retreat near some of the most beautiful areas of the Krka National Park and the town of Drnis. The villa is ideal for large groups - a...
Cottage Code : Villa Lora
Sleeps : 10
...with a table and chairs for your morning coffees, or stargazing once the sun goes down.Downstairs you'll find the spa area complete with jacuzzi, sauna and ambient lighting, as well as a few ex...
Cottage Code : Villa Visnja
Sleeps : 10
...Toilette- Living & dining room- Fully equipped kitchen- Access to the patio & pool areaFirst Floor- Double bedroom- Three single bedrooms- Two separated bathrooms- Living & dining room- Fully equip...
Cottage Code : Villa Soli
Sleeps : 10
...colours with filter system - Pool showerMore facilities...- Bluetooth music system- Onkyo music system- Stereo speakers- Floor heating- Video interphone system- Video supervision with movement dete...
Cottage Code : Villa Lidija
Sleeps : 10
...find all the hallmarks of an exceptional Croatian villa in Villa Lidija! The VillaVilla Lidija is a 5-bedroom villa sleeping 10 guests. Ground Floor- Living room with sofa, flat screen Satelli...
Cottage Code : Villa Enigma
Sleeps : 10
... add yet more to these charming rooms. The island is easily accessible from the mainland, with regular crossings from Split to the island's port of Stari Grad, around 10km from Jelsa. Hvar is know...
Cottage Code : Villa Heddi
Sleeps : 10
...town of Fažana!Built in just 2017, everything about this home caters to contemporary demands. The main living room is spacious, with a cosy sofa area in front of the TV, perfect for a calm eve...
Cottage Code : Villa Venera
Sleeps : 10
...5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, and it can accommodate up to 10 peopleAnnexe Building (upper level)- Fitness room- Games room- Small kitchen- Ouside seating and dining areaMain buildingGround Floor- W...
Cottage Code : Villa Vatroslava
Sleeps : 10
...the green areas, beautifully landscaped beaches, as well as a multitude of tourist facilities. There are 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, and it can accommodate up to 10 peopleInterior- Five double be...
Cottage Code : Villa Topla
Sleeps : 10
...protected area with hiking routes leading to canyons, waterfalls and historic sites, putting unspoilt nature a stone's throw away.In fact, one-third of the Istrian territory is forested,...
Cottage Code : Villa Kopriva
Sleeps : 10
...fields and forests, this villa offers luxurious accommodation for up to ten guests, with endless entertainment facilities on site! Inside, the vast living room has a high vaulted ceiling and an e...
Cottage Code : Villa Buje
Sleeps : 10
...there's a charming alfresco dining area by the barbeque! The Jacuzzi on the terrace offers the most stylish spot to kick back and relax, perhaps sipping a glass of the local wine, or even a c...
Cottage Code : Villa Buroli
Sleeps : 10
...table in each separate apartment so that you can enjoy more formal meals together. There are five majestic double bedrooms between the two villas, with a modern design and plenty of room for you...
Cottage Code : Villa Finida
Sleeps : 10
...from the coast, and around 50 minutes from Učka Nature Park, a sprawling protected area with hiking routes leading to canyons, waterfalls and historic sites, you'll find unspoilt nature a...
Cottage Code : Villa Caire
Sleeps : 10
...also equipped with an extra pull out/sofabed for one.All four rooms have unique designs and exciting features, with one impressive four-poster bed! Each has an en suite shower room and an SAT TV. ...
Cottage Code : Villa Murine
Sleeps : 10
...landscape, so you need merely stroll out of your front door to find the richness of Istria. The VillaVilla Murine is situated along the edge of the wood near the Učka Nature Park; it offers you...
Cottage Code : Villa Vardica
Sleeps : 10
...a little stronger as you admire the vibrant colours of sunset in the distance. There is a vast pool area where the group can gather in and around the refreshing water, cooling off in the heat of the...
Cottage Code : Villa Turini
Sleeps : 10
...mod cons will make cooking up a storm a real pleasure! On this floor, there is also a luxury wellness zone – a spacious room with a sauna, exercise bike, and a shower, the perfect place to sta...
Cottage Code : Villa Veternica
Sleeps : 10
... just 100m from the beach and within walking distance of all the amenities, you could wish for! Villa Veternica is also ideally placed to visit the exquisite Brijuni National Park – hop on a fer...
Cottage Code : Villa Pepelana
Sleeps : 10
...the vibrant depths of the forest. Built in 1905, there is a rustic charm which permeates through the entire property. In the main building, there is a spacious and beautiful living area, with two c...
Cottage Code : Villa Gadrina
Sleeps : 10
...Living & dining room- Open plan fully equipped kitchen- Access to the patio & pool areaFirst Floor- Three double bedrooms with en-suite bathroomsExterior- Swimming pool (60m2) - Sun loungers...
Cottage Code : Villa Sela
Sleeps : 10
...with vineyards, olive trees, pastures and orchards, with ancient walled cities perched atop hills in the mountainous landscape, so you need merely stroll out of your front door to find the ric...
Cottage Code : Villa Branka
Sleeps : 12
...restore, then look no further! From the moment you step inside this beautiful property, you can relax! The stunning living areas are arranged over three, spacious floors. Each room boasts floor-to...
Cottage Code : Villa Andreja
Sleeps : 12
...VillaVilla Andreja is equipped with high quality and offers everything you need, especially the incredible sea view that you have from every room makes your holiday unique. There are 6 bedroom...
Cottage Code : Villa Noelani
Sleeps : 12
...and there's an additional shower room on this level. Another is found downstairs, along with a kitchenette and a living and dining room with a pool table, television and DVD player. Both build...
Cottage Code : Villa Radmilla
Sleeps : 12
...while also boasting the fabulous living areas. There is a beautiful, fully-equipped kitchen where you can cook up some of your family classics, or maybe try your hand at some Croatian delicacies! Th...
Cottage Code : Villa Mirjana
Sleeps : 12
... everything you could need and want from an oven and microwave to a dishwasher and coffee machine. After all, it's the little touches that make the most significant differences.Understandably, the...
Cottage Code : Villa Tihana
Sleeps : 12
...that's easy – this family-friendly town lists the World Heritage Site Euphrasian Basilica among its attractions, and is just a little over 10 minutes' drive away.The VillaVilla ...
Cottage Code : Villa Paradiz
Sleeps : 12
...waters after a day of sunbathing with a view – and a barbeque for unbeatable alfresco meals! In the distance, you can see the green beauty of the island of Cres!The villa is in the small...
Cottage Code : Villa Botova
Sleeps : 12
...design of the villa is contemporary, crafted with the demands of the modern traveller in mind. The kitchen is a delightfully bright, warmly lit room with a wall of French doors leading out to the ...
Cottage Code : Villa Foli
Sleeps : 13
...front of the sizeable Smart TV, where you can relax and unwind. The kitchen is utterly charming, with a fantastic blend of traditional patterns and colours and more modern amenities. There is a lar...
Cottage Code : Villa Bura
Sleeps : 14
...summer kitchen and barbecue, perfect for cooking al-fresco on hot summer days and ideal for dining outdoors, enjoying the long summer evenings on the terrace! As you step inside from this l...
Cottage Code : Villa Wanda
Sleeps : 14
... excellent place for the group to converge, socialise and relax. The generous veranda terrace looked out over the pool and paved surround scattered with numerous inviting sun loungers, a barbecue and ...
Cottage Code : Villa Simunka
Sleeps : 14
... table available in the living room for romantic meals for two or as the designated kid's table.Unsurprisingly, the outdoor setup takes full advantage of the beautiful space. A private pool sits f...
Cottage Code : Villa Marici
Sleeps : 14
... equipped kitchen- Access to the patio & pool areaFirst Floor- Three double bedrooms- Two bathrooms- Living & dining room- Fully equipped kitchen- Balcony / TerraceExterior- Swimming pool (50m2)- Sun ...
Cottage Code : Villa Glavania
Sleeps : 15
...sunbathing and relaxing in the warmth of the Croatian climate. Around the extensive lawn and terrace you will also find table tennis, table football, a children's play area, a trampoline an...
Cottage Code : Villa Andela
Sleeps : 17
...town of Grožnjan, there is plenty to do in this charming area, famous for its truffles, wineries, prosciutto ham, and cultural events.This charming property offers a fabulous balance of i...
Cottage Code : Villa Maja
Sleeps : 20
...- One double bedroom with twin beds & en-suite bathroomSecond Floor- Two double bedrooms with en-suite bathroomsGuest HouseGround Floor- One double bedroom with en-suite bathroom- Open kitchen, li...
Cottage Code : Villa Roza
Sleeps : 4
...two double bedrooms share a family bathroom, both designed to meet your every comfort. Villa Roza is suited to those who want to open a front door and switch off, with a laid-back ambience, this w...
Cottage Code : Villa Sunca
Sleeps : 4
...and stylish bathrooms, one on each floor, each with a vast walk-in shower and simple décor. Out on your magnificent sun-terrace you'll find your very own swimming pool, warming perfectl...
Cottage Code : Villa Rusani
Sleeps : 4
...and privacy. It has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathroomsGround Floor- Open-plan fully-equipped kitchen- Open living & dining room- Access to the pool & garden areaFirst Floor- Double bedroom with en-suite...
Cottage Code : Villa Teodora II
Sleeps : 5
... ocean, the villa offers the chance to immerse yourself in this fantastic area!Villa Teodora II can be booked together with Villa Teodora I, located on the ground floor, to create the perfect holiday ...
Cottage Code : Villa Bracia
Sleeps : 6
...Villa Bracia is the perfect space for those who enjoy the outdoors. Surrounded by vineyards, orchards, rose gardens and boasting its vegetable gardens, the property is a dream, a real oasis away! T...
Cottage Code : Villa Plava
Sleeps : 6
...arrive, you will feel at home, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere spreading throughout both the interior and exterior spaces. Inside, each room offers stylish furnishings, with several exposed sto...
Cottage Code : Villa Jadrien
Sleeps : 6
...and socialise both inside and out, whilst also boasting private spaces where everyone can have some much need quiet time. With almost everything you need within walking distance, this beautiful...
Cottage Code : Villa Jelka
Sleeps : 6
...only a short drive from the Dubrovnik airport, you can truly relax from almost the moment you step off your plane. Villa Jelka offers a holiday to remember in remarkable surroundings.The Villa...
Cottage Code : Villa Zagorka
Sleeps : 6
... With spectacular, mountainous surroundings, and a considerable amount of outdoor space, this villa excels with facilities including a large pool, wine cellar and private tennis court.Villa Zagorka of...
Cottage Code : Villa Heaven
Sleeps : 6
...wish to travel with another family, yet still have your own space. This breath-taking villa is all about the view. With beautiful windows drawing your attention out to the horizon, there is an atmos...
Cottage Code : Villa Nevaeh
Sleeps : 6
...of this villa has to be the second-floor roof terrace. Offering an oasis of calm with an atmosphere of complete relaxation, where any of your worries will melt away. From the glistening private sw...
Cottage Code : Villa Ema
Sleeps : 6
...area- Access to the patio & pool areaFirst Floor- Three double bedrooms with en-suite bathroomExterior- Private swimming pool- BBQ area- Outdoor dining area- Playhouse- Trampoline- Slide- Parki...
Cottage Code : Villa Tierney
Sleeps : 6
...of this villa continues, with a calm sophistication. Imagine spending your day, exploring the stunning Istrian peninsula, before settling down for a barbecue on your private terrace, and enjoyin...
Cottage Code : Villa Skyla
Sleeps : 6
...on the terrace! The dining area has space enough for the whole group to come together and spend some quality time. At the end of the room, cosy sofas are positioned correctly, so you can put your...
Cottage Code : Villa Vinea
Sleeps : 6
...TV, satellite and air con- Twin bedroom with air con- Bathroom with rain shower-head, superior self-heating bath with whirlpool- Guest toilet - Utility room with washing machine, iron, ironing ...
Cottage Code : Villa Sajonara
Sleeps : 6
... a decent size lawn, which is perfect for children and big kids alike.When visiting a region with such fabulous foodie finds it is only right to enjoy the local treats, from perfect wines to fresh oli...
Cottage Code : Villa Liska
Sleeps : 6
... throw away.In fact, one-third of the Istrian territory is forested, and the rest is carpeted with vineyards, olive trees, pastures and orchards, with ancient walled cities perched atop hills in the m...
Cottage Code : Villa Perna
Sleeps : 6
...as recently as 2016, this modern masterpiece combines three separate accommodation units into one cohesive offering of luxurious living for up to six guests.In the main building is the vast, immen...
Cottage Code : Villa Vitika
Sleeps : 6
...cooling dip in the afternoon, or perhaps even a skinny dip in the evening! Who knows? There's undoubtedly the privacy to enjoy it however you like.There is also a large stone barbeque, perfect f...
Cottage Code : Villa Fala
Sleeps : 6
...walls, wooden flooring and vintage furniture. The living room is a majestic representation of this, with an old chandelier, a brick fireplace and an earthy colour palette.The kitchen is similarly s...
Cottage Code : Villa Komen
Sleeps : 6
... and the rest is carpeted with vineyards, olive trees, pastures and orchards, with ancient walled cities perched atop hills in the mountainous landscape, so you need merely stroll out of your front do...
Cottage Code : Villa Dolga
Sleeps : 6
...for a little down-time around your explorations of the island!Through a little archway, you will find the kitchen, a spacious and traditional room with a large dining table for 8! Just beside this ...
Cottage Code : Villa Draga
Sleeps : 6
...modern villa, with smooth, sophisticated interior design and delightfully spacious rooms. The large living area is a vast room where you can gather the whole group for a little quality time together...
Cottage Code : Villa Urga
Sleeps : 6
...kitchen, ideal for enjoying alfresco meals in the mild climate. Sublime lighting by night creates an inviting appeal to the pool and garden – why not enjoy a little midnight dip? A lawn en...
Cottage Code : Villa Narta
Sleeps : 6
...Echoing the traditional Istrian stone construction, Villa Narta is a fantastic modern home with a beautiful rustic style, brimming with contemporary comforts! Built in just 2014, this is a majesti...
Cottage Code : Villa Solina
Sleeps : 6
...as well as a hot tub where you can genuinely soak your worries away!Vibrant flowers and plants envelop the garden in a warm blanket, increasing the sense of privacy and enhancing the scents ...
Cottage Code : Villa Cambina
Sleeps : 6
...masterpiece, with bold and unique décor, design and furnishing, you can expect total comfort and enjoyment in your time here. In the main living area, you will find tons of space, with a...
Cottage Code : Villa Macedonia
Sleeps : 6
...from the living area and the second-floor balcony, you will find a vast, private pool for your exclusive enjoyment. Alongside the pool are several loungers, ideal for a spot of sun-bathing in th...
Cottage Code : Villa Teodora I
Sleeps : 6
...the chance to immerse yourself in this fantastic area!Villa Teodora I can be booked together with Villa Teodora II, located on the first floor, to create the perfect holiday space for up to 11 peo...
Cottage Code : Villa Vigora
Sleeps : 6
...an event or festival. It's no distance at all to get from town centre to the harbour, so you can spend your days shopping, boating and checking out the local history, without the need to trav...
Cottage Code : Villa Orina
Sleeps : 7
...away. On the ground floor, there is a spacious kitchen and dining area, fully-equipped for your use. The lounge offers loads of room to put your feet up and relax, snuggling onto a sofa and cat...
Cottage Code : Villa Lokva
Sleeps : 7
...with sun-loungers where you can soak up the sunshine, and a pool house to one side has a second dining area, along with a brick barbeque. A large lawn surrounds the house to the other hand. There i...
Cottage Code : Villa Gabela
Sleeps : 7
...the pool & garden areaSecond Floor - Two double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms- Triple bedroom with single bedsExterior- Swimming pool (50m2)- Sun loungers & parasols- Large patio & garden area- ...
Cottage Code : Villa Kurili
Sleeps : 7
...and luxurious sun loungers, the only option is to put your feet up and relax, finishing off your favourite summer book! For those who enjoy dining al-fresco, Villa Kurili is the place for you, wit...
Cottage Code : Villa Ursula
Sleeps : 8
...without being in the sun when it gets too hot, or, even a great place to relax on a rare rainy day. Also found in this indoor yet outdoor area is a further living and kitchen space. From here guest...
Cottage Code : Villa Ivana
Sleeps : 8
...all the equipment you might need to cook some fabulous family meals. There are four double bedrooms found throughout the villa, all bright and spacious, with plenty of storage and their own en-su...
Cottage Code : Casa Zorja
Sleeps : 8
...a meal al fresco. The play area complete with swings, a slide and play house which is bound to keep the little ones occupied for hours.The VillaCasa Zorja is located at the entrance of the town of S...
Cottage Code : Casa Crvena
Sleeps : 8
...with en-suite bathroom & balcony- Two double bedrooms- One separated bathroomAnnexe- Fitness equipment- Sauna- ShowerExterior- Swimming pool- Sun loungers & parasols- Large patio area- Covered...
Cottage Code : Villa Zuta
Sleeps : 8
... can accommodate up to peopleGround Floor- Four double bedrooms with en-suite bathroom- Living & dining room- Fully equipped kitchen- Access to the patio & pool area- Pool table- Table tennis- Wine ce...
Cottage Code : Villa Cecilija
Sleeps : 8
...between, so there will be no shortage of new places to uncover. Mimice itself is easily accessible on foot, with shops and restaurants around 0.5km from your door, and its pebble beach just under 1...
Cottage Code : Villa Zelimirka
Sleeps : 8
...Zelimirka is located in a quiet area above small-town Omiš, offering breathtaking panoramic views over city, sea, islands and fortress. There are 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and it can ...
Cottage Code : Villa Zlata
Sleeps : 8
...and sofa-bed, meaning this room can accommodate two extra guests if needed.On the first floor, there are three en-suite double bedrooms, including the master bedroom with its massive bathroom with ...
Cottage Code : Villa Zorica
Sleeps : 8
...these areas enjoy a lovely view and plenty of natural light. A fully equipped kitchen, with dishwasher, microwave, coffee machine and fridge freezer, also forms part of this space.You have a double ...
Cottage Code : Villa Freja
Sleeps : 8
...the villa! Imagine waking up to the sound of the sea, strolling down for a morning swim, before enjoy lunch cooked on the barbecue, surrounded by your loved ones. Should you decide to explore the...
Cottage Code : Villa Stepancic
Sleeps : 8
...in the original hamlet of Stepancici and was lovingly restored by its owners in 2016 to create a contemporary and comfortable holiday home. The villa can easily sleep up to 8 guests in 4 com...
Cottage Code : Villa Sorene
Sleeps : 8
...fitness room, outdoor kitchen and private swimming pool, what more could you want for a Croatian holiday retreat? Villa Sorene is an elegant, modern property, with a beautiful panoramic view of the...
Cottage Code : Villa Predivan
Sleeps : 8
...outdoor pool.The villa is just a 5-minute drive from the nearest restaurants and shops, as well as the beach, with its quiet village location another advantage. Its gardens offer plenty of space t...
Cottage Code : Villa Sretan
Sleeps : 8
...or breakfast each morning. In addition to the en-suite bathrooms, another bathroom and cloakroom can be found on the lower floor.This relaxing villa puts you just a few minutes' walks from ...
Cottage Code : Villa Rialta
Sleeps : 8
...and add an extra splash of colour to the lovely covered dining area. This is just a few steps away from the pool, with easy step access, and a terrace area with parasol and plenty of sun lou...
Cottage Code : Villa Josipa
Sleeps : 8
...of the same open-plan space. This is equipped with all you need, including a large fridge freezer, dishwasher, microwave and coffee machine.Villa Josipa offers four beautiful double bedrooms, one ...
Cottage Code : Villa Patricija
Sleeps : 8
...has a beautiful outdoor dining area and barbeque because al fresco dining on holiday is a must. The VillaVilla Patricija is situated in Peroj (Region Istria). This beautiful villa has a bright and ...
Cottage Code : Villa Korita
Sleeps : 8
... with a charming stone exterior, natural pathways built into the landscape and beautifully tiled roofs. Thanks to its 2017 refurbishment, the interior is utterly modern and contemporary. In the large ...
Cottage Code : Villa Marya
Sleeps : 8
...Stepping up to the first floor, there are four good-sized, double bedrooms, all offering private bathrooms and plenty of storage. There are ease and comfort to this villa, the elegant furnishings an...
Cottage Code : Villa Radenka
Sleeps : 8
...garden is the jewel in the crown of this majestic home. Extensive fenced grounds allow the kids to roam free to enjoy the play area and trampoline on the lawn, while you soak up the sun around the...
Cottage Code : Villa Divin
Sleeps : 8
... orchards, with ancient walled cities perched atop hills in the mountainous landscape, so you need merely stroll out of your front door to find the richness of Istria. The VillaThis unique and luxurio...
Cottage Code : Villa Sutika
Sleeps : 8
...a games area, complete with a pool table and table football set to keep the kids (and big kids!) entertained on a rainy day! There are four sublime bedrooms. On each of the first and second floors,...
Cottage Code : Villa Zagora
Sleeps : 8
...of rural Istria.In the garden, you are first met with a lovely veranda, where you can play a little table football or table tennis, ideal for kids (and big kids!). There's even an exercise ...
Cottage Code : Villa Cesarica
Sleeps : 8
...modern villa is brimming with contemporary style and comfort. In the living room, you will find plenty of space among the large sofa in front of the satellite TV and fireplace.A sizeable hollow w...
Cottage Code : Villa Prizna
Sleeps : 8
...and orchards, with ancient walled cities perched atop hills in the mountainous landscape, so you need merely stroll out your front door to find the richness of Istria.The VillaThe house has both ...
Cottage Code : Villa Terezija
Sleeps : 8
...beach, and Villa Terezija's great pool and terrace are the perfect places to soak up some sun back at base.The centrepiece of the interior is the lobby area with its imposing marble staircase,...
Cottage Code : Villa Petrova
Sleeps : 8
...for a rainy day. Extending around the corner of the terrace there is also an exercise bike, for those who want to keep fit throughout their stay. The villa is walking distance from the village, sh...
Cottage Code : Villa Tihomira
Sleeps : 8
...have seating areas and a covered summer kitchen and barbecue, ensuring you will be spending plenty of time out in the sun. Inside on the ground floor, you will find the enticing living areas decor...
Cottage Code : Villa Tripimira
Sleeps : 8
...is less than 10 minutes' drive away, and well worth a visit. To the north, and even closer, Novigrad is a small town which punches above its weight when it comes to dining, with its many...
Cottage Code : Villa Urma
Sleeps : 8
...pool.On the naturally beautiful Istrian peninsula, Villa Urma has a charming location. On arrival, you will immediately want to enjoy the sun loungers, barbecue and dining areas which you will find...
Cottage Code : Villa Ulrika
Sleeps : 8
...to 8 peopleGround Floor- Fully equipped kitchen- Living & dining room- Access to the patio & pool areaFirst Floor- Two double bedrooms with en-suite bathroom- Balcony / terraceExterior- Swimming poo...
Cottage Code : Villa Slana
Sleeps : 8
... you will find entertainment for all ages. There are mini football goals, a table football set, a basketball hoop and badminton net for encouraging little healthy competition, and two swings for the y...
Cottage Code : Villa Greda
Sleeps : 8
...present throughout this floor. The spacious and elegant first-floor living room is somewhat more modern but is nonetheless completed by the large traditional fireplace. There are four delightful bed...
Cottage Code : Villa Glina
Sleeps : 8
...Open living & dining room- Access to the pool & garden areaFirst Floor- Double bedroom with double bed and en-suite bathroom- Double bedroom with twin beds & en-suite bathroom Exterior- Privat...
Cottage Code : Villa Polica
Sleeps : 8
...them to play on. Just 5 minutes away from Učka Nature Park, a sprawling protected area with hiking routes leading to canyons, waterfalls and historic sites, you'll find an unspoilt nature a...
Cottage Code : Villa Celine
Sleeps : 8
...of Kršan, Villa Celine is a spacious and elegant villa just 10 minutes away from the fabulous artists' village of Labin! Inside, the villa oozes a classical beauty, with chandelier light...
Cottage Code : Villa Banova
Sleeps : 8
...Bale, a quaint and traditional spot typical of the enchanting Istria region, Villa Banova is ideal for a group looking for a peaceful home-from-home.Built in just 2018, this villa is brimming with c...
Cottage Code : Villa Grana
Sleeps : 8
...an hour away from Učka Nature Park, a sprawling protected area with hiking routes leading to canyons, waterfalls and historic sites, and ten minutes from the coast, you'll find unspoilt na...
Cottage Code : Villa Nika
Sleeps : 8
...greenery with your feet in the grass, sipping a glass of local wine, it is easy to settle in! Designed to suit groups of friends and families, Villa Nika is the perfect place to restore and relax...
Cottage Code : Villa Odolina
Sleeps : 8
...its idyllic streets and along the beach to see why! Nestled practically within the grounds of the Učka Nature Park, a sprawling protected area with hiking routes leading to canyons, waterfalls...
Cottage Code : Villa Lipica
Sleeps : 8
...atop hills in the mountainous landscape, so you need merely stroll out of your front door to find the richness of Istria. The VillaThis beautiful holiday house is located in the small place Bijazic...
Cottage Code : Villa Polana
Sleeps : 8
...and two family bathrooms, three of which have fabulous showers and one which has a bathtub with hydro-massage jets! In the fabulous, expansive garden you will find a huge, heated pool for all t...
Cottage Code : Villa Lucova
Sleeps : 8
...heating and air-conditioning throughout, a satellite TV in each bedroom and even a Jacuzzi on the lawn! The living areas are delightfully open plan, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere between t...
Cottage Code : Villa Bibali
Sleeps : 8
...an extra-large teddy bear for them! Both ground-floor double bedrooms enjoy direct access to the terrace! There are three large bathrooms, each with a shower. In the garden the private pool sits ...
Cottage Code : Villa Dagrotina
Sleeps : 8
...the rooms with natural light and providing immediate access to the magical garden beyond! Venture downstairs, and you will find yet more luxuries – your private sauna and fitness equipment...
Cottage Code : Villa Fiorini
Sleeps : 8
... a stunning holiday house with fantastic pool is located in the small village of Jadreški, near the town of Pula. There are 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, and it can accommodate up to 8 peopleLower ...
Cottage Code : Villa Ravni
Sleeps : 8
... rooms are doubles, ideal for couples holidaying together! From hot-tubs to substantial walk-in showers, you'll find every little bit of luxury you could wish for in the four dazzling bathrooms! T...
Cottage Code : Villa Markoci
Sleeps : 8
...a thoroughly traditional exterior, Villa Markoci is a breath-taking modern masterpiece with all the wellness and entertainment facilities you could wish for, just a short drive from the vibr...
Cottage Code : Villa Martinak
Sleeps : 8
...olive trees, pastures and orchards, with ancient walled cities perched atop hills in the mountainous landscape, so you need merely stroll out of your front door to find the richness of Istria. The ...
Cottage Code : Villa Poljana
Sleeps : 8
...with a barbeque so that you can enjoy glamorous meals in the sunshine or by the moonlight and the twinkle of the stars! Located right at the entrance of the famous Lungomare promenade, a 4 km ...
Cottage Code : Villa Sveta Ana
Sleeps : 8
...when travelling with young children. The centrepiece is a majestic private pool, around which there are several sun-loungers and a huge sofa pod – the most comfortable sun-bathing spot you'...
Cottage Code : Villa Raka
Sleeps : 8
...the garden, there is a charming miniature farm, with small pigs and donkeys for the animal lovers.The Slovenian border is under half an hour away, and it's only another 20 minutes to reach Ital...
Cottage Code : Villa Lozan
Sleeps : 8
...wildest holiday-dreams, with the most enchanting views over the shimmering Adriatic Sea. Inside, underfloor heating and air-conditioning throughout will keep you content and comfortable. There is a ...
Cottage Code : Villa Iva
Sleeps : 8
...under an hour away from Učka Nature Park, a sprawling protected area with hiking routes leading to canyons, waterfalls and historic sites, you'll find unspoilt nature all around you. In f...
Cottage Code : Villa Kostel
Sleeps : 8
...and will ensure you never have a moment of boredom! And what's more – the Slovenian border is only around fifteen minutes away, and the Italian border about 20 minutes further – ...
Cottage Code : Villa Gola
Sleeps : 8
... kitchen sees cream fittings set against rustic tiles and a wood-effect flooring for a traditional ambience, and the dining room alongside is similarly styled, with a charming wooden dresser beside th...
Cottage Code : Villa Novaka
Sleeps : 8
...on the design of the interior. There are 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, and it can accommodate up to 8 peopleGround Floor- Double bedroom with en-suite bathroom- Toilette- Living & dining room- Full...
Cottage Code : Villa Yana
Sleeps : 8
...walls lead the way down to the lower ground floor. This is the place to go for those extra luxuries you have been waiting for, a place to ease any worries and leave behind any stress from your da...
Cottage Code : Villa Cordelia
Sleeps : 8
...from the villa, Omiš is a great place to get active – it's known for white-water rafting and canoeing on the Cetina, the river on which the town stands. Many other sports, such as jet...
Cottage Code : Villa Daco
Sleeps : 8
...of town are rewarding too – beach lovers will want to take a boat trip to the beautiful Saharan.The Villa Villa Daco sits in a beautifully kept private ground with a lovely private pool and an...
Cottage Code : Villa Glavica
Sleeps : 8
...double bedroom, offering its own en-suite bathroom. The true luxury of this floor comes in the spa area, where guests will find the indoor, heated swimming pool. Boasting a current swimming program...
Cottage Code : Villa Alenka
Sleeps : 9
...three of them with fantastic sea views and a huge open terrace with comfortable furniture and two lounge chairs (50sqm), overlooking the Adriatic and out towards the islands. The fourth bedroom ...
Cottage Code : Villa Vlatka
Sleeps : 9
...you have two king-size bedrooms, both with en-suite, and a children's room with a single bed and bunks. There's another family bathroom here, and on the lower ground floor, this time with a...
Cottage Code : Villa Capeka
Sleeps : 9
...enjoyment of the house, and the people you are travelling with. The living room has a large sofa; perfect come movie night.The kitchen is located between the living area and dining area, meaning ev...
Cottage Code : Villa Tarno
Sleeps : 9
...a seating area which enjoys views across the Kvarner bay and stretching to the stunning islands of Cres and Krk. There are two large family bathrooms, one with a bathtub and one with a shower, as...
Cottage Code : Villa Bayou
Sleeps : 9
...of the Adriatic Sea as well as a television. All kinds of entertainment is provided in the villa, with a pool table, DVD player, books, games, toys and movies waiting for you.The island of Korc ha...
Cottage Code : Villa Natalya
Sleeps : 10
...adults will enjoy soaking up the sunshine in the Jacuzzi while admiring the impressive views. The dining facilities which come complete with built-in barbecue make the perfect spot for al fresco din...
Cottage Code : Villa Cipriana
Sleeps : 10
...to make use of! After a tiring game of tennis, guests will be grateful of the private pool, perfect for cooling off in the Cyprus sunshine! Spend an evening enjoying a cool drink while admiring th...
Cottage Code : Villa Xenia
Sleeps : 4
...from the airport, a luxury food hamper, daily maid service, a range of branded luxurious bathroom amenities as well as preferential booking status at all Resort restaurants. The villa has been de...
Cottage Code : Villa Par
Sleeps : 4
...and it can accommodate up to 4 peopleGround Floor- Living & dining room- Fully equipped kitchen- Access to the patio & pool areaFirst Floor- One double bedroom with en-suite bathroom - One twin...
Cottage Code : Villa Roderigo
Sleeps : 4
...drive of the renowned Coral Bay with its friendly local restaurants and long stretch of sandy beach. Whether you want to relax, top up your tan or enjoy an action-packed holiday, this popular ...
Cottage Code : Villa Kyrenia
Sleeps : 6
...makes the perfect family-friendly villa, located in one of the prime positions within popular Aphrodite Hills. By being one of the elite villas, guests booking Villa Kyrenia will have access to...
Cottage Code : Villa Tee
Sleeps : 6
...white units and amenities including an electric oven, microwave and dishwasher. On this floor is also the family bathroom with a large bathtub and two of the stylish bedrooms, which are both double...
Cottage Code : Villa Axis
Sleeps : 6
...marble bathroom, while the twin bedroom is next to another bathroom with ‘luxe' bathtub. The third twin bedroom is on the lower level, and features fitted wardrobes and cupboards &#...
Cottage Code : Polis Beach Villas
Sleeps : 6
...Internet Wi-Fi- Air Conditioning- Kitchen/Diner Oven- Hob- Microwave- Fridge/Freezer- Dishwasher- Washing Machine- Hairdryer- Iron / Ironing board- Use of sauna room (€45 supplement per ...
Cottage Code : Villa Othello
Sleeps : 6
...international and local cuisine, together with cafes, bars, shops and supermarkets.The area is also renowned for its beautiful swimming spots, including Coral Bay beach (a long stretch of soft sand ...
Cottage Code : Louis Kalamies Luxury Villas
Sleeps : 6
...kitchen and bathroom. The style is contemporary with natural-coloured furnishings, adorned in pops of blue to pick up on the vibrant hues of the sky and the sea. Amenities for a home-fr...
Cottage Code : Althea Kalamies Luxury Villas
Sleeps : 8
...twin rooms • Shower room with jacuzzi• W.C. Other• Bathrobes and slippers available for use • Balcony/Terrace • Telephone • Music & DVD player • Sat-TV R...
Cottage Code : Le Mas Coquelicot
Sleeps : 10
...group of friends to enjoy all that Provence has to offer. During cooler months you can light a fire in the old stone fire-place in the homely living room or step straight out the double doors for m...
Cottage Code : Fleurs De Provence
Sleeps : 10
...swimming pool and luxurious terraces. The impressively spacious living space, with it's 5m high ceilings and remarkable Provençal fire-place, have French doors leading to both terraces w...
Cottage Code : Les Alpilles
Sleeps : 10
...of olive groves, vineyards and Les Alpilles mountains afar. Cyclists and keen walkers can follow stunning trails in the surrounding valleys, winding through landscapes of lavender, pine forests and ...
Cottage Code : Maison Des Cadres
Sleeps : 10
... base to explore this wonderful part of south-west France and is great for all ages who can enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities and adventure. Villa Interior - Living area with doors leading to ter...
Cottage Code : Le Grand Bleu
Sleeps : 10
...swimming pool, with sliding doors leading straight out to the decked terrace with sun-loungers and umbrellas. Whether a blustery day or a lazy summers afternoon, you can dip into your inviting s...
Cottage Code : Villa Le Maquis
Sleeps : 10
...known as ‘‘L'Île de Beauté'. Located In the southern part of the Bay of Ajaccio, Villa Le Maquis is the perfect home from which to explore this enchanting island. This...
Cottage Code : Villa Rachel
Sleeps : 10
...along the Balagne coast near L'Île-Rousse and Calvi.Modern and unique in style both inside and out, floor to ceiling glass windows look over the rooftops and Mediterranean trees towards th...
Cottage Code : Maison Sable
Sleeps : 10
...With beautiful valley views and vast gardens, this is the most relaxing way to spend your time in this captivating region.Maison Sable has many guests that keep returning year after year....
Cottage Code : Maison Forestiere
Sleeps : 10
...10 people. In an idyllic setting in the heart of the Dordogne countryside, this typically Perigordian home sits peacefully on the banks of a small river in a wonderfully verdant setting.With pictu...
Cottage Code : Villa Solelhos
Sleeps : 10
...and relax in style and comfort with ease, with a full array of comfortable sofas and chairs around an open fireplace, and masterful lighting. The kitchen features a range cooker and an array of a...
Cottage Code : Maison Leras
Sleeps : 10
...of activities for young and old in the surrounding region. The dazzling coastline of the French Riviera, with its luscious sandy beaches, dramatic rugged cliffs and glamourous coastal towns is j...
Cottage Code : Villa Lotte
Sleeps : 10
...first-floor balcony- Bedroom 4: double bed with first-floor balcony- Bathroom 2: Shower and WC- Bathroom 3: Shower Annex (separate building with private entrance, doors leading straight onto the gar...
Cottage Code : L'Horizon
Sleeps : 10
... a delightful terrace, ideal for your morning coffee or evening aperitif. Stairs take you down to the lower ground floor where you will discover the inviting swimming pool, gardens and a vast patio se...
Cottage Code : Les Papillons
Sleeps : 10
... safety ledge. Full width steps to shallow end. Open approx. early May to mid-October, weather dependent - Solar powered shower- Covered front terrace for al-fresco dining - Back terrace with table an...
Cottage Code : Les Rochers
Sleeps : 10
...and pizzerias to Michelin starred establishments.You are of course in the heart of the formidable Apilles National Park with idyllic villages such as St-Rémy and Eygalières plus Van Gog...
Cottage Code : Villa Saint-Trop
Sleeps : 10
...made out of precious woods, leather or Provençal fabrics and old photos or tasteful art adorning the walls. There are five pretty bedrooms, each with their own bath or shower room, includin...
Cottage Code : Manoir 1731
Sleeps : 10
...lawns- Barns and outbuildings- Table tennis- Parking on site Facilities - Wi-Fi- Air-conditioning (bedrooms only)- Satellite TV with UK channels- DVD player- CD player- Tennis rackets and balls - ...
Cottage Code : Le Mas en Rose
Sleeps : 10
...for a family holiday in this idyllic corner of southern France.The farmhouse has a cosy and traditional feel, with wooden shutters, thick stone walls, cool tiled floors and beamed ceilings yet it...
Cottage Code : Maison Coquette
Sleeps : 11
...Doors to the terrace- Office with TV and music system- Bedroom with single bed (90x180cm) and small double bed (140x190cm) with - TV and doors to the terrace. Shower and WC -Shower room and WC...
Cottage Code : Maison des Cerisiers
Sleeps : 11
...sipping a glass of wine by the soft light of dusk or engaging in lively discussion around the dinner table, you can enjoy all of these in the great outdoors and by the fine weather of Provence.An...
Cottage Code : Chateau des Douves
Sleeps : 12
...September - BBQ- French boules- Orangery- Formal lawns- Parkland (30 hectares)- Parking on site for one car Facilities- Central heating - Fireplace- Wi-Fi- Satellite TV- DVD player- CD player / Hi-F...
Cottage Code : Maison Champetre
Sleeps : 12
...you are only half an hour from Bergerac and some of the Dordogne's most treasured villages.This traditional stone farmhouse has been restored sensitively and perfectly featuring an original dove...
Cottage Code : La Ferme Gourmande
Sleeps : 12
...freezer and duo wine cellar - Bedroom with king-size double/twin bed and en suite shower roomFirst Floor- 2 x bedrooms with king-size double/twin bed and en suite shower room- Triple bedroom with k...
Cottage Code : Manoir Des Chasseurs
Sleeps : 12
... Meursault alongside idyllic vineyards where you can sample wines from the Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune regions. This region is perfect for those who enjoy fine wines, amazing regional f...
Cottage Code : Le Cedre
Sleeps : 12
... styled unpretentiously with characterful features and pretty touches. The master bedroom is particularly impressive with its king size bed, spacious bathroom and wooden doors leading out to the wonde...
Cottage Code : Chateau Beau Village
Sleeps : 12
...single bed and en suite shower room Outside Grounds- Swimming pool (approx 12.5mx3.5m) with salt filtration system and electrically operated safety cover. Open May to the end of September and...
Cottage Code : La Vue
Sleeps : 12
... that lead out to terraces perfect for every time of day from morning coffee to sun-downers. Yet it's not just about the glorious outlooks here but also about clean, contemporary living with impre...
Cottage Code : Maison Magnolia
Sleeps : 12
...Maison Magnolia could not be better placed to make the most of the region.The whole French Riviera, with its luscious sandy beaches, dramatic rugged cliffs and glamourous coastal towns is just tw...
Cottage Code : Les Tournesols
Sleeps : 12
...the charming Les Tournesols, an idyllic stone house that has been beautifully renovated by its owners. Here your pace will immediately slow down as you immerse yourself in the real France in comfor...
Cottage Code : Manoir de Bray
Sleeps : 12
...for guests with reduced mobility)- Living room- En-suite bedroomOutside Grounds- Private heated swimming pool (63m2), open June to end of September- Garden furnishings (including 2 sunloungers)- A...
Cottage Code : Villa Aulaire
Sleeps : 12
...a delightful medieval village where you can explore and discover its many beautiful fountains dating back to the 18th century. The village and its surrounding countryside is well known for its grap...
Cottage Code : Villa des Livres
Sleeps : 12
...Bonbons! Families will also love visiting the 12th century Châteaux des Adhémar whilst gourmet lovers will appreciate so many local delicacies in the town and nearby area including black t...
Cottage Code : Maison Lierre
Sleeps : 12
...that is so appealing in the region. The common spaces possess all the charm of a 19th century home, with exposed beams in the ceiling and a vast open fireplace in the kitchen, yet have the moder...
Cottage Code : L'Estrade
Sleeps : 12
...the epitome of modern. The interior social space consists of a large, open-plan living, dining and kitchen area. A delightful fusion of soft pinewood, white and grey creates a contemporary feel acr...
Cottage Code : Maison Automne
Sleeps : 12
...enjoy a glass of local wine from one of the terraces as you look out to the cacophony of green fields around you. Enjoy barbecues and memorable meals under the starry night sky before you retire ...
Cottage Code : Le Mas Des Lauries
Sleeps : 12
...Floor- Three double bedrooms- Three bath/shower rooms Interior of Small House Ground Floor- Kitchenette - Double bedroom- Shower room First Floor- Double bedroom- Shower room Outside Grounds (800...
Cottage Code : Chateau Magique
Sleeps : 14
...en-suite with shower, washbasin, WC- Bedroom (Room 15) King-size bed, dressing room, en-suite with bath, shower, twin washbasin, WC, views over gardens and lake,Gardens and GroundsThe chateau is...
Cottage Code : Maison Des Cigales
Sleeps : 14
...between twin and double bedroom) and separate WC Annexe - Double bedroom (180cm bed) with spa in the bedroom. Open-plan shower room and WC- Quad room with double bed (140cm) and two single beds...
Cottage Code : Le Mas De La Fontaine
Sleeps : 14
...in this idyllic part of Provence.Le Mas de la Fontaine is set on a vast estate, featuring two other restored farmhouses nearby and has its own grounds and swimming pool. Named after the old fountain...
Cottage Code : Villa Grand Sperone
Sleeps : 14
...is available for guests to use within the domain or down to the beach.The amazing white cliff, harbour town of Bonifacio with its famous harbour is only 6 kilometres away and Porto Vecchio just...
Cottage Code : Chateau De La Tour
Sleeps : 14
...InteriorGround Floor- Living room- Dining room- Kitchen, well-equipped- TV room with Satellite TV and DVD collection - Games room with table-tennis and table footballFirst Floor- 2 x bedrooms with q...
Cottage Code : Manoir D'Ete
Sleeps : 14
... are shops, restaurants and a lively weekly market in nearby Gémozac (6km) whilst the beautiful town of Pons sitting peacefully on the river Seugne is just fifteen minutes by car. Other local hig...
Cottage Code : Le Bloc Blanc
Sleeps : 14
...into nearby La Palmyre with its boulangerie, shops and restaurants. This coastline has some wonderful sandy beaches, beautiful pine forests to explore by foot, horse-back or bike and endless activ...
Cottage Code : Chateau Des Dynasties
Sleeps : 16
...re-enactment at Puy de Fou, an hour away by car. To the north, the university town of Angers has a vibrant café scene in the narrow lanes of the old quarter whilst historic Saumur, with its fam...
Cottage Code : Les Rubis
Sleeps : 18
... bike circuits to follow. Be sure to visit La Grotte de Rouffignac with 150 prehistoric cave paintings of mammoths. Other magical trips out should include sampling the delicious black truffle in the n...
Cottage Code : Bastide Des Remparts
Sleeps : 18
...bath, double sink and separate shower- Bedroom Six: Double bedroom (180x200cm) with air-conditioning, dressing room and bathroom with large bath, double sink and separate shower- Bedroom Seven: Mast...
Cottage Code : La Cascade
Sleeps : 18
...famous warmth of the Rhone-Alpes sun. Located very close to the charming hilltop village of Saint Restitut, you're on the doorstep of some of the finest wines in the region – visit the ca...
Cottage Code : Le Logis Du General
Sleeps : 20
...location. Stroll along to the dazzling swimming pool, which can be heated on request, and enjoy long days with family and friends by the brilliant pool house which has been equipped with a kitch...
Cottage Code : Chateau Creme
Sleeps : 20
...north to the gorges of the Ardèche river (90km), east to Mont Ventoux (75km) or stay closer to home with amazing hikes, idyllic villages and wonderful cycling through the Céze Valley.Ch&#...
Cottage Code : Chateau Rural
Sleeps : 20
...walks and a swimming lake or stay closer to home and relax by the heated swimming pool. For the more active guests, you can kick a football around, play darts, ride the château's bike...
Cottage Code : Villa Mer Et Pierre
Sleeps : 20
...with rain shower- Terrace Outside Grounds- Heated swimming pool (4.5mx10m) with pool safety alarm- Heated jacuzzi- Pool house with BBQ, shower and WC- Alfresco dining terrace - Electric gates- Outs...
Cottage Code : Les Ecuries
Sleeps : 22
... in their element with two play areas with slides, climbing frames and a great trampoline not to mention so many outdoor toys and a fantastic kids pool whilst grown-ups can enjoy some serious swimming...
Cottage Code : Domaine Du Vigneron
Sleeps : 26
... dishwasher, microwave, electric oven and induction hob - Double bedroom with en-suite shower room- Twin bedroom with en-suite shower room - Private balcony and terrace with BBQ and al-fresco dining a...
Cottage Code : Chateau De L'Estuaire
Sleeps : 30
...a massive en-suite bathroom, making for a fabulous bridal suite. Yet it may be that all you wish to do is laze by the pool or head down to the river's edge during your stay in this traditional y...
Cottage Code : La Maison Soleil
Sleeps : 4
...style. You'll find beamed ceilings and a wood burner in the cosy living room with French windows leading straight out to the glorious gardens. Exposed stone features in the quirky dining...
Cottage Code : La Maisonnette
Sleeps : 4
...on the raised terrace as you take in the marvellous scenery around you. Inside you are met with a delightful sense of old-world charm combined with contemporary style and slightly eclectic furni...
Cottage Code : Petite Maison
Sleeps : 4
... to the gentle sound of owls under the clear starry sky or during cooler months head inside to watch DVDs, listen to music or play board games that the owners have thoughtfully provided. You can wande...
Cottage Code : La Marina
Sleeps : 4
...where its lovely south west facing sundeck with little salt water pool enjoys the sunshine and waterside views. This is the perfect spot for cooking on the barbecue, eating alfresco and relaxing on ...
Cottage Code : Le Mas du Vin
Sleeps : 4
...or pre-historic Les Eyzies, including enchanting night markets in July and August. The glorious Dordogne river is easily reached with idyllic villages such as La Roque Gageac, Château de...
Cottage Code : Chateau De L'Empereur
Sleeps : 40
...be hard to leave the historical surroundings, contemporary features and the warm hospitality of the remarkable Château de L'Empereur. Château Interior (2000m2)Ground Floor- Open-plan ...
Cottage Code : La Plaine
Sleeps : 6
...in this delightful cottage. This is a great location in the Dordogne, an area full of pretty medieval villages, fine wines, truffles, vibrant local markets, canoeing on the river and unspoilt vi...
Cottage Code : The Beach House
Sleeps : 6
...some stunning cycle paths and wonderful hikes on amazing trails. Head to the charming town of Roscoff to sample their famous onions, maybe partake in some sea-fishing or take a boat trip to a nea...
Cottage Code : Le Grand Rocher
Sleeps : 6
...surrounded by light and comfort. On the ground floor there are three charming bedrooms and two bathrooms with impressive features such as a body-power shower and spa-bath. Two of the bedrooms lead...
Cottage Code : La Pierre D'Or
Sleeps : 6
... two simple yet pretty bedrooms upstairs as well as a newly renovated bathroom and a delightful annexe next door, also newly decorated with a little sitting area, brand new shower room and mezzanine b...
Cottage Code : Maison Hansel
Sleeps : 6
...beams. Large windows overlooking the pool and gardens bring in natural light making it a very pleasant place to relax. The modern and well-equipped kitchen contrasts the otherwise characterful feat...
Cottage Code : Maison Calme
Sleeps : 6
...meets the Dordogne. With a pretty swimming pool and lovely patio gardens, this is a wonderful place to relax yet be within easy reach of some of the region's most enchanting villages and ...
Cottage Code : Maison Geranium
Sleeps : 6
...the Vézère meets the Dordogne.With the stunning Vézère and Dordogne rivers so near as well as amazing landscapes dotted with golden stone houses and idyllic Périgordian vil...
Cottage Code : Maison Miel
Sleeps : 6
...under the pergola, lounge in the summer sun or take a dip in the inviting pool. For the more active guests there is table-tennis and gym equipment outside or you may prefer to simply stop and ta...
Cottage Code : Villa Espace
Sleeps : 6
...lavender fields or hiking through the magnificent countryside, this region is sure to offer memorable activities for all ages. That said, you may prefer to simply spend your time relaxing in the l...
Cottage Code : Maison Basque
Sleeps : 6
...ones.The local village is just a five-minute drive away: beautifully preserved, with winding narrow lanes filled with fine restaurants, pavement cafes and little shops. Located on a hill, it is sur...
Cottage Code : Maison de Lauris
Sleeps : 6
... garden and private swimming pool for the summer months. This is the perfect spot for a bit of relaxation or an al-fresco meal on the terrace.The beauty of Maison de Lauris is rivalled only by its unb...
Cottage Code : Villa Borie
Sleeps : 6
...a dazzling and wonderfully maintained swimming pool with deckchairs and loungers around the poolside terrace, the perfect place to spend long summery days in the peace of the verdant surround...
Cottage Code : Le Cerisier
Sleeps : 6
...with safety alarm - Large covered terrace overlooking garden and pool - BBQFacilities- Wi-Fi - Telephone (payable locally) - TV including some English speaking channels - DVD and video - Washing...
Cottage Code : Villa Maravenne
Sleeps : 7
...rugged cliffs and glamourous coastal towns are within easy reach, and the sparkling crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea await you. The exquisite fusion of Provençal villages, a...
Cottage Code : La Chaumiere
Sleeps : 7
...heated swimming pool.Wander up the stone steps to La Chaumière's main entrance and you will find your comfortable surroundings in this beautifully restored 16th century home. The welcomi...
Cottage Code : Maison Campagne
Sleeps : 8
...Grounds- Private swimming pool (12mx6m) - Hot tub - Pool house - Covered al-fresco dining area - Sun loungers - BBQ - Large grounds, mature trees Facilities- Wi-Fi- Heating- TV with so...
Cottage Code : Maison Harmonie
Sleeps : 8
... dishwasher and microwave - Living room - Utility room with washing machine and dryer - WC First Floor (via steep staircase from kitchen)- Landing area - Small sitting room - Two double bedrooms wit...
Cottage Code : Le Manoir D'Or
Sleeps : 8
... shops and a Thursday morning market.Other magical trips out should include sampling the delicious black truffle in the nearby city of Périgueux, heading east to the exquisite town of Sarlat or s...
Cottage Code : Villa de Tania
Sleeps : 8
...your nautically-inspired architect's villa taking time to appreciate harbour life and the exceptional views of the incredible Breton coastline. Interior of Villa (290m2)Garden Level- Indoor heat...
Cottage Code : Maison des Reves
Sleeps : 8
... creating a seamless atmosphere. It can comfortably accommodate up to 8 guests, making it perfect for a big family or a group of friends' getaway. The house has a bright and airy feel with a spaci...
Cottage Code : Villa Cactus
Sleeps : 8
...glamour that surrounds you. The fashionable city, just 13km away via the coastal road, has a brilliant nightlife, some superb restaurants and a great choice of lovely sandy beaches, both public and...
Cottage Code : Villa Canettu
Sleeps : 8
... as the sun sets at the end of a wonderful day.Within a short drive you have a choice of idyllic white beaches and emerald sea, many of them perfect for families with clear shallow waters and fine san...
Cottage Code : La Riviere
Sleeps : 8
... little garden full of hydrangeas and geraniums and straight through the front door into the welcoming home. The four pretty bedrooms are on the top two floors, two of them en-suite and some with roma...
Cottage Code : Les Combes
Sleeps : 8
...from which to explore this captivating region, Les Combes is a stunning house for families and friends to enjoy.InteriorGround Floor- Sitting room with open fire-place, TV- Dining room with doors le...
Cottage Code : Le Repos
Sleeps : 8
...north to the beautiful old town of St Cyprien with its 12th century belltower, lovely boutiques and restaurants.Other magical trips out should include sampling the delicious black truffle in the ci...
Cottage Code : Le Clos du Ciel
Sleeps : 8
...or cool down on a summer's afternoon lazing on the terrace. This is a great location near the Vézère river, an area full of pretty villages, vibrant local market towns, fascinating...
Cottage Code : Le Refuge
Sleeps : 8
...self-contained gîte, the perfect romantic retreat for a couple wanting time away from the main group.You can spend lazy days relaxing in and around Le Refuge's ample swimming pool or enjoy ...
Cottage Code : River Dovecote
Sleeps : 8
...typically French interiors, colourful gardens and gentle river views, this really is picture postcard Dordogne as it's meant to be. House Interior (over 2 floors)- Living room - Dining ar...
Cottage Code : Maison Strelizia
Sleeps : 8
...its luscious sandy beaches, sparkling crystal-clear waters, dramatic rugged cliffs and glamourous coastal towns.The charming town of Grasse (20km) is around half an hour away, nestled in the hills j...
Cottage Code : Bois Fleuri
Sleeps : 8
...family or friends in this captivating part of southern France. You'll feel the welcoming ambience in this delightful villa, thoughtfully styled with both tradition and comfort in mind with sw...
Cottage Code : Chez Le Vigneron
Sleeps : 8
...the landscapes of this part of southern France so spectacular. House InteriorGround Floor- Kitchen, well-equipped including Nespresso coffee machine and Smeg gas stove- Living-dining room with Oran...
Cottage Code : Villa Paradou
Sleeps : 8
... Les Baux de Provence, a unique and incredible place classified as one of France's Plus Beaux Villages. St-Rémy and Van Gogh's beloved Arles are within easy reach whilst mesmerising Luber...
Cottage Code : Maison Verte
Sleeps : 8
...a little unique but equally comfortable. Finally, the gem in the crown of this delightful home is the grounds and swimming pool, beautifully landscaped and offering truly breath-taking, panoramic vi...
Cottage Code : Villa Des Etoiles
Sleeps : 8
...Double bedroom (bed 2mx2m) with own bathroom with bath, double sink and separate WCOutside Grounds- Heated swimming pool (8mx4m) with safety alarm- Al-fresco dining area - Large terrace - BBQ- Gar...
Cottage Code : Maison Gallet
Sleeps : 8
... city has to offer whilst the more adventurous can hike, bike, rock-climb or even paraglide at Cézanne‘s beloved Sainte Victoire mountain nearby. Hire a car and within an hour you can be ex...
Cottage Code : Le Totem
Sleeps : 8
...design whilst the bathrooms are modern, with elegant décor and two enjoy beautiful bathtubs where you can soak your worries away in a calm, soothing environment.The garden is a haven for na...
Cottage Code : Le Nid DAigle
Sleeps : 8
... Travertine fireplace centred around modern yet relaxing furniture. The space is filled with light from the tall sliding windows opening up to beautiful terraces which wrap around the villa. Each of t...
Cottage Code : Maison Alpage
Sleeps : 8
...pool open in the summer months. There is plenty of space to sit with your morning coffee, taking in the lovely views that surround you or enjoy leisurely meals by the barbecue with loved ones, fea...
Cottage Code : La Prairie
Sleeps : 8
...most beautiful villages, which is set high up above the Dordogne river with a fascinating cave system as well as incredible views. Just a little further, Cénac offers you all you need in ...
Cottage Code : The Retreat
Sleeps : 8
...during their stay. Outside you can enjoy the spectacular views of the Dordogne valley from the glorious grounds, where you will also find a heated swimming pool, a traditional stone barbecue a...
Cottage Code : La Fontaine
Sleeps : 8
... you from the old town, this beautiful holiday home offers tranquillity and privacy and is an ideal place for family or friends wanting to explore this stunning part of southern France. The vast garde...
Cottage Code : Maison La Montagnette
Sleeps : 9
...dishwasher. Doors opening up to west-facing terrace- Access to laundry room in garageFirst Floor- 2 x Double bedroom (180x200cm beds)- 2 x Twin bedroom (90x200cm beds)- Bathroom with shower- Showe...
Cottage Code : Villa Spacieuse
Sleeps : 9
...out onto the terrace. Yet the owners have incorporated Provençal charm through wood beamed ceilings and beautiful furnishings which complement the contemporary spirit perfectly. Five bedrooms a...
Cottage Code : Petite Camargue
Sleeps : 9
...shower rooms- Separate WCOutside Grounds (600m2)- Private swimming pool (42m2), Open May to mid October - Terrace- BBQ- 6 x Sun loungers - French boules - Parking for up to 4 cars Facilities- Wi-Fi-...
Cottage Code : Villa Vigneronne
Sleeps : 9
...residence full of traditional features yet thoughtfully styled with modern comfort in mind. Five bedrooms over three floors offer space for family or friends, including a marvellous master bedr...
Cottage Code : Villa Jacques
Sleeps : 9
...local markets, cycling through lavender fields or hiking through the magnificent countryside, this region is sure to offer memorable activities for all ages.Main House Interior (160m2)Ground Floor...
Cottage Code : Les Cactus
Sleeps : 9
... Provençal villages of Les Apilles National Park such as idyllic St-Rémy, where Van Gogh famously painted ‘Starry Night' amongst others. The captivating region is full of vineyards...
Cottage Code : Maison Orange
Sleeps : 9
... glorious surroundings as well as explore this captivating region.The 17th century farmhouse has been completely renovated to create a warm and welcoming holiday home which has been styled with a crea...
Cottage Code : Maison Cascade
Sleeps : 9
...all offer space to relax. There are two twin rooms, two double rooms plus one single bed on a mezzanine level. One of the bedrooms is a suite with its own with private terrace, offering guests a lit...
Cottage Code : Le Mas Caroline
Sleeps : 9
...bed (180x200cm) and TV. Bathroom with bath, shower and separate WC. Doors out to terrace - Single bedroomUpper Floor (via open-sided staircase)- Bedroom (50m2) with double bed (180x200cm), TV an...
Cottage Code : Villa Style
Sleeps : 10
...in Rethymno, the heart of north Crete, the sophisticated property boasts panoramic views of the surrounding tree-laced mountains and glistening Aegean sea. The contemporary architecture and minimal...
Cottage Code : Olive Mill Villa
Sleeps : 10
... people. The 5th double bedroom wth en suite bathroom is on request, if required, at an additional costLower Level- One twin bedroom with en-suite bathroom- Small living room areaGround Floor: –...
Cottage Code : Plaza Di Bogomila
Sleeps : 10
...furniture that includes a wide range of artefacts from all over the world. Plaza Di Bogomila affords circa 3.000sq.m. of terrain and 250sq.m of accommodation with 4 bedrooms, 3 of them en suite, a ...
Cottage Code : Villa Persephone
Sleeps : 12
...Persephone sleeps 12, across 6 bedrooms, most of which have en-suite bathrooms. There are three bedrooms on the first floor – a master suite and two further bedrooms, all with en-suite...
Cottage Code : Gastouri Achileo
Sleeps : 12
...layout with one of the en-suite doubles, the gym and another living area. With a garage space for two cars too, getting around couldn't be easier. From your serene spot in Gastouri, the pop...
Cottage Code : Villa Giannis
Sleeps : 12
...covered outdoor table and chairs, while small lights illuminate the property into the night. Inside, the luxury features continue with a modern fully-equipped kitchen and comfortable living space wi...
Cottage Code : Villa Socrates
Sleeps : 12
...villa has a spacious terrace with a barbecue area and covered, furnished spaces for dining and relaxing. In addition to the main pool, there's one for the children too, while the hot tub pr...
Cottage Code : Villa Constantine
Sleeps : 12
...Just over 20 km from the island's eponymous capital, Villa Constantine has all that up to 12 guests could need – including the most magnificent 12m x 6m infinity pool.Basement Floor:- Bed...
Cottage Code : Villa Zevra
Sleeps : 16
...base for a large family or grounds of friends. Oh, and did we mention there's a ping-pong table and barbeque too? For when you'd like to explore the surrounds, the charming Cretan village o...
Cottage Code : Villa Alpha
Sleeps : 2
... generously-sized walk-in shower and large double sink – all tapping further into the unique, ‘luxe' and modern design. Extra touches like contemporary lamps, mirrors and candles add e...
Cottage Code : Villa Ro
Sleeps : 2
...walk-in shower, double sink so couples can brush their teeth together and a beautiful bathtub made with local black marble. The latter is ideally placed beside a window so you can enjoy t...
Cottage Code : Villa Metaxa
Sleeps : 20
...Machine- Dishwasher- Freezer- Fridge- Toaster- Microwave- Nepresso coffee machine- Highchair- Hot tub- Safe- HairdryerOther services, charged at extra:- Delivery of selected wine- Welcome cocktail...
Cottage Code : Treasure Island
Sleeps : 20
...Fireplace- Hob- Coffee & Tea maker- BBQ grill- Stove- Oven- Fridge- Freezer- Dishwasher- Radio & CD player- Satellite / Cable TV- DVD player- Terrace / Balcony- Garden- Hammock- Playground- Bo...
Cottage Code : Daios One Bedroomed Villa
Sleeps : 3
...for its fine-sand beaches and breath-taking White Mountains. The villa is located in a secluded, pristine resort in Vathi and boasts spectacular views of the coast. It elegantly fuses classic Me...
Cottage Code : Leto's Lodge
Sleeps : 4
...sea. Quietly placed for privacy, this couple and family-friendly villa gives you best of both worlds as you still have access to all the first-class facilities and services of the resort. Beautifull...
Cottage Code : Daios Two Bedroomed Family Villa
Sleeps : 4
...airy and beautifully decorated living room for moments of pure relaxation. An ideal holiday destination for families, couples or friends, the villa comfortably sleeps two to four adults or two adult...
Cottage Code : Daios Two Bedroomed Wellness Villa
Sleeps : 4
...treadmill . OutsidePrivate terrace with heated sea water swimming pool and sundeckPool fenceSunbedsOutside diningOther Satellite LCD TV in bedroom and living roomComplimentary Wi-Fi InternetMi...
Cottage Code : Mama La Roosa
Sleeps : 4
...furnishings, this villa oozes modern style. The spectacular setting also does the wooing – it's in a breathtaking spot overlooking the azure Aegean Sea and surrounding tree-...
Cottage Code : Lingonberry Villa
Sleeps : 4
...terrace area is dotted with cushioned sun loungers and includes an al fresco dining table and plenty of chairs so you can find your prime sunbathing or shaded spot. One of the bedrooms also has a ba...
Cottage Code : Elderberry Villa
Sleeps : 4
...in both culture and history. The villa's excellent location makes it an ideal base for couples or small families looking for a relaxing yet fun-filled Greek stay. The villa is lovingly and el...
Cottage Code : Villa Gennadi
Sleeps : 4
...terrace dotted with local plants and trees. The villa has two floors, and you can enjoy magnificent views over the southern coastline and the quaint village of Gennadi from your balcony or garden ar...
Cottage Code : Pebble Villas
Sleeps : 4
...air conditioning • Jacuzzi bathtub • WiFi • Hairdryer • Flat screen TV with satellite channels • Comfortable sofa and armchairs • Table & chairs • D...
Cottage Code : Villa Persimmon
Sleeps : 4
...part of beautiful Rhodes island, Greece. This charming Mediterranean villa is specially designed for families or groups of friends with a spacious interior and modern facilities. The villa has it...
Cottage Code : Villa Selene
Sleeps : 5
...and WC, or the two additional bedrooms; one with two twin beds and the other with one single bed – both sharing another decadent marble bathroom with a shower and WC. With air conditioning i...
Cottage Code : Daios Two Bedroomed Villa
Sleeps : 5
...on an all-inclusive tariff.Entrance LevelSitting, dining areaOutside terraceKing size bed bedroom with modern bathroom with separate bathtub and shower cabinLower LevelKing size bed bedroom wi...
Cottage Code : Villa Clementine
Sleeps : 5
...Extra thoughtful features include full-length mirrors, spacious wardrobes and desks with flat-screen TVs. There's an open-plan living, kitchen and dining area where you can enjoy your morning ...
Cottage Code : Villa Angeliki
Sleeps : 6
...beach views can be enjoyed from the comfort of your private pool. Villa Angeliki can accommodate up to four guests across two bedrooms, an additional two can make use of the sofa-bed in the livin...
Cottage Code : Villa Helios
Sleeps : 6
...large doors lead to the spacious sea view terraces. Ground Floor- Living room with LCD flat screen, DVD, CD, iPod docking system, dining facilities and doors leading to terrace- Kitchen with oven...
Cottage Code : Daios Three Bedroomed Family Villa
Sleeps : 6
...spend your days blissfully soaking up the sun's rays or relaxing in the shade on your private terrace. Cool off in the crystal clear waters of your seawater pool and rain shower or dine al fre...
Cottage Code : Daios The Mansion
Sleeps : 6
...three bedrooms and a private spa with an indoor heated pool, sauna and massage area. Vistas are interrupted with floor-to-ceiling windows and doors letting the outside in.The comfortable living ro...
Cottage Code : Raspberry Villa
Sleeps : 6
... in the midst of them. Sink into the outdoor corner seating and share stories about your exciting explorations of the beautiful local area or dine al fresco at night with candles and lights setting th...
Cottage Code : Huckleberry Villa
Sleeps : 6
...candles and flowers add the warm homely touches.The villa boasts an open-plan living, kitchen and dining room fully-equipped with mod cons including a plasma television. Outside, the sun lounger-lin...
Cottage Code : Boysenberry Villa
Sleeps : 6
... trails that take you through pine-tree blanketed forests and around the coastline. Some days though, you might just stay put at the villa – the pool, sun deck and dining terrace can be quite pe...
Cottage Code : Dewberry Villa
Sleeps : 6
...has you covered.Dewberry Villa offering a unique sense of tranquillity to the guests can accommodate up to 6 people and is ideal for couples and family vacations.Amenities: 180m² 3 bedrooms...
Cottage Code : Cloudberry Villa
Sleeps : 6
...forests that give way to soft sandy beaches in serene sheltered bays. From your private swimming pool, outdoor veranda and balcony you – and your five other friends or family members ...
Cottage Code : Villa Mastika
Sleeps : 6
... thatched day bed so you can find your prime spot in the sun or the shade. There's also an alfresco dining table, so you enjoy your morning or evening meal with those breathtaking vistas. Inside, ...
Cottage Code : Villa Reginos
Sleeps : 6
... to the town with restaurants, shops and an ancient Venetian castle. On the ground floor, the generous open-plan living and dining space has a charming fireplace, comfortable seating and doors opening...
Cottage Code : Villa Bergamot
Sleeps : 7
...an open-plan living, kitchen and dining area where you can enjoy your morning coffee with sea views. For a spa-like feel, there are also two bathrooms, one with a massage bathtub. Stepping o...
Cottage Code : Villa Tangerine
Sleeps : 7
...up to seven adults and one child. Extra thoughtful features include full-length mirrors, spacious wardrobes and desks with flat-screen TVs.There's an open-plan living, kitchen and dining a...
Cottage Code : Villa Myrtle
Sleeps : 8
... location equals one knock-out four-bedroom retreat. Villa Myrtle is near the charming city of Rethymno on Crete's glittering north coast. Not only is there a fully-equipped gym, serene spa-like J...
Cottage Code : Villa Ying
Sleeps : 8
...of classic and contemporary décor. The exterior has the feel of a traditional Mediterranean cottage, with its rustic walls draped in pretty bougainvillaea, while the interior radiates modern s...
Cottage Code : Blueberry Villa
Sleeps : 8
...facilities: Air condition, plasma TV, satellite TV, hair dryer, wireless wifi, remote control for the gate, 1 parking lotThe fridge is filled daily with coffee, milk, tea, juice, bread, butter, ma...
Cottage Code : Marionberry Villa
Sleeps : 8
...private pool can easily accommodate up to 6-8 people. Amenities: 185m² 4 bedrooms(1 lofty) living room with stone built fire place veranda and garden with sea view private swimming pool 80m2 1...
Cottage Code : Villa Retsina
Sleeps : 8
...villa, you'll find all the home comforts – a fully-equipped kitchen, two spacious sitting rooms (one looking to the natural gulf of Kryftos and the other one to the mountain of Athos)...
Cottage Code : Villa Mikis
Sleeps : 8
...less than 3km from the popular Tsambika Beach, Villa Mikis enjoys an enviable location on Rhodes' eastern coast. With an eye-catching pool and terrace right outside the door, up to 9 guests ca...
Cottage Code : Villa Sappho
Sleeps : 8
...villa with some wondrous outdoor spaces. Just a short drive from the beach and Rhodes Old Town, up to eight guests can enjoy its pool, hot tub and supreme style.Ground Floor (main house):- Ful...
Cottage Code : Villa Kallithea
Sleeps : 8
...bath tub in one of the bathrooms for a serene spa-like feel – just bring the bubbles! The large, comfortable living room is equipped with a flat-screen television and a fully-equipped kit...
Cottage Code : La Poetessa
Sleeps : 10
...are equally glamorous! Far from being an afterthought, these bathrooms are dripping with opulent character, chandeliers and sedate colour schemes!La Poetessa offers a luscious, fragrant rang...
Cottage Code : Villa Cinzia
Sleeps : 10
...dogs. Inside the villa the large open rooms, beamed ceilings and country style finishes serve as a reminder of the villa's farmhouse past. Villa Cinzia combines a cosy and comfortable aesthetic...
Cottage Code : Masseria La Chiesetta
Sleeps : 10
...trees, and glistening private, heated pool. Fully executed for stylish outdoor living, there is an elegant pergola, and abundant space for lavish meals al fresco, including a quaint cobbled cou...
Cottage Code : Villa Morisia
Sleeps : 10
...set across the coastal views.This outdoor dining room, with its timber beams and elegantly wrought iron railings has an almost Moroccan lounge-like feel to it; the views are sublime! The gardens a...
Cottage Code : Casa Bella Vista
Sleeps : 10
...(very busy in August!), at a charming local restaurant terrace or exploring the historic centre of Cefalu. With private parking available directly outside the villa, you can hop straight in the car ...
Cottage Code : Villa Marettimo
Sleeps : 10
...of Erice and the Egadi islands which are visible from the pool.A gentle approach to the villa takes you along the coast through rural landscapes and beautiful open vistas. As you go through the v...
Cottage Code : Villa Caponegro
Sleeps : 10
...Here you can relax on a large sofa in the living room, cook up a storm in the modern kitchen with adjacent dining area or even go to the gym as you even have a private fitness room. The bedrooms ar...
Cottage Code : Villa Tirelli
Sleeps : 10
...farmhouse in a superb tranquil setting in the Val D'Orcia, southern Tuscany. Located just south of Siena by the spa town of San Casciano dei Bagni, this exceptional villa combines elegant coun...
Cottage Code : Villa Papice
Sleeps : 10
...villa, a cook service can be arranged or you. Alternatively, budding chefs in the group will enjoy preparing wonderful summer meals using the freshest produce sourced locally, from seafood dishes,...
Cottage Code : Villa Miavana
Sleeps : 10
... one optional extra bed), one twin bedroom and one single bedroom that comes with its charming mezzanine, meaning Villa Miavana is ideal for a large family group or extended family.The bedrooms are fu...
Cottage Code : Villa Effie
Sleeps : 10
...kitchen- Living room with fireplace and TV- Dining room- Study roomFirst Floor- Double bedroom- Four twin bedrooms- Three bathrooms with bathtub- Living area with billiard tableExterior- Courty...
Cottage Code : Il Sensale
Sleeps : 12
...Sensale has been recently renovated with an eye to traditional style and touches of luxury. There are 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, and it can accommodate up to 12 peopleGround Floor- Billiard roo...
Cottage Code : Fiore Rosa
Sleeps : 12
...from the garden. Also on this floor are a convenient laundry room and a bathroom. Up the stairs to the first floor there is another living area with a billiards table with is perfect for spe...
Cottage Code : Torre Blu
Sleeps : 12
...of the beautiful Torre Blu, its ancient trullo space has been repurposed and updated to include a sumptuous whirlpool complete with jets, allowing you to bubble and foam your way to complete Itali...
Cottage Code : Tenuta I Pagliari
Sleeps : 12
...at every turn. From the stunning original stone sink, to the sleek and contemporary walls of glass, steely greys and exposed brick - the the splashes of pillar box red and dazzling orange, this vill...
Cottage Code : Villa dei Cedri
Sleeps : 12
...for everyone to gather together in comfort and class, while the kitchen is the perfect place for some quality time trying your hand at preparing the local cuisine! You are free to select your favo...
Cottage Code : Villa Gemma
Sleeps : 12
...holiday with both security and ease whilst not compromising on style. Whether it be relaxing with the flat screen television (complete with international channels) or a private chef and butler cat...
Cottage Code : Villa Papassini
Sleeps : 12
...sleeps 12 people. Villa Papassini is a stunning, typical Sardinian beach-side home offering luscious private gardens overflowing with flowers and fragrant plants, compete with glistening pool and...
Cottage Code : Villa Iperico
Sleeps : 12
...space, with its lovely adornments, ambient lighting and fully equipped kitchen space is ideal for the whole family to come together at the end of a busy day to cook, laugh and enjoy local wines a...
Cottage Code : Villa Tropea
Sleeps : 12
...up to 12 people, with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.Ground floor- Living area with comfortable sofa (it can turn into a sofa bed) - Dining room with solid wood briar table for 12 people - Fully equipp...
Cottage Code : Villa Baronessa
Sleeps : 12
...Guests may enjoy a refreshing morning swim followed by a continental style breakfast on the patio.Whether it be a group pool party followed by drinks or a more intimate one-to-one on one of th...
Cottage Code : Villa Paravati
Sleeps : 12
...and exquisitely finished private villa, standing tall at three storeys, within its own immaculately maintained grounds, complete with private pool and spa.Guests will immediately feel the vibran...
Cottage Code : Villa Grazia
Sleeps : 12
...12, one of the very best we've viewed, has views to make the heart sing. It's a lovely holiday home with excellent staff who are on call if needed to make your holiday an exceptional one. T...
Cottage Code : Villa Mirabilis
Sleeps : 12
...area- Barbecue- Vegetable garden- Sun loungers- Parking inside a gated areaMore Facilities...- Radio and CD player- Portable fans- Ceiling fan in master bedroom- Two bikes (additional cost)- Ba...
Cottage Code : Villa Abelle
Sleeps : 12
... by breathtaking views of vineyards, forests and olive groves. Set over two floors Villa, Abelle offers bright and airy living spaces with it's big windows and relaxing interior. On the ground flo...
Cottage Code : Castello Oilia
Sleeps : 13
...has own bathroom with modern finishing and relaxing and clean aesthetic providing a relaxing spa like experience. Villa has Wi-Fi and central heating throughout. Not only does Castello Oilia h...
Cottage Code : Villa Buccellato
Sleeps : 14
...original stone and framed at every turn by prettily creeping trellis. Nestled on a sloping hillside, with Renaissance art-worthy views of the surrounding hills and rolling countryside, guests w...
Cottage Code : Villa Filigrana
Sleeps : 14
...sea views with a sea breeze in the air, or perhaps a local wine and antipasti as the sun softens over the bay.From the gardens, there is direct beach access, making this home such an easy choice for...
Cottage Code : La Miniera
Sleeps : 14
...can take place in this ideal, secluded and charming setting.Entering La Miniera, guests will immediately feel the tempo drop, away from the bustle of the crowds and stresses of modern living,...
Cottage Code : Villa Morgana
Sleeps : 14
...and peace; a gorgeous writing desk, a kitchen fireside banquette to enjoy a glass of local wine as supper cooks.Villa Morgana accommodates twelve guests (with the option of two additional beds), acr...
Cottage Code : Villa I Grilli
Sleeps : 15
...sits invitingly, whilst the games room will make for lively evenings. This is a space for sociable, group living, with an enormous dining table as well as ample space for downtime or seclusion. Th...
Cottage Code : Villa Canova
Sleeps : 17
... every convenience. From visits and tours of wine cellars to cookery lessons to swimming instructors to driving services or wellness and treatments, the staff are on hand to meet guests needs whatever...
Cottage Code : Villa Artistica
Sleeps : 18
...fragrant plants, fruit trees and olive groves, the outdoor spaces are sublime: expansive lawns, surrounding woods, pretty and mysterious little flower-lined stone paths, and the sleek pool with its...
Cottage Code : Villa Tolomei
Sleeps : 18
... this stylish home.The bedrooms are serene and immaculately chic: again with classic style and a soft palette of power blues, french greys, soft pinks and low, ambient lighting, they set the scene for...
Cottage Code : Villa Marte
Sleeps : 20
...the best parts of the garden for panoramic views and cooling shade, so you can either gather together or find a private spot. Start the day with a tranquil coffee on the terrace gazing across viney...
Cottage Code : Villa Anjelica
Sleeps : 20
...fan and en suite bathroomFirst floor- 4 Bedrooms with double bed, ceiling fan and en suite bathroom- 2 Bedrooms with two single beds, ceiling fan and en suite bathroom- Bedroom: double bed, ceiling ...
Cottage Code : Villa Magna
Sleeps : 20
...space distributed across the many terraces! There's even an olive grove! Of course, the private pool, surrounded by sun loungers and parasols, with a vast gazebo to one side, is the highlight fo...
Cottage Code : Torre Perugina
Sleeps : 21
...the outside spaces are sublime. Both well maintained, yet charmingly natural, the gardens are a riot of blossoming plants, rose gardens, fragrant fruit trees and far-reaching hilltop views. The...
Cottage Code : Villa Cecconi
Sleeps : 24
...the self-contained cottage is ideal and thoughtfully adapted for wheelchair access. Each part of the property has been carefully restored to a high level, retaining its original exposed stone wa...
Cottage Code : Tenuta Cona
Sleeps : 34
...the more extensive estate complex: cooking classes for groups of four people, dinner on demand by virtue of private chef - trekking, mountain biking or horse-riding, these actives can all be arrange...
Cottage Code : Villa Niva
Sleeps : 4
...in the Marche region. The grounds of Villa Niva are shared with another villa located on the large plot of land, this unique property boasts amazing sports and fitness facilities, boasting a ...
Cottage Code : Villa Della Nurra
Sleeps : 4
...minimal interiors will suit those aesthetes who go for a modern look. Stream-lined, open plan living at its best.The lateral layout and wonderful soft interior light ensure this is not just anothe...
Cottage Code : Villa Lissa
Sleeps : 5
...with splendid views over the lake- Single bedroom - Large bathroom with bathtub and showerExterior - Large 60m2 terrace- Garden furniture- Swimming pool (available from mid-May to mid-October)- Outd...
Cottage Code : Villa Cubetto
Sleeps : 6
...Villa Cubetto benefits from breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea, all the way from the village of Gallipoli and up to Porto Cesareo. Newly built and open for 2019, a holiday here will immerse y...
Cottage Code : Casa Bordonero
Sleeps : 6
... Bordonero in Sicily, Italy sleeps 6 people. Casa Bordonero is an exquisite three-bedroom townhouse at the heart of the historic town of Cefalù, perfect for those who are looking to swap the car ...
Cottage Code : Casa Marzamemi
Sleeps : 6
... the same air of simplicity and style as the main living areas, with functional facilities creatively reimagined.A set of French doors connects each bedroom to the delightful terrace, allowing you to ...
Cottage Code : Villa Da Simeto
Sleeps : 6
... parasol and dining furniture for leisurely meals al fresco. Imagine sitting back with morning coffee and fresh pastries after a refreshing morning swim; or a glass of local wine in the evening as the...
Cottage Code : Villa Fico
Sleeps : 8
... Florence, Italy sleeps 8 people. Villa Fico is a luxury villa rental in Tuscany offering the experience of a lifetime. The villa sleeps 7 people and is furnished to the highest standard of luxury. It...
Cottage Code : Bacchereto Millhouse
Sleeps : 8
... as you arrive at your impressive holiday home and the sight of the verdant gardens and inviting pool is the moment you will truly start to unwind.Inside, the villa is equally charming with its welcom...
Cottage Code : Villa Travicello
Sleeps : 8
...beds can be unitedExterior- Garden- Infinity pool with hydromassage (8x16 mt, depth 1.35 to 2.50 m, available from mid April to mid October)- Parking for 5 cars- Al fresco dining- Parasol, sun loung...
Cottage Code : Masseria Palmeto
Sleeps : 8
...fragrant oasis.Indoor and outdoor living fuse seamlessly, the ancient arched, cloistered wall gives way to the dining space, with exposed stone walls, stunning wicker accessories and lighting, an...
Cottage Code : Casolare Ostuni
Sleeps : 8
...stone. Built in 1877, this sumptuous home was sympathetically renovated in 2017, giving it a sleek, contemporary finish within original buildings, nestled in four acres of olive trees. This presti...
Cottage Code : Villa Pasquale
Sleeps : 8
...Mediterranean pastures.The VillaVilla Pasquale is spread over two floors and can accommodate up to 8 guests with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.Ground floor- Fully equipped kitchen with dining table sea...
Cottage Code : Villa Donatella
Sleeps : 8
...the garden. Relax here with a glass of prosecco on an outdoor sofa and enjoy a view of the blue sea, just visible above the trees.Within easy reach of sandy beaches, nature reserves and beau...
Cottage Code : Villa Liberty
Sleeps : 8
... refreshing foliage! Whether you're into history, architecture or culture, Taormina, the most beautiful of the ancient Sicilian cities, will ensure you are kept on your toes and entertained! Withi...
Cottage Code : Villa San Benedetto
Sleeps : 8
...warm terracotta tiles throughout, wood beamed ceilings, wood burning fireplaces, simultaneously insulating and cooling exposed stone walls, an electronic security system, an old school well in the...
Cottage Code : Villa Arpino
Sleeps : 8
...with dining roomExterior- Beautiful swimming pool (available from May to October, from 8 am to 6 pm)- Splendid garden with external lunch area- Outdoor furniture- Panoramic verandaMore faciliti...
Cottage Code : Villa Mariane
Sleeps : 9
...all of it's guests. This location is perfect for those who would like to enjoy the beauty views and scenery of the country whilst being close enough to enjoy the delights of the surrounding town...
Cottage Code : Villa Minette
Sleeps : 9
...family breakfast!Beautiful plants, charismatic artwork, accents of canary yellow and wicker furnishings retain the relaxed and ’beachy’ vibe, while the living room offers a luxurious l...
Cottage Code : Villa Cardinale
Sleeps : 9
...Coast, Italy sleeps 9 people. Villa Cardinale holds a wonderful location situated close to the village of Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi and just off the ’green ribbon’ route which runs ...
Cottage Code : Villa Angele
Sleeps : 8
...the perfect holiday treat! Inside, Villa Angele provides spacious, bright and airy living spaces, with plenty of room for all eight guests. The modern furnishings are elegant, making the spacious r...
Cottage Code : Villa Adilah
Sleeps : 16
...with a delightful shower. Furthermore, there are three separate units in the garden, each with one bedroom and a private bathroom, offering up to six guests that little extra space and privacy! All...
Cottage Code : Moradia do Evaristo
Sleeps : 10
... are en-suite. There is also a double bedroom on this floor, along with an additional shower room. Upstairs you will find the remainder of the bedrooms, along with a second living area and a balcony t...
Cottage Code : Villa Coral
Sleeps : 10
... has to offer.The VillaVilla Coral is a 5-bedroom villa positioned in an elevated position, spread across three acres of secluded land with fantastic views over the surrounding vineyards and farms. Th...
Cottage Code : Villa Adreana
Sleeps : 10
...it's a trip to the beach or a nearby town, or a day relaxing by the private pool overlooking your stunning view. With two terraces – one covered and one uncovered – there are ple...
Cottage Code : Villa Carlotte
Sleeps : 10
...and restaurants of Alporchinhos and Armação de Pêra. You also have two golf courses within easy reach and the popular town of Carvoeiro is only 20 minutes by car. Sleeping up to ten ...
Cottage Code : Villa Natureza
Sleeps : 10
...choice of how to spend your evening. You have access to a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious living room, with the fireplace being a central feature and large glass doors opening through to the balc...
Cottage Code : Villa Laranja
Sleeps : 10
...and offers the use of a private 7m x 4m swimming pool.The VillaVilla Laranja is a luxury villa with a heatable swimming pool, located barely 500 meters from Praia da Marinha beach, one of the most...
Cottage Code : Villa Maristela
Sleeps : 10
...plenty of space for the whole group to get together in here; sitting around the dining table enjoying a meal or sitting around the television watching a movie together. Meals and snacks can...
Cottage Code : Villa Dianai
Sleeps : 10
...so whether you are all seeking respite from the sun and want a cool spot to read or whether it's family movie night there's plenty of space. There is also a separate lounge nook, with anot...
Cottage Code : Villa Imaculada
Sleeps : 10
...and 5 bathrooms, and it can accommodate up to 10 peopleGround Floor- Double bedroom with en-suite bathroom- Bathroom- Office room- Dining & living area- Fully equipped kitchen- Access to the pa...
Cottage Code : Villa Iolanda
Sleeps : 10
...gym what better motivation to stay in shape than an uplifting sunrise workout while taking in the alluring surrounding landscape. The gym leads out onto a solarium which is the go-to destination for...
Cottage Code : Villa Veriana
Sleeps : 10
... the glorious Portuguese sunshine. With a range of trees native to the region and plenty of green space, Villa Veriana is the ideal environment for a peaceful holiday where you can indulge in a quiet ...
Cottage Code : Villa Enia
Sleeps : 10
...scenic, with beautifully landscaped lawns, flowerbeds and water features, preserving many of the original architectural details. Private tennis courts offer the chance for a little healthy competit...
Cottage Code : Villa Ulrica
Sleeps : 10
... out to the pool terrace. Perfect for that early morning swim you've promised yourself! Upstairs, you have a further two bedrooms; again both are doubles with en-suite bathrooms. One also includes...
Cottage Code : Villa Apaixonar
Sleeps : 10
...Close to excellent facilities for golf, tennis, horse-riding and water-sports, it's great for active groups, with its own 10m x 5m private pool right outside.The villa features a spacious t...
Cottage Code : Villa Felipa
Sleeps : 11
...the patio & pool areaFirst Floor- Three double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms- Bedroom with three-person bunk bed- TerraceExterior- Private swimming pool, with Roman steps access (12mx5m)- Barbec...
Cottage Code : Villa Deolinda
Sleeps : 12
...comfort for pleasant holidays in one of the most prestigious regions of PortugalGround Floor- Two twin bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms- Bathroom- Dining & living area- Fully equipped kitchen- ...
Cottage Code : Villa Elzira
Sleeps : 12
...has the remaining four bedrooms; a suite with a double bed and en-suite bathroom, a bedroom with double beds and two bedrooms with twin beds. It also has a bathroom, with a bath and shower. Of cours...
Cottage Code : Villa Fryda
Sleeps : 12
...enjoys excellent facilities and is just 2km from the beach at Praia Fonte da Telha. With two championship courses on site, the resort lies just 25km from Lisbon, and runs alongside a 30km stretch...
Cottage Code : Villa Albertiana
Sleeps : 12
... bedroom with en-suite bathroom- Twin bedroom with en-suite bathroom - Double bedroom- Bathroom- Dining & living area- Fully equipped kitchen- Access to the patio & pool areaFirst Floor- Double bedroo...
Cottage Code : Villa Leocadia
Sleeps : 12
...its private pool, garden and terrace, as well as an indoor games room with fitness equipment. Sun loungers and parasols make the area around the pool a focal point for chilling out, with a barbec...
Cottage Code : Villa Lygiana
Sleeps : 12
...out to sea. On the lower floor, there are two more suite bedrooms, each with double bed and bath, along with a games room which looks out on the pool.Nearby Cascais is perhaps the most popular r...
Cottage Code : Casa Benedita
Sleeps : 12
...Valley. There are 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, and it can accommodate up to 12 peopleGround Floor- Two double bedrooms with en-suite bathroom- Two twin bedrooms with en-suite bathroom- Living room- ...
Cottage Code : Villa Beleza
Sleeps : 14
...kitchen- Access to the patio & pool areaExterior- Swimming pool (10x7m)- Children’s pool (5.8x1.8m)- Outdoor dining & lounge area- Large patio & garden area- Sun loungers & parasols- Outdoor ...
Cottage Code : Villa Debora
Sleeps : 14
...at table football and darts. It also features a fridge for keeping chilled drinks handy. And there's a laundry room!Set into the clifftop landscape, Villa Debora's outside space is terraced...
Cottage Code : Villa Domitila
Sleeps : 14
...property is divided into two houses and has an immensely large garden with steps leading down to the pool. A ladder leads into the pool water for easy access, and a diving board is fitted at the...
Cottage Code : Villa Beijinho
Sleeps : 14
...& living area- Fully equipped kitchen- Access to the patio & pool areaFirst Floor- Master bedroom, with en-suite bathroom Exterior- Private swimming pool, with Roman steps & ladder access (11mx6m...
Cottage Code : Villa Andorinha
Sleeps : 14
... this Moorish-style villa can accommodate up to 14 guests and lies just 1km from the centre of Carvoeiro. With a beautiful coastline and two golf courses nearby, Villa Andorinha includes an impressive...
Cottage Code : Villa Pedrina
Sleeps : 15
...the popular Portuguese resort of Carvoeiro is ideal for larger groups looking to discover the area. With picturesque views from its private gardens, Villa Pedrina offers a large heated swimming poo...
Cottage Code : Villa Sorrell
Sleeps : 16
...you also have your very own tennis court! When it's time to take it easy again, pick a sun lounger and laze your way through the hot Portuguese afternoon.Outdoor life wouldn't be complete ...
Cottage Code : Villa Abelia
Sleeps : 16
...of gardens and a stunning 10mx5m swimming pool.A lovely terrace area offers plenty of open space, with seating and dining areas. You have views out to the villa's private lake and towards th...
Cottage Code : Villa Isaura
Sleeps : 16
...that hangs from the ceiling, excellent for social gatherings and dining al fresco.At Villa Isaura, the inside and outside areas merge. Glass windows and doors used across the living areas bring in ...
Cottage Code : Villa Paciencia
Sleeps : 16
... Portugal, and the weather is spectacular. The kitchen is fully equipped, and also has a breakfast table in the kitchen for quick meals before heading out for the day. The dining room can seat the who...
Cottage Code : Villa Donatela
Sleeps : 18
...while still shared and friendly, this space lends itself to mingling and relaxing in smaller groups. Or, for finding your quiet corner. This floor has its own fully equipped kitchen and dinners ...
Cottage Code : Villa Valquiria
Sleeps : 18
... have become an attraction in their own right. Sintra itself is well worth exploring, being historically rich with castles and palaces, while Estoril is home to a landmark casino and one of the region...
Cottage Code : Villa Vilma
Sleeps : 18
...Mezzanine- Balcony / TerraceExterior- Swimming pool (14x5m)- Large patio & garden area- Sun loungers & parasols- Outdoor sitting & dining area- Covered terrace- Outdoor games- BBQ area- Priv...
Cottage Code : Casa Cintia
Sleeps : 18
...beautiful, local wine and excellent conversation. Outdoor dining opportunities are further maximised by the deck chairs dispersed across the garden. Perhaps the highlight of the expansive gardens i...
Cottage Code : Villa Estora
Sleeps : 2
...for exploring nearby whether on foot or by bikes which can be rented across the region. At 7.8km from the nearest town, Villa Estora will allow you to enjoy the real lifestyle of rural Portugal and ...
Cottage Code : Ocean Suite I
Sleeps : 2
... a self-catering holiday. Each of the luxurious suites has an en suite bedroom with a stunning free standing bath, air conditioning throughout and a large flat screen satellite TV in the lounge. These...
Cottage Code : Garden Suite I
Sleeps : 2
...with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.Interior- Fully equipped kitchen and dining area- Spacious living room with sofabed- Laundry- Master queen bedroom with en-suite bathroom- Terrace or patio with loung...
Cottage Code : Ocean Suite Studio
Sleeps : 2
...for a holiday in the sun and wishing to take advantage of the fantastic resort facilities on offer.Each of the properties on Pine Cliffs Resort come with daily housekeeping, 24-hour room service and...
Cottage Code : Villa Leonor
Sleeps : 20
...Leonor in Lisbon Coast, Portugal sleeps 20 people. This large white villa sits in front of the stately pine trees that make up the Portuguese countryside. Once an old farmhouse, Villa Leonor is loc...
Cottage Code : Villa Alexia
Sleeps : 20
...to the patio & pool areaAnnex- Dining & living area- Games room- Kitchenette- Access to the patio & pool areaExterior- Swimming pool (10x4m)- Large patio & garden area- Sun loungers & parasols- Sitt...
Cottage Code : Villa Faustina
Sleeps : 20
... Lisbon Coast. This modern villa is perfect for a larger group, accommodating up to twenty people and offering a large garden with a terrace and private pool.The outdoor space includes a dining area w...
Cottage Code : Casa Clarissa
Sleeps : 20
...private swimming pool sits just beyond the main entrance to the house and has space for the whole group to spend some quality time together in the sun. Sun loungers and benches, shaded and u...
Cottage Code : Casa Ligia
Sleeps : 20
...at the villa, you will feel your breath escape you as you take in the architectural beauty of this historic home. Ascend the impressive stone staircase and enter the charming space with...
Cottage Code : Villa Calinho
Sleeps : 20
...sunbathing.The pool is steeped in rich greenery, with palm and pine trees, flower hedges and luscious green grass enhancing the vast garden. The extensive garden surrounds and encircles the entire ...
Cottage Code : Terrace II
Sleeps : 4
...2 bedrooms Ground Floor- Lounge area with dining facilities, patio doors to garden- Fully equipped kitchenette- Utility area with washer/dryer- Guest toiletFirst Floor- Double bedrooms with en-suit...
Cottage Code : Ocean Suites II
Sleeps : 4
...sleeps 4 people. Pine Cliffs Ocean Suites IIThe Ocean Suites are the latest high-quality accommodation to be built at Pine Cliffs Resort. Opening from July 2016, they are designed with the highe...
Cottage Code : Garden Suite II
Sleeps : 4
...to create beautifully appointed, luxurious units that radiate relaxed, stylish and indulgent Algarvian living. 87 luxury one, two and three bedroom apartment suites with fully equipped kitche...
Cottage Code : Royal Golf Apartment
Sleeps : 4
...The master bedroom boasts a Super king size bed, made up of two twin beds, pushed together, allowing extra flexibility for guests. This luxurious room also offers an en-suite bathroom and charming b...
Cottage Code : Residence II
Sleeps : 5
...all providing a fantastic setting for a holiday on the wonderful Pine Cliffs Resort. Sublimely decorated throughout, they all come equipped with the finest decor and service. Located close to...
Cottage Code : Villa Lua
Sleeps : 6
...make you feel like you have arrived on a remote tropical island. This sweet escape is located on the hills in the village of Marinha in the Algarve. The elegantly shaped pool offers complete priva...
Cottage Code : Villa Fatima
Sleeps : 6
...towns ripe for exploring, such as Caldas da Rainha and Obidos.The Villa Villa Fatima is built to the highest standard and offers a panoramic view over Praia del Rey beach. There are 3 bedrooms a...
Cottage Code : Villa Tareija
Sleeps : 6
...enjoy a harmonious night's sleep. The bathrooms are also an inviting delight, consisting of glass blue marble decorating the walls of one, and a freestanding bathtub for guests to luxuriate the...
Cottage Code : Terrace III
Sleeps : 6
... hotel and all of the facilities that it provides, these recently made properties are fantastic for a holiday.The Terraces combine high contemporary design along concerning the historical style of pro...
Cottage Code : Villa Catia
Sleeps : 7
... a beach house within walking distance to the beach, located in Albufeira area, one of the most touristic places in Algarve. The property has a small fenced swimming pool for children and a pleasant g...
Cottage Code : Villa Anahy
Sleeps : 7
...accommodate up to seven guests, is situated on the hillside of Serra de Pescaria, between Sao Martinho do Porto and Nazara. It is a modern villa, with high ceiling glass windows and wooden floors. ...
Cottage Code : Villa Calixta
Sleeps : 7
...yet straightforward holiday home with calming and peaceful surroundings.The Villa Villa Calixta is a traditionally stykes villa, for 7-guests, lovcated in Comporta. With a private swimmin...
Cottage Code : Villa Horaciala
Sleeps : 7
...place for water-sports, and offers its own 9m x 4.5m swimming pool.Sesimbra provides an excellent location for this attractive villa, a town famed for its superb seafood restaurants and beautiful be...
Cottage Code : Ocean Suites III
Sleeps : 7
...screen TV, en-suite bathroom - Bathroom with complimentary toiletries, bath, shower, sink and WC- Lounge with air conditioning, open plan dining facilities, flat screen TV- Fully euqipped kitchen...
Cottage Code : Villa Espelhar
Sleeps : 8
...of food.The dining area lies in the centre of the living room, finished with windows that look out onto the garden and the inside of the villa. The round room can also be accessed through the ki...
Cottage Code : Villa Florestina
Sleeps : 8
...three bedroom property located in a quiet and tranquil area of the Algarve. The holiday villa is situated only a twenty-minute walk away from the beach and nestled in between vast stretches o...
Cottage Code : Villa Luana
Sleeps : 8
...a few minutes from Carvoeiro, one of the most popular Algarve resorts, the villa makes a wonderful choice for families with a range of excellent amenities just a short car journey away. The villa h...
Cottage Code : Villa Colibri
Sleeps : 8
...an area perfect for parties, with its selection of sun loungers and a partially covered kitchen/dining space with barbecue. For those more low-key occasions, the fully equipped kitchen makes cooking...
Cottage Code : Villa Rafaelina
Sleeps : 8
... floors and crisp white lined, they are all very spacious. Two have en-suite showers, and the master suite features a jacuzzi bath.Everything you could wish for on your luxury Portuguese escape is wit...
Cottage Code : Villa Eduarda
Sleeps : 8
...with sensational aromas. Thankfully, this villa offers all of this; wrapped up in a beautiful garden with tall trees and well-established hedging. The villa is situated in the renown Quinta do Pe...
Cottage Code : Villa Anabelia
Sleeps : 8
...and spacious with plenty of natural light beaming in from the sliding glass doors overlooking the garden and pool. The cosy room boasts plush sofas and a cream velvet rug with sleek wooden lamin...
Cottage Code : Villa Nilda
Sleeps : 8
...triple and a single with sofa-bed. The master suite is upstairs, with a 2m-long double bed, and an en-suite bathroom with whirlpool bath. There is also a games room with a pool table on this floor...
Cottage Code : Villa Tereza
Sleeps : 8
... dining area with seating for eight people, amazing views of the region's nature and sofas around a small coffee table. The roofed terrace has a mini kitchen with a sink and a barbeque that is per...
Cottage Code : Villa Thalita
Sleeps : 8
...guests having a social place to sit down and enjoy their meals with a company or alone.The VillaVilla Thalita is a luxurious property makes use of spacious and ample areas to provide to the holida...
Cottage Code : Villa Zita
Sleeps : 8
... resort facilities, all around 30 minutes' drive from Lisbon. With a huge 1500 sqm garden and private swimming pools for adults and children, it has many great benefits of its own too and is 4km a...
Cottage Code : Villa Feliciana
Sleeps : 8
...overlooks the glistening private pool from its slightly raised position. The cosy outdoor lounging and dining areas are any stargazers dream. With cushioned benches, a covered dining table and a ha...
Cottage Code : Villa Assuncao
Sleeps : 8
...and five minutes from the nearby beaches and towns. The house is part of a lovely six-villa condominium with a communal swimming pool and a shared playground, making it perfect for families with ch...
Cottage Code : Villa Venade
Sleeps : 8
...views of the Caminha hills, Villa Venade is a holiday home with a sleek, city-style feel and nods to modern design and convenience throughout.The VillaVilla Venade is a contemporary villa prov...
Cottage Code : Residence III
Sleeps : 8
.../ slippers and pool towels. Situated on the ground floor, the Garden Residences all have a garden terrace to sit at and relax whilst you enjoy a glass of something, watching the sun set over this...
Cottage Code : Terrace IV
Sleeps : 8
...bedrooms with en-suite bathroom- Twin bedroom with en-suite bathroom - Twin bedroom Exterior- Outdoor dining and relaxing furnitureMore Facilities...- Telephone- Iron/Ironing Board - Bathrobes ...
Cottage Code : Villa Concetta
Sleeps : 8
... island, this kitchen would be at home in an interiors magazine, epitomising minimal, chic and understated design at its best!At Villa Concetta, guests can enjoy the seclusion of a private home, along...
Cottage Code : Villa Daiane
Sleeps : 8
...travelling with grandparents or a nanny/au pair, or couples holidaying in a group. The first-floor terrace offers fragrant outdoor seating, with beautiful views across the golf course. Guests wi...
Cottage Code : Villa Alipha
Sleeps : 8
...The big pool glistens in the sun, greeting guests in the heat of the day. There is also an outdoor dining area and a barbeque so that guests can make the most of the day – from fresh fruit jui...
Cottage Code : Villa Amarelo
Sleeps : 8
...of restaurants and bars to choose between during your stay. Situated in a peaceful neighbourhood and easily a home away from home, this villa features a choice between the use of a fully equipped ki...
Cottage Code : Villa Rosaura
Sleeps : 10
...beaches are just a little further, around 6km from the villa.Altea's traditional, peaceful character can be easily appreciated, and it's a beautiful town to head to for dining and walk...
Cottage Code : Villa Alejandra
Sleeps : 10
...bedroom - Living & dining area- Access to the patio & pool areaGround Floor- Double bedrooms with en-suite bathroom- Bathroom- Living & dining room- Fully equipped kitchen- Access to the patio & ...
Cottage Code : Villa Merce
Sleeps : 10
...just a stone's throw from the beautiful historical village of Porto Colom. This elegant, five bedroomed retreat with private grounds and pool blends the very best of traditional architectur...
Cottage Code : Villa Valenti
Sleeps : 10
...or artwork. The master bedroom is a royal suite, with direct access to large balcony-terrace and huge corner bath!This home is an ideal option for a large family, or a group, seeking a comfortabl...
Cottage Code : Villa Calo Bay
Sleeps : 10
...in the villa. Well set up for self-catering, with every appliance imaginable as well as dining furniture, meal preparation will be a pleasure. Villa Calo Bay accommodates ten guests across six bedr...
Cottage Code : Villa Perla
Sleeps : 10
... a further two bathrooms available; one of these shared bathrooms has a glamorous bath with a large window making the most of the views so that you can soak in style!Villa Perla truly impresses when y...
Cottage Code : Villa Romula
Sleeps : 10
...and Iglesia Vieja church well worth exploring. You will also find Roman remains, good restaurants and some interesting museums, while those with young children may want to travel a little further d...
Cottage Code : Villa Laura
Sleeps : 10
... situated in an urban area and at 2 km from Playa de la Fossa beach. There are 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and it can accommodate up to 10 peopleInterior- One double bedroom with en-suite bathroom- Tw...
Cottage Code : Villa Mariano
Sleeps : 10
...a shower and bathtub.The villa is set within a very private and well-screened plot. The terrace is partially covered and has a large outdoor dining table that seats up to eight people. There are ...
Cottage Code : Villa Neus
Sleeps : 10
... throughout, Villa Neus is the perfect base for a family holiday in the picturesque Costa Blanca region of Spain. The earthy décor and furnishings made from natural materials complement the villa...
Cottage Code : Villa Priscila
Sleeps : 10
...has several balconies and terraces from where you can soak up the wonderful hillside and sea views.There's a stylish, contemporary look to the villa throughout, with a tasteful décor that a...
Cottage Code : Villa Aluisa
Sleeps : 10
...spacious villa offers a homely feel, with tasteful furnishings and welcoming features like the open-hearth fireplace and family-style kitchen. Spread over two floors, there is loads of room for gu...
Cottage Code : Villa Arcelia
Sleeps : 10
...everything you might need to cook some fantastic meals which can be enjoyed inside or out! This living area spans almost the entire length of the house, making space for everyone to come together, w...
Cottage Code : Casa Carla
Sleeps : 10
... enjoy. InteriorsGround Floor- Bedroom 1: Double bed and en-suite bathroom- Bedroom 2: Double bed and en-suite bathroomFirst Floor- Large living room with access to the terrace- Fully-equipped kitchen...
Cottage Code : Villa Campesina
Sleeps : 10
...living, beach culture and holidaying in the heart of nature, this home ticks the boxes.The outdoor decking is ideal for a spot of yoga, or meditation, or sitting back with a glass of wine as the sun...
Cottage Code : Villa Halo
Sleeps : 10
...can be brought together to create some quality memories. The kitchen itself is enormous, so everyone can pitch in and put together a feast!Three of the five bedrooms are situated in the main hous...
Cottage Code : Villa Spirit
Sleeps : 10
...One double bedroom with en-suite bathroomExterior- Swimming pool (10x4m)- Outdoor dining & lounge area- Sun loungers & parasols- Covered furnished terrace- Rustic garden- Private parking for 3...
Cottage Code : Villa Natura
Sleeps : 10
...the ceiling and terracotta tiled flooring throughout. The delightful kitchen furthers this lovely, rustic style, with textured wooden panelling and wonderfully painted tiles, complemented by a rang...
Cottage Code : Villa Coloma
Sleeps : 10
...a large farmhouse style kitchen providing a feel of low-key luxury; exposed timber beams and whitewashed walls offer a traditional feel, while all fittings and appliances are immaculate and top-gr...
Cottage Code : Villa Eliseo
Sleeps : 10
...Benirras beach. The VillaVilla Eliseo is located on such a dramatic stretch of north Ibiza’s coastline that gazing out of the villa’s floor-to-ceiling windows or lazing on one of th...
Cottage Code : Villa Breeze
Sleeps : 10
...on the main level lead down into the fenced garden with a private swimming pool that's surrounded by a lovely tiled terrace with sun loungers and offering lush views of the countryside....
Cottage Code : Villa Oblios
Sleeps : 10
...with en-suite bathroom- Two double bedroom- One separated bathroom- A reading room- Outdoor covered terrace with billiardExterior- Swimming pool (12x5m)- Sun loungers & parasols- Lounge & dinin...
Cottage Code : Villa Amada
Sleeps : 10
... to feel cosy, with the comfortable sofas tucked in by the windows, arranged around an atmospheric, open-hearth fireplace. The kitchen is modern and stylish, providing all the equipment guests need to...
Cottage Code : Villa Daydream
Sleeps : 10
...Each bedroom offers superb tranquillity for a restorative stay, while they have their design quirks whether this be ambient lighting or artwork and colourful fabric.Villa Daydream is surrounded by s...
Cottage Code : Villa Montserrat
Sleeps : 10
...bar for morning coffee. A separate laundry room is adjoined. Up a small white flight of stairs is the first floor, where 5 bedrooms offer luxurious comfort for up to 10 guests. There's the gue...
Cottage Code : Villa Bricia
Sleeps : 10
...it a wonderfully relaxing space at any time of the day.As well as having several partially-covered balcony terraces to take in the views, Villa Bricia is set within extensive grounds. Steps tak...
Cottage Code : Villa Eriella
Sleeps : 10
...bedrooms. The stunning master bedroom features a four-poster bed, en suite bathroom and access to sun terraces with outdoor furniture. Another double bedroom also has a four-poster bed, as well ...
Cottage Code : Casa Esabella
Sleeps : 10
...wood table that seats up to eight people. It's ideally positioned for you to enjoy views over the outside space as you dine, via doors that open onto the terrace that offers further seating opt...
Cottage Code : Villa Lucero
Sleeps : 10
...but traditional property is surrounded by the pretty Mallorcan countryside, situated a short distance from the cultured and historic town of Pollensa. There are 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, and i...
Cottage Code : Villa Ainara
Sleeps : 10
...terrace, set to one side of the house. It's a clever use of space and privacy, while still offering superb views out to sea from the glass fronted balcony. With your back to the harbour, foll...
Cottage Code : Casa Ximena
Sleeps : 10
...There are 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, and it can accommodate up to 10 peopleGround Floor- One double bedroom with en-suite bathroom - Cloakroom- Living & dining room- Fully equipped kitchen- Acc...
Cottage Code : Villa Cariana
Sleeps : 10
...room features a solid wood table that seats up to six people. Doors open onto a decked terrace with a larger dining table and a portable barbecue for enjoying al fresco meals. There's also ...
Cottage Code : Villa Serene
Sleeps : 10
...breakfast table. If you are holding a large-scale event, this is the place for you – the expansive grounds have enough seating for up to 40 guests to dine.Four beautifully appoint...
Cottage Code : Villa Jaida
Sleeps : 10
...which can be either double or twin. Both rooms are en-suite with their own access directly out, through patio doors, onto your rather wonderful terrace and pool area. The main villa also has a gym...
Cottage Code : Villa Clover
Sleeps : 10
...with en-suite bathroom and access to a private terraceExterior- Swimming pool (5x3m)- Barbecue area with dining facilities*** The house works with solar electricityTouristic Registration Number:...
Cottage Code : Villa des Bosc
Sleeps : 10
...beds, with two enjoying an en suite with either a shower or bath. The bedroom with en suite shower also has terrace access. A large bathroom with shower is for use by all guests. An office area...
Cottage Code : Villa Luz
Sleeps : 10
...up to ten guests. All rooms are beautifully furnished and on the ground floor. They boast en-suite bathrooms, fresh décor, double beds and solid glazed doors leading out to Villa Luz's gorg...
Cottage Code : Villa Linda
Sleeps : 12
... Cala Conta beach is a major plus for this home. There are 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, and it can accommodate up to 12 peopleGround Floor- Three double bedrooms with en-suite bathroom- Living & dining...
Cottage Code : Villa Filo
Sleeps : 12
...Villa Filo lies a little over 2km from the popular resort of Calpe on Spain's Costa Blanca. Its spacious terrace and large pool provide the perfect location for days in the sun and friendly nigh...
Cottage Code : Villa Jaqueline
Sleeps : 12
...6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, and it can accommodate up to 12 peopleInterior- Four double bedrooms with en-suite bathroom- Two twin bedroom- One guest bathroom- Living & dining room- Fully equipped ki...
Cottage Code : Villa Lucilia
Sleeps : 12
...a stunning outside area.Set over three levels, the accommodation at Villa Lucilia is comfortable and full of modern conveniences. As soon as you step inside and enter the hall, you're greeted wi...
Cottage Code : Villa Lurdes
Sleeps : 12
...films. Adjacent to the living room is a dining area with a classic wood table that seats up to six people. Separating this space and the kitchen is a bar and stools that are ideal for quick bre...
Cottage Code : Villa Madalena
Sleeps : 12
... family bathrooms both have a shower and bathtub each.There are some fantastic extras at Villa Madalena, such as a bar, billiards table, table tennis table and table football, ensuring everyone is kep...
Cottage Code : Villa Mateus
Sleeps : 12
...with its breakfast bar and range of conveniences.There are six bedrooms in total, with three having a double bed each and one that also has an en suite bathroom with shower. The three other be...
Cottage Code : Villa Jacaranda
Sleeps : 12
...is designed to be open-plan with the fresh lake-side landscape, fusing the interiors and exteriors wonderfully! Sofas line the veranda creating a cosy atmosphere and wrought iron staircases meander ...
Cottage Code : Casa Luis
Sleeps : 12
...bathroom and balcony- Bedroom 2: Double bed, en-suite bathroom and balcony- Bedroom 3: Twin beds, en-suite bathroom and balcony- Bedroom 4: Twin beds, en-suite bathroom and balcony- Bedroom 5: D...
Cottage Code : Villa Sueno
Sleeps : 12
...by 28 acres of gardens and olive trees with breathtaking views across the Mediterranean. There are 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, and it can accommodate up to 12 peopleInterior- Six double bedrooms- S...
Cottage Code : Villa Elysia
Sleeps : 12
...Elysia has a modern-Ibizan style that combines stone with white walls and large windows giving a cosy environment inside the house and outside. There are 8 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, and it c...
Cottage Code : Villa Marigold
Sleeps : 12
...the infinity pool. A massive 5 by 12 metres, it offers space for all kinds of swimming, playing around and calmly cruising along; complete with a row of sun loungers for the final sun-soaked af...
Cottage Code : Villa Monica
Sleeps : 12
...room, you will find both the spacious, modern kitchen and the dining room. Both provide space for all the group to gather for some quality time, as an alternative to the sublime outdoor faciliti...
Cottage Code : Villa Xiomara
Sleeps : 12
...arrived.Villa Xiomara's uniquely shaped, infinity swimming pool is out of this world. The colour is brilliant turquoise against the pure white walls, as it laps up against the length of...
Cottage Code : Villa Bea
Sleeps : 12
...the island. Ibiza Town is just a few minutes' drives away. The VillaVilla Bea has panoramic views out to sea are sublime, and the outdoor terrace is large enough to entertain a crowd or rel...
Cottage Code : Casa Solana
Sleeps : 12
...area, you have a Balinese style covered terrace alongside the pool and gardens and a traditional Ibizan covered patio off the kitchen at the other side of the villa. Twelve guests have plenty of spa...
Cottage Code : Villa Ziggy
Sleeps : 12
...ample accommodation for up to 12 people. A shabby chic-style living room has three large sofas and two armchairs to allow everyone to sit together and socialise in the evenings. Behind is an are...
Cottage Code : Villa Dusk
Sleeps : 12
...Two double bedrooms with en-suite bathroom- One twin bedroom with en-suite bathroom- Living room area- Small independent kitchenExterior- Swimming pool (12x5m)- Outdoor dining & lounge area- Su...
Cottage Code : Villa Simona
Sleeps : 12
...your lower terrace to discover your simply huge and stunning private pool.Carving a unique shape out of your cubist sun terrace, this fabulous pool and play-space are all yours for bathing, swimmin...
Cottage Code : Villa Solecito
Sleeps : 12
...with a large parkland style garden and a wide dining patio which links the house to the pool area. The relaxed Menorcan pace of life will no doubt be easy to follow here, with lazy days by the gat...
Cottage Code : Villa Jordina
Sleeps : 12
...In the main casa, there are four bedrooms; three double rooms and one twin room. Painted a bright white, with soft furnishings and stone flooring, the rooms are designed to instantly make guests fe...
Cottage Code : Villa Luziana
Sleeps : 12
...space with a double bed and en suite facilities. There's also access to a beautiful roof terrace with a couple of sun loungers for total relaxation.The fifth and sixth bedrooms with en suite ...
Cottage Code : Villa Nora
Sleeps : 12
...top floor is a large double bedroom with en suite facilities and a walk-in wardrobe. Patio doors open onto a vast terrace with outdoor furniture for sitting and taking in the stunning sea views.Take...
Cottage Code : Villa Salada
Sleeps : 12
...is the perfect sun trap! With sun beds, couches and hammocks, you can fully relax in this villa, soaking in some sunshine and finishing the final pages of your favourite book! Down on the main te...
Cottage Code : Villa Noe
Sleeps : 12
...unhurried meals and savour every moment. On the fourth side, is your stunning view. With the irresistible pool terrace in front of you and the picturesque countryside beyond, it's easy t...
Cottage Code : Villa Esperanza
Sleeps : 12
...as a private tennis court, petanque court, security safes, alarms and a secret sundeck on the upper floor, Villa Esperanza has everything you wish for from a luxury villa holiday.Cala Jondal, one ...
Cottage Code : Villa Riu
Sleeps : 12
...Riu is the ideal home for a group looking to relax in the famous Balearic sun in a totally private environment.The open-plan, incredibly spacious living area is simply stunning, with plush sofas and...
Cottage Code : Villa Filomena
Sleeps : 14
...2 levels. Interior- Living room with television, DVD player and hifi- Utility room with washing machine- Two fully equipped kitchens - Five bedrooms with double bed and en-suite bathroom- Two bed...
Cottage Code : Begur Townhouse
Sleeps : 14
... for everyone, Begur Townhouse cannot be missed! Ground Floor- Lounge- Games room- WC- Large, fitted kitchenFirst Floor- Spacious living room- Bedroom 1: Double bed and en-suite bathroom- Bedroom 2: D...
Cottage Code : Villa Azucena
Sleeps : 14
...and much more, all located nearby the villa itself.Villa Azucena is a luxury, 6-bedroom house with a picturesque stone-walled garden. Having been wholly modernised, this spacious villa allows ...
Cottage Code : Villa Fuente
Sleeps : 14
...location, the beaches of Cala Carbo and Cala Vadella are only 2km away, so the stunning Balearic coastline is always within reach, and the nearby beaches are stunning, with crystal clear waters, so...
Cottage Code : Villa Sa Torre
Sleeps : 18
...every drop of the sun! A beautiful little Chapel, ideal for weddings, completes the onsite offerings. Located just a ten-minute drive from the beautiful town of Porreres, brimming with traditional ...
Cottage Code : Villa Llonga
Sleeps : 4
...one-storey country house a few minutes drive to the small locality of Calonge and the lively tourist resort Cala D'Or. There are 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, and it can accommodate up to 4 peo...
Cottage Code : Villa Mati
Sleeps : 4
...Villa Mati in Costa Blanca, Spain sleeps 4 people. Villa Matias is a modern holiday home that sits within a quiet neighbourhood close to the town of Calpe and even closer to a sandy beach.The Villa...
Cottage Code : Villa Gabrela
Sleeps : 4
...space for four guests, this an excellent spot for a family or small group of friends to enjoy some quality time together.The villa as you approach is modern, yet with more traditional furnishings ...
Cottage Code : Villa Idonia
Sleeps : 4
...Costa Blanca coastline, kids splashing in the ocean, while you finish the final pages of your favourite book. For the evening you can return to your private villa, cook some fresh fish on the barb...
Cottage Code : Villa Iola
Sleeps : 4
...The kitchen is contemporary and stylish, fully-equipped for use and perfect for cooking some tasty family meals to enjoy on the terrace. The lounge and dining area has a traditional style to ...
Cottage Code : Villa Florencia
Sleeps : 4
...for some distance. There are some nudist areas on the beach, popular surfing spots and some great beach bars too. It's also known for its lighthouse, which took 28 years to build. This impressiv...
Cottage Code : Casa Izaro
Sleeps : 4
...There are 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and it can accommodate up to 4 peopleInterior- One master bedroom with en-suite bathroom - One twin bedroom with en-suite bathroom- One guest toilette- ...
Cottage Code : Villa Raven
Sleeps : 5
...character.Originally designed as a family summer home, the love and care put into this villa are clear to see. With pretty pink walls to both the exterior and interior and furnishings made from...
Cottage Code : Villa Beatrisa
Sleeps : 6
...master bedroom being a spacious and relaxing place to enjoy a peaceful night's sleep. Patio doors that open onto a private balcony terrace with outdoor furniture also make it the perfect place...
Cottage Code : Villa Tulipan
Sleeps : 6
...spacious terrace and beautiful garden. The patio has a large barbeque area and is partially covered for those wanting a little shade. The manicured lawn is lovely to walk barefoot on, before put...
Cottage Code : Villa Clavel
Sleeps : 6
...as a family. On the ground floor, there are also two twin bedrooms and a family shower room. The master bedroom suite can be found on the first floor, boasting its luxurious bathroom and private...
Cottage Code : Villa Lavanda
Sleeps : 6
...your favourite Tapas dish. The living room offers the warmth of a fireplace and a comfortable sofa where you can sit back and read your book, revelling in the tranquil atmosphere. Through the villa...
Cottage Code : Villa Hortensia
Sleeps : 6
...holiday. Sleeping six guests in the spacious villa, this is the perfect base for exploring the picturesque island of Mallorca with your loved ones. The surrounding area boasts unspoilt forests, gra...
Cottage Code : Casa Colom
Sleeps : 6
... Porto Colom, a charming natural harbour in the south-east of Majorca. There are 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and it can accommodate up to 6 peopleGround Floor- Two double bedrooms with en-suite bathro...
Cottage Code : Villa Ses Covetes
Sleeps : 6
...convenience.The VillaVilla Ses Covetes is a two-storey country house in Majorca, in a rural area in the south of the island. The house mixes the rustic and contemporary style perfectly. There are...
Cottage Code : Villa Clemente
Sleeps : 6
...The VillaVilla Clemente is a 3-bedroom, 2 bathroom villa set out over 2 levels.Ground Floor- Living & dining area- Fully equipped kitchen- Twin bedroom and en-suite First Floor- Double bedroom- Tw...
Cottage Code : Casa Rosalia
Sleeps : 6
...in the Moorish Quarter or by visiting the Iglesia Vieja church or Museum of Archaeology. Just down the coast, you have quieter Altea, lively Benidorm and the natural beauty of the Serra Gelada N...
Cottage Code : Villa Helena
Sleeps : 6
...and tree-covered hills in the distance.There's a serene and relaxed feel that flows throughout the rooms at Villa Helena. The neutral white décor is set off by pastel-coloured features and ...
Cottage Code : Villa Isadora
Sleeps : 6
...floors, with comfortable features making this villa feel like a home from home.Villa Isadora's accommodation is set over two floors, which are connected by an outdoor staircase. There are two ...
Cottage Code : Villa Ivo
Sleeps : 6
...it can accommodate up to 6 peopleInterior- Three double bedrooms- Three bathrooms- Living & dining room- Fully equipped kitchen- Access to the patio & pool areaExterior- Swimming pool - Sun loungers...
Cottage Code : Villa Ivonette
Sleeps : 6
...and a large pool, is situated in an urban area and at 3 km from Playa de L'Ampolla beach. There are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and it can accommodate up to 6 peopleGround Floor- Two double b...
Cottage Code : Villa Joana
Sleeps : 6
...gravel garden that can be accessed via steps down from the main terrace. Here you will find some exotic plants and small trees for your little slice of the Costa Blanca countryside.The VillaVilla ...
Cottage Code : Villa Marciana
Sleeps : 6
...Floor- Two double bedrooms with en-suite bathroom- One double bedroom- One guest bathroom- Living & dining room- Fully equipped kitchen- Access to the patio & pool areaExterior- Swimming pool...
Cottage Code : Villa Martim
Sleeps : 6
...almost panoramic views over the valleys, mountains and sea.Villa Martim's accommodation is set over one level. The open plan living/dining room has a lovely sense of space and light, thanks to ...
Cottage Code : Villa Ginia
Sleeps : 6
...so you can move between the two with ease, perfect for those who enjoy dining al-fresco, or for keeping an eye on children outside while cooking. The kitchen is fully equipped so you can prepare...
Cottage Code : Villa Palmito
Sleeps : 6
...Decorated in cream, the large and light kitchen is equipped with all you need, including a washing machine and dishwasher.The three double bedrooms are all air-conditioned and feature super king-siz...
Cottage Code : Castillo de Arena
Sleeps : 6
...add character to the areas.You have high-quality appliances including a large oven in the spacious kitchen, along with more places to dine, including a breakfast bar. The house contains three air-...
Cottage Code : Villa Roca
Sleeps : 6
...all. Villa Roca provides other amenities including Wi-Fi, a safe and satellite TV, as well as parking for two cars.Villajoyosa is an excellent location on the Costa Blanca, just south of Benidorm a...
Cottage Code : Villa Deleite
Sleeps : 6
...Villajoyosa, a small historic city on the Spanish Costa Blanca. This is known for its beautiful sandy beaches. There are 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and it can accommodate up to 6 peopleInterior- T...
Cottage Code : Sa Riera Beach Penthouse
Sleeps : 6
...1: Double bed and en-suite bathroom- Bedroom 2: Double bed- Bedroom 3: Double bed- BathroomFirst Floor- Living/dining room with access to the terrace- Bathroom- Fully-equipped kitchenSecond Flo...
Cottage Code : Villa Mio
Sleeps : 6
...beams across very high ceilings and natural lights floods in through large windows. The terracotta stone floor is polished and time-worn, and the country style furniture creates a grand yet home...
Cottage Code : Villa Ciro
Sleeps : 6
... garden-facing walls consisting entirely of glazed patio and sliding doors. Step immediately out into your beautiful gardens at the start of the day, or push back the curtains and enjoy. If children p...
Cottage Code : Villa Aguila
Sleeps : 6
...colourful Arab Spice Market and family-friendly Parque de las Ciencas science park add some diversity to the experience, while annual festivals like the International Festival of Music and Dance in...
Cottage Code : Villa Adela
Sleeps : 6
...groups of friends alike! The exterior spaces are equally as fabulous, with a charming outdoor terrace, featuring ample space to dine al-fresco, making the most of the warm climate. The private swi...
Cottage Code : Villa Estefania
Sleeps : 6
...Small double bedroom- BathroomLower Ground Floor- Bedroom with bunk bed (double at the bottom and a single on top) and en-suite bathroom with showerExterior- Private swimming pool - Partially cove...
Cottage Code : Casa Del Pan
Sleeps : 6
... beautifully tranquil, with a stone terrace that leads out from the living space, filled with plants and outdoor dining furniture. Through a pretty archway, lies the large private swimming pool, which...
Cottage Code : Casa Fanos
Sleeps : 6
... natural daylight, the traditional casa boasts stone flooring, whitewash walls, authentic wooden furniture and a tranquil ambience throughout. Through the main door, an airy, open-plan lounge and dini...
Cottage Code : Casa Paprika
Sleeps : 6
... the uber modern kitchen, featuring all the mod cons you need. Around the breakfast table is an excellent spot for morning coffee. From the kitchen, there is access to the garden and a bathroom with t...
Cottage Code : Casa en el Campo
Sleeps : 6
...choice of fabulous spots to enjoy an al fresco drink and sunbathe in between dips in the stunning large private swimming pool. The big willowy trees in the garden mean there's plenty of shade sh...
Cottage Code : Villa Sin Bella
Sleeps : 6
...with natural light. Outside you'll find a stunning sheltered terrace with stylish outdoor lounge furniture, where you can recline and relax as you sip on something chilled and look out to the i...
Cottage Code : Villa Benicia
Sleeps : 6
... can meander in and out with ease, or settling down inside whilst still enjoying the views! Cosy furnishings arranged near the fireplace, give the living space a warm, welcoming feel that is very easy...
Cottage Code : Villa Chila
Sleeps : 6
...picture-perfect views! Whether you are sipping your morning coffee, lazing by the pool or enjoying an evening aperitif, Villa Chila allows you to enjoy the views at the same time! The private swim...
Cottage Code : Casa Romina
Sleeps : 6
...with open plan living and dining areas that open to the pool for ultimate indoor-outdoor flow. The living area offers two large and cosy sofas, perfect for an afternoon slumber or for movie night. ...
Cottage Code : Villa Ariel
Sleeps : 6
...property, located in a tranquil location. The villa boasts breath-taking views across the valley and ocean, providing a unique setting for an unforgettable holiday in Spain. Spacious throughout...
Cottage Code : Villa Mariangel
Sleeps : 6
...to Calpe, Villa Mariangel boasts all the benefits of the stunning Costa Blanca coastline. This villa lets you soak up every minute of the great weather in the area - known to have 3,000 hours of...
Cottage Code : Villa Alaricia
Sleeps : 6
...windows. This popular living area is perfect for spending some quality time with your loved ones, dining together, catching up on TV or playing games! There are two good-sized double bedrooms on t...
Cottage Code : Villa Fiol
Sleeps : 6
...Spain sleeps 6 people. An ultra modern home is housed within the rustic stone facade of this villa in Mallorca. Sweeping farmland gives way to mountains in the distance - from the moment you...
Cottage Code : Villa Kiara
Sleeps : 6
...make for a cool area to relax in front of the plasma TV or dine at the modern dining table. The clean white kitchen is fully fitted with all the mod cons you could need, along with a fanta...
Cottage Code : Villa Adriana
Sleeps : 6
...an abundance of mountain and forest walks, if you're feeling active. The VillaVilla Adriana Vista Verde is a delightful villa set snugly in the northern Mallorcan countryside surrounding the anc...
Cottage Code : Finca Aloma
Sleeps : 6
...6 people. A luxurious, country villa filled with traditional architectural gems that contrast beautifully against the modern elements of this outstandingly renovated holiday home, located in an exc...
Cottage Code : Villa Tanit
Sleeps : 6
...in July & August)Ground floor- Living & dining room - Fully equipped kitchen- Access to the patio & pool areaFirst Floor- Double bedroom- Bathroom* In July & August, guests have access to a se...
Cottage Code : Villa Nahia
Sleeps : 6
...wooden roof beams, for a cosy, comfortable sleep. The second bedroom is also a double and has beautiful French patio doors, allowing glorious sunshine to flood the room when you wake in the morn...
Cottage Code : Villa Jazmin
Sleeps : 6
... town of Pollensa, offers luxury and privacy for family and friends in one of the most stunning parts of Mallorca.The VillaVilla Jazmin is one of those lovely old country houses just on the outskirts ...
Cottage Code : Villa Chaya
Sleeps : 6
...the other features twin beds and an en suite bathroom. There's also a large family bathroom for use by all guests.A stone staircase takes you up to the first floor. Here you'll find th...
Cottage Code : Villa Denisa
Sleeps : 6
...floor is a second sitting room with television, a range of charming antiques, wood-burning stove and doors that lead out to a stunning balcony terrace. A small table and chairs are surrounded by b...
Cottage Code : Villa Michelle
Sleeps : 6
...Michelle in Puerto Pollensa, Spain sleeps 6 people. Nestled at the foot of Tramuntana Mountains is this beautiful historic Mallorcan finca, known locally as a ‘Possession', as it's m...
Cottage Code : Villa Lorretta
Sleeps : 6
...family holiday villa just a short walk from the beach and amenities in Puerto Pollensa, north Mallorca. There are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and it can accommodate up to 6 peopleGround Floor- Bath...
Cottage Code : Villa Willow
Sleeps : 6
... fridge/freezer. A central island, which doubles as a breakfast bar, provides plenty of space for meal prep. There are three stylish bedrooms, each with a private bathroom and rustic charm. Each delig...
Cottage Code : Villa Llanas
Sleeps : 6
...enjoying breath-taking views of the surrounding mountains and the distant sea, you're also just a few minutes' drives from the wonderful beaches of Cala Tarida, Cala Conta, Cala Carbo, Cala ...
Cottage Code : Villa Lusco
Sleeps : 6
...place a hint of rock and roll edge!Seven guests can be seated at the dining table, with its sleek monochrome palette - this space flows naturally from living area to the kitchen. The kitchen is ligh...
Cottage Code : Villa Jordana
Sleeps : 7
...surrounded by sun loungers. There's also an outdoor shower for refreshing yourself after a dip or an afternoon of leisurely enjoying the views. A barbecue allows you to grill some local fish...
Cottage Code : Casa Bini Kimina
Sleeps : 7
...as well as a twin room ideal for kids and one single room with an en suite shower room, for a little extra privacy. In the annexe you will find a second double room, offering even more privacy...
Cottage Code : Villa Amparo
Sleeps : 8
...with some enticing restaurants and bars, and quite a few historic attractions of its own.Next door, Puerto de Pollença offers you all the advantages of a coastal resort, including one of the l...
Cottage Code : Villa Maricruz
Sleeps : 8
...DVD player so you can always be enjoying something you love.The attractive kitchen adds all you will need during your stay, including a washing machine, dishwasher and a huge fridge and freezer. T...
Cottage Code : Villa Lirio
Sleeps : 8
...gardens; there is nothing left to be desired at Villa Lirio.The VillaVilla Lirio is a true luxury villa, finished to the highest standard and beautifully located between Alcudia & Puerto Pollensa....
Cottage Code : Villa Adaline
Sleeps : 8
...one bathroom. The fourth bedroom is the master, located on the other side of the house and has an en-suite bathroom with a bath and shower. A walk-in closet provides plenty of space for all your bel...
Cottage Code : Villa Chepita
Sleeps : 8
... of the living areas continues into the four beautiful bedrooms, all of which offer en-suite bathrooms and comfy double beds. One of these rooms is located next to the swimming pool, great for older c...
Cottage Code : Villa Mariona
Sleeps : 8
...roofs and decorative balustrades add a hint of local flavour to this luxurious home.Guests can arrive, and unwind in the knowledge that every detail has been taken care of. The pool is framed by a...
Cottage Code : Casa Paloma
Sleeps : 8
...resistance has to be the rooftop lounge: this provides a very adult, sophisticated space for evening drinks and relaxation, beneath the stars, with views across woodland and tropical foliage. Sumpt...
Cottage Code : Casa Magdalena
Sleeps : 8
...to the wooden roof beams, whitewash walls, terracotta tiles and wooden shutter doors throughout the interior. Inside, guests will instantly relax in the spacious living room, complete with big c...
Cottage Code : Casa Blanca
Sleeps : 8
...modern design of Casa Blanca provides bright and airy living spaces, benefiting hugely from expansive glass windows and doors that allow you almost to remove whole walls from the property, con...
Cottage Code : Villa Ida
Sleeps : 8
...Three double bedrooms- One twin bedroom- Three bathrooms- Two living & dining room- Two fully equipped kitchen- Access to the patio & pool areaExterior- Swimming pool - Sun loungers & paras...
Cottage Code : Villa Miguela
Sleeps : 8
...VillaVilla Miguela is a lovely and comfortable villa with private pool 8 people.The villa has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 1 guest toilet, spread over 2 levels.Interior- Living room with television, ...
Cottage Code : Villa Isa
Sleeps : 8
...double.Villa Isa has a well-equipped kitchen which forms part of the open-plan living space on the lower floor. You can relax on the comfy leather sofas, and enjoy Freesat channels on the large LCD ...
Cottage Code : Villa Anacita
Sleeps : 8
...distance of the front door, from the moment you arrive, there is little to worry about! Villa Anacita has something for everyone, a beautiful holiday retreat.The VillaVilla Anacita is situated ...
Cottage Code : Villa Eduina
Sleeps : 8
...generations that want some extra privacy!When staying at Villa Eduina, the star of the show must be the outdoor spaces, whether it is day or night. This enchanting property is hard to resist! Ima...
Cottage Code : Villa Evia
Sleeps : 8
...rooms and one twin room provide every comfort you could need, with cosy beds and deluxe furnishings! The final double bedroom is down on the lower ground floor. Also on this level, guests can enj...
Cottage Code : Villa Dolores
Sleeps : 8
...and a dining space with the most magnificent panoramic views. You can also enjoy those from inside – large sliding doors lead you seamlessly from the terrace to the spacious living area.This ...
Cottage Code : Villa Jose
Sleeps : 8
...the outdoor dining area allowing for hassle free entertaining. Beyond the kitchen, there are a total of four double bedrooms and five bathrooms. Three of these bedrooms are located in the main prope...
Cottage Code : Villa Carmen
Sleeps : 8
...set to highlight the surrounding views. The high-quality finish and chic furnishings really set off the inspiring vista views which are just beyond the large glass sliding doors and windows. The e...
Cottage Code : Villa Lidia
Sleeps : 8
...views over the wonderful landscape. The ground-floor terrace, leading directly from the living room, has a comfortable sofa area, complete with an umbrella for shade, while the lower terrace enjoys...
Cottage Code : Villa Aigua
Sleeps : 8
...Floor- Bedroom 2: Double bed and en-suite bathroom- Bedroom 3: Double bed, en-suite bathroom and balcony- Bedroom 4: Double bed, en-suite bathroom and balconyExterior Grounds- Private swimmi...
Cottage Code : Villa Medes
Sleeps : 8
...the ocean to the beautiful Medes Islands and the Pyrenees beyond, this stunning, architect-designed house offers an oasis of calm and solitude. Villa Medes sits a short walk from Sa Tuna beac...
Cottage Code : Villa Neva
Sleeps : 8
...to the dining room, and from here, you can step outside onto your generous dining terrace. The vibrant colours of Villa Neva continue out here, with the green, blue, wood and stone of your picturesq...
Cottage Code : Casa Rosas
Sleeps : 8
...up to 8 peopleGround Floor- Four double bedroom with en