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  • Casa Can Lima in Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Ibiza

    Casa Can Lima in Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Ibiza

Find the cottages available from Olivers Travels, including Casa Can Lima in Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Ibiza

A provider of holiday cottages, manor houses and castles for holiday too, "Olivers Travels" have a good selection of holiday accommodation for special occasions. The new castles, manor houses and cottages.

There is one property from Olivers Travels I'd like to bring to your attention. This cottage is "Casa Can Lima in Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Ibiza".
  1. Casa Can Lima in Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Ibiza - Casa Can Lima is a holiday villa outside Sant Josep de sa Talaia on Ibiza. Casa Can Lima is a luxury, modern, villa which sleeps 10 people in 5 bedrooms

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  • Villa Bola in Cala d'Or
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  • Villa Yoga in Cala d'Hort
  • Villa Es Cubells in Cala d'Hort
  • Villa Finca in Cala San Vicente
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  • Villa Libre in Cala San Vicente
  • Casa Playa Molins in Cala San Vicente
  • Orell Planas in Cala San Vicente
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  • Villa Cruise in Cala Tarida
  • Villa Light Blue in Cala Tarida
  • Villa Meridiana in Cala Tarida
  • Villa Senora Raimunda in Cala Tarida
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  • Villa Paleta in Cala Vadella
  • Villa Vadella in Cala Vadella
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  • Villa Eva in Calpe
  • Villa Placido in Calpe
  • Villa Consuelo in Calpe
  • Villa Audine in Calpe
  • Villa Simon in Calpe
  • Villa Cleo in Calpe
  • Villa Trobol in Calpe
  • Villa Norah in Calpe
  • Villa June in Calpe
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  • Villa Leya in Calvia
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  • Villa Mas Montbrio in Catalonia
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  • Villa Aitana in Catalonia
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  • Casa Tax in Costa Blanca
  • Villa De Anda in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Ector in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Pararse in Costa Blanca
  • Villa El Cid in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Alana in Costa Blanca
  • Finca Abogat in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Manolo in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Anxo in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Calina in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Giusi in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Beatrice in Costa Blanca
  • Casa Unai in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Baile in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Galera in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Fanny in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Estornell in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Pepa in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Abrazo in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Oier in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Mariella in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Rayco in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Brais in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Xose in Costa Blanca
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  • Villa Pequenita in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Gina in Costa Blanca
  • Finca Belen in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Alva in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Conchita in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Juanita in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Mercedes in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Delicia in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Reina in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Susana in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Ester in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Aida in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Clarinda in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Belinda in Costa Blanca
  • Finca Pepita in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Paquita in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Desideria in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Estella in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Julio in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Albertina in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Artemisia in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Campanita in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Gaspare in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Jaime in Costa Blanca
  • Villa Dulcinea in Costa Blanca
  • Mas Guadalupe in Costa Brava
  • Casa Danzantes in Costa Brava
  • Mas Encarnacion in Costa Brava
  • Mas Xalbadora in Costa Brava
  • Mas Charo in Costa Brava
  • Torre Caballe in Costa Brava
  • Villa Los Pinos in Costa Brava
  • Villa Blauverd in Costa Brava
  • La Perica in Costa Brava
  • Villa Victoria in Costa Brava
  • Villa Terracotta in Costa Brava
  • Villa Sa Riera in Costa Brava
  • Villa Gelida in Costa Brava
  • Casa Riera d Aubi in Costa Brava
  • Villa del Peru in Costa Brava
  • Les Tintorres in Costa Brava
  • Villa Sentido in Costa Brava
  • Villa Mariposa in Costa Brava
  • Villa Siempre in Costa Brava
  • Villa Encantado in Costa Brava
  • Villa Majestuoso in Costa Brava
  • Villa Zion in Costa Brava
  • Villa Beneharo in Costa Brava
  • Villa Iker in Costa Brava
  • Villa Laia in Costa Brava
  • Villa Precioso in Costa Brava
  • Villa Beso in Costa Brava
  • Villa Contigo in Costa Brava
  • Villa Dulce in Costa Brava
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  • Villa Emporda in Costa Brava
  • Villa Manuel in Costa Brava
  • Villa Francisco in Costa Brava
  • Villa Irati in Costa Brava
  • Villa Agueda in Costa Brava
  • Villa Aleta in Costa Brava
  • Villa Ernesta in Costa Brava
  • Villa Ferran in Costa Brava
  • Villa Rossello in Costa Brava
  • Villa Pura in Costa Brava
  • Villa Beatriz in Costa Brava
  • Villa Spieth in Costa Calida - La Manga Club Resort
  • Villa Leon in Costa Calida - La Manga Club Resort
  • Villa Molinari in Costa Calida - La Manga Club Resort
  • Villa Forestal in Costa Calida - La Manga Club Resort
  • Roses in Costa Calida - La Manga Club Resort
  • Villa Ivanna in Costa Calida - La Manga Club Resort
  • La Quinta Colonial in Costa de la Luz
  • Villa Kano in Costa del Sol
  • Villa Sid in Costa del Sol
  • Casa Feliz in Costa del Sol
  • Villa Mirador in Costa del Sol
  • Villa Tome in Costa del Sol
  • Palacio Andaluz in Costa del Sol
  • Villa Bougainvillea in Costa del Sol
  • Villa Almenara in Costa del Sol
  • Villa Cristabelle in Costa del Sol
  • Finca La Grenota in Costa del Sol
  • Casa Maroc in Costa del Sol
  • Bambu Luxury Tent in Costa del Sol
  • Villa Choli in Costa del Sol
  • Villa Limonera in Costa del Sol
  • Villa Arroyo in Costa del Sol
  • Villa la Reserva in Costa del Sol
  • Villa La Zagaleta in Costa del Sol
  • Villa Alicia in Costa del Sol
  • Villa Vanesa in Costa del Sol
  • Villa Gregoria in Costa del Sol
  • Villa Lola in Costa del Sol
  • Casa Enrique in Costa del Sol
  • Villa Bara in Costa del Sol
  • Villa Hacienda in El Madronal
  • Villa Moderna in Frigiliana
  • Villa Loli in Frigiliana
  • Villa Agnes in Frigiliana
  • Villa Herminia in Frigiliana
  • Blanco De Caza in Granada
  • Cortijo Maria Camila in Granada
  • Villa Gran Sol Naranja in Ibiza
  • Villa Mi Corazon in Ibiza
  • Villa Sabor Oriental in Ibiza
  • Villa Pinedo in Ibiza
  • Villa Sancha in Ibiza
  • Villa Ermita in Ibiza
  • Bella Forada in Ibiza
  • Can Palma in Ibiza
  • Villa Bernie in Ibiza
  • Villa Magnifica in Ibiza
  • Villa Madena in Ibiza
  • Villa Frescura in Ibiza
  • Villa Gitana in Ibiza
  • Villa Fruitera in Ibiza
  • Villa Alessia in Ibiza
  • Villa Sant Josep in Ibiza
  • Casa Vinny in Ibiza
  • Villa Mayte in Ibiza
  • Villa Illa Blanca in Ibiza
  • Casa Frarey in Ibiza
  • Villa Los Ibis in Ibiza Town
  • Villa Robinson in Ibiza Town
  • Finca Alegrar in Javea
  • Mas Bien in Javea
  • Mas Rosaceae in Javea
  • Villa Tesoro in Javea
  • Villa Zobiezetta in Javea
  • Villa Orosco in Javea
  • Casa Fontana in Javea
  • Villa Coronilla in Javea
  • Villa Chaxiraxi in Javea
  • Villa Dacil in Javea
  • Apartamento Adassa in Javea
  • Villa Guacimara in Javea
  • Villa Anita in Javea
  • Villa Valdes in Lanzarote
  • Villa Duenas in Lanzarote
  • Villa Dulce Corazon in Lanzarote
  • Villa Soleado in Lanzarote
  • Casa Palmera in Lanzarote
  • Casa Picon in Lanzarote
  • Villa Vista Al Mar in Lanzarote
  • Villa Amethyst in Lanzarote
  • Villa Estebana in Lanzarote
  • Villa Tias in Lanzarote
  • Villa Restinga in Lanzarote
  • Villa Calero in Lanzarote
  • Villa Izan in Lanzarote
  • Casa Anahi in Lanzarote
  • Villa Markel in Lanzarote
  • Villa Graciana in Lanzarote
  • Villa Ricardo in Mallorca
  • Villa Canela in Mallorca
  • Ca Na Felip in Mallorca
  • Ca Na Victor in Mallorca
  • Ca Na Vincent in Mallorca
  • Can Llora in Mallorca
  • Can Llorenc in Mallorca
  • Can Oriol in Mallorca
  • Can Estel in Mallorca
  • Villa Carme in Mallorca
  • Casa Escola in Mallorca
  • Can Pol in Mallorca
  • Can Oliva in Mallorca
  • Villa Alandra in Mallorca
  • Can Jaume in Mallorca
  • Can Llimona in Mallorca
  • Can Taronja (2 bed) in Mallorca
  • Can Taronja (3 bed) in Mallorca
  • Can Mar in Mallorca
  • Can Flor in Mallorca
  • Villa Margalida in Mallorca
  • Villa Delma in Mallorca
  • Villa Calida in Mallorca
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  • Villa Calahonda in Marbella
  • Villa Perdiz in Marbella
  • Villa Alhamar in Marbella
  • Villa Cabrilla in Marbella
  • Villa Verdes in Marbella
  • Villa Jazz in Marbella
  • Villa Lomas in Marbella
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  • Villa Azor in Meloneras
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  • Villa Magranas in Menorca
  • Gran Villa Cipres in Menorca
  • Villa Luela in Menorca
  • Villa Levina in Menorca
  • Villa Salma in Menorca
  • Villa Bini Relax in Menorca
  • Villa Llucmacanes in Menorca
  • Villa Aldene in Menorca
  • Villa Loretta in Menorca
  • Casa Foradada in Menorca
  • Villa Molly in Menorca
  • Villa de las Palmas in Menorca
  • Villa Reco in Menorca
  • Villa Pesaro in Menorca
  • Villa Bellissima in Menorca
  • Villa Pistoria in Menorca
  • Villa Lima in Menorca
  • Villa Mancora in Menorca
  • Villa Les Arcs in Menorca
  • Casa de Valerie in Menorca
  • Son De Mar in Menorca
  • Villa Los Arcos in Menorca
  • Casa Del Mar Ana in Menorca
  • Casa Pitiusa in Menorca
  • Villa La Palmera in Menorca
  • Villa Amanjena in Menorca
  • Casa Del Sol in Menorca
  • Casa Llucasaldentet in Menorca
  • Casa Del Mar in Menorca
  • Casa Los Leones in Menorca
  • Villas Menorca Sur Special in Menorca
  • Casa Marissa in Menorca
  • Casa Ole in Menorca
  • Casa Alejandro in Menorca
  • Casa de La Luna in Menorca
  • Casa Carmen in Menorca
  • Casa Chacua in Menorca
  • Casa Calera in Menorca
  • Villa Cana Bay in Menorca
  • Casa Mimi Sea in Menorca
  • Villa Serendipia in Menorca
  • Casa Paraiso Mar in Menorca
  • Brisa Breeze in Moraira
  • Casa Dulcina in Moraira
  • Villa Bazan in Moraira
  • Villa Belles in Moraira
  • Villa Cecilio in Moraira
  • Villa Cossio in Moraira
  • Villa Dorado in Moraira
  • Villa Lina in Moraira
  • Villa Laris in Moraira
  • Villa De La Riva in Moraira
  • Villa Casanova in Nerja
  • Villa Casanova in Nerja
  • Villa Xarbet in Pollensa
  • Villa Capelli in Pollensa
  • Alto Forestana in Pollensa
  • Aceituno Traumantana in Pollensa
  • Quinta Fiol Piedra in Pollensa
  • Puerto Ponenta in Pollensa
  • Villa Magnolia in Pollensa
  • Can Canica in Pollensa
  • Villa Amarille in Pollensa
  • Gran Lemmarrona in Pollensa
  • Villa Albaro in Pollensa
  • Gran Casa Rostoya in Pollensa
  • Villa Alqueria in Pollensa
  • Xica Cortijo in Pollensa
  • Villa Gran Huerto in Pollensa
  • Luzdia in Pollensa
  • Villa Lationa in Pollensa
  • Cala Garba in Pollensa
  • Villa Madeira in Pollensa
  • Ajuga Fonto in Pollensa
  • Porto Boquer in Pollensa
  • Casa Conchica in Pollensa
  • Cala Angolina in Pollensa
  • Belmusa in Pollensa
  • Villa Comina in Pollensa
  • Can Agave in Pollensa
  • Lleno De Valle in Pollensa
  • Villa Naranjas in Pollensa
  • Casa Almendra in Pollensa
  • Porto Limonero in Pollensa
  • Villa Limon in Pollensa
  • Casa Bravata in Pollensa
  • Porto Pintoresco in Pollensa
  • Luna Reservina in Pollensa
  • Can Allium in Pollensa
  • Porto Letra in Pollensa
  • Casa Ostero in Pollensa
  • Cana Calibra in Pollensa
  • Las Violetas in Pollensa
  • Villa Atrayento in Pollensa
  • Can Roca in Pollensa
  • Villa Jaso in Pollensa
  • Don Cubiertino in Pollensa
  • La Azulina in Pollensa
  • Villa Trogos in Pollensa
  • Can Manacis in Pollensa
  • Parfinca in Pollensa
  • El Fonzo in Pollensa
  • Casa Lluvia in Pollensa
  • Villa Abel in Pollensa
  • Villa Cami in Pollensa
  • Villa Cala in Pollensa
  • Villa Emilia in Pollensa
  • Villa Lisa in Pollensa
  • Villa Peppe in Pollensa
  • Villa Camilio in Pollensa
  • Villa Bruno in Pollensa
  • Villa Palba in Pollensa
  • Villa Casta in Pollensa
  • Villa Propina in Pollensa
  • Villa Oliveras in Pollensa
  • Villa Celesta in Pollensa
  • Villa Gracia in Pollensa
  • Villa Begonia in Pollensa
  • Villa Nerea in Pollensa
  • Villa Melita in Pollensa
  • Villa Isabelle in Pollensa
  • Villa Se Levanto in Pollensa
  • Villa Sunflower in Pollensa
  • Villa Cristos in Pollensa
  • Villa Carmela in Pollensa
  • Villa Cassandra in Pollensa
  • Villa Lila in Pollensa
  • Villa Airosa in Pollensa
  • Villa Frondega in Pollensa
  • Villa Flores in Pollensa
  • Villa Es Costes in Pollensa
  • Villa Antonias in Pollensa
  • Villa Aromo in Pollensa
  • Villa Kandella in Pollensa
  • Villa Romani in Pollensa
  • Villa Martina in Pollensa
  • Villa Cira in Pollensa
  • Villa Alliss in Pollensa
  • Villa Alona in Pollensa
  • Villa Amata in Pollensa
  • Villa Amalur in Pollensa
  • Villa Alvera in Pollensa
  • Villa Crista in Pollensa
  • Villa Arama in Pollensa
  • Villa Belita in Pollensa
  • Villa Fortuna in Pollensa
  • Villa Moriarty in Pollensa
  • La casa del Arbol in Pollensa
  • Villa Lulo in Pollensa
  • Casa del Lago in Pollensa
  • Villa Erina in Pollensa
  • Villa Fiona in Pollensa
  • Villa Seana in Pollensa
  • Villa Shea in Pollensa
  • Villa Sorcha in Pollensa
  • Villa Skye in Pollensa
  • Villa de Madera in Pollensa
  • Villa Leila in Pollensa
  • Villa la Vista in Pollensa
  • Casa Pajaro in Pollensa
  • Casa de Verde in Pollensa
  • Villa Anica in Pollensa
  • La Casa Divertida in Pollensa
  • Casa de Amigas in Pollensa
  • Casa de Familia in Pollensa
  • Can Vic in Pollensa
  • Casa Golondrina in Pollensa
  • Casa Lila in Pollensa
  • Villa Barrett in Pollensa
  • Villa Anabelle in Pollensa
  • Casa Morena in Pollensa
  • Casa Pollentia in Pollensa
  • Casa Metellus in Pollensa
  • Casa De Calvari in Pollensa
  • Villa Rocio in Pollensa
  • Villa Adoracion in Pollensa
  • Casa Negra in Puerto Pollensa
  • Villa Letitia in Puerto Pollensa
  • Casa de Montana in Puerto Pollensa
  • Llanos Resort in Ronda
  • Duchess Villa in Royal Garden Villas
  • Villa Burbujas in Royal Garden Villas
  • Villa Avino in Royal Garden Villas
  • Majestic Villa in Royal Garden Villas
  • Royal Villa in Royal Garden Villas
  • Imperial Villa in Royal Garden Villas
  • Villa Burras in Sa Pobla
  • Villa Calma in Sa Pobla
  • Villa Violeta in Sa Pobla
  • Villa Marilena in Sa Pobla
  • Villa Nelia in Sa Pobla
  • Villa Palmira in Sa Pobla
  • Villa Dalila in Sa Pobla
  • Villa Jade Golf in Sa Pobla
  • Villa Finella in Sa Pobla
  • Casa Moderna in Sa Pobla
  • Casa Candelaria in Sa Pobla
  • Casa Chapinero in Sa Pobla
  • Casa Vista Roqueta in Sa Pobla
  • Villa Rasta in Sa Pobla
  • Villa Sachi in Salobre Golf Resort
  • Villa Sachihiro in Salobre Golf Resort
  • Villa Panthea in Salobre Golf Resort
  • Villa Cajsa in Salobre Golf Resort
  • Villa Salome in Salobre Golf Resort
  • Villa Golf in Salobre Golf Resort
  • La Senorita in Salobre Golf Resort
  • Villa Amadores in Salobre Golf Resort
  • Villa Patalavca in Salobre Golf Resort
  • Villa Cofete in Salobre Golf Resort
  • Villa Comte in Salobre Golf Resort
  • Villa Concha in Salobre Golf Resort
  • Villa Barrosa in Salobre Golf Resort
  • La Finca De Piedra in San Jose
  • Villa Bronceado in San Jose
  • Villa Mariluz in San Jose
  • Villa Lita in San Jose
  • Villa Tarida in San Jose
  • El Cortijo in Seville
  • Hacienda Buena Vista in Seville
  • Villa Greve in Sotogrande
  • Villa Soto in Sotogrande
  • Casa Infinito in Tenerife
  • Sundown Villa in Barbados
  • Sandy Lane - Saramanda in Barbados
  • Fustic House in Barbados
  • Senderlea in Barbados
  • Tom Tom in Barbados
  • Harmony House in Barbados
  • West We Go in Barbados
  • Mullins Mill in Barbados
  • Crystal Springs in Barbados
  • Coco in Barbados
  • Todmorden in Barbados
  • Sandy Lane - Vistamar in Barbados
  • Waverly House in Barbados
  • Blue Point in Barbados
  • Capri Manor in Barbados
  • High Trees in Barbados
  • Bluff Cottage in Barbados
  • Calliaqua in Barbados
  • Eden - Sugar Hill in Barbados
  • Emerald Beach #3 - Ixoria in Barbados
  • Emerald Beach #6 - Cassia in Barbados
  • Leamington House in Barbados
  • Oceana at Sugar Hill in Barbados
  • Cassia Heights 4 in Barbados
  • Coral House in Barbados
  • Tara in Barbados
  • Fig Tree House in Barbados
  • Shangri La in Barbados
  • Tradewinds in Barbados
  • Villa Tonelero in Barbados
  • Villa Cantero in Barbados
  • Fairway Manor in Jamaica
  • Sea Salt at the Tryall Club in Jamaica
  • Bougainvillea at the Tryall Club in Jamaica
  • Sea Haven on Discovery Bay in Jamaica
  • Greatview in Jamaica
  • Haystack at the Tryall Club in Jamaica
  • Following Seas at the Tryall Club in Jamaica
  • Almond Hill in Jamaica
  • Bambu in Jamaica
  • Cielo at the Tryall Club in Jamaica
  • Drambuie Estate in Jamaica
  • Fairwinds at the Tryall Club in Jamaica
  • Fortlands point on the Beach in Jamaica
  • Goat Hill in Jamaica
  • Pimento Hill in Jamaica
  • Nutmeg in Jamaica
  • Noble House on the Beach in Jamaica
  • Malatai on the Beach in Jamaica
  • Lolita at the Tryall Club in Jamaica
  • Villa Cadasse in St Lucia
  • Tamarind House in St Lucia
  • Ashiana Villa in St Lucia
  • Hummingbird Villa in St Lucia
  • Villa Decaj in St Lucia
  • La Bagatelle Villa in St Lucia
  • Wild Orchid in St Lucia
  • Saline Reef in St Lucia
  • Villa Paradisso in St Lucia
  • Caille Blanc in St Lucia
  • Pepperpoint in St Lucia
  • Residence du Cap in St Lucia
  • Sand Dollar in St Lucia
  • Sea Pearl in St Lucia
  • Smugglers Nest in St Lucia
  • Villa at Panorama in St Lucia
  • Villa Kessi in St Lucia
  • Villa Adriatica in Brac
  • Villa Selca in Brac
  • Villa Duboka in Brac
  • Villa Lucena in Brac
  • Villa Vala in Brac
  • Villa Murvica in Brac
  • Villa Mirca in Brac
  • Golden Cape House in Brac
  • Vila Bretia in Brac
  • Villa Vallum in Brac
  • Villa Cora in Brac
  • Villa Rampart in Brac
  • Villa Cerineo in Brac
  • Villa Milna in Brac
  • Villa Skrip in Brac
  • Villa Brazza in Brac
  • Casa Splitska in Brac
  • Casa Skasplit in Brac
  • Casaska in Brac
  • Villaska in Brac
  • Villa Tresnja in Brac
  • Villa Katarina in Brac
  • Casa Navitus in Brac
  • Villa Morro in Dalmatia
  • Villa Bliveria in Dalmatia
  • Villa Sunset in Dalmatia
  • Villa Planina in Dalmatia
  • Villa Uz More in Dalmatia
  • Hillside Villa in Dalmatia
  • Villa Plavo More in Dalmatia
  • Villa Plaza in Dalmatia
  • Villa Kamen in Dalmatia
  • Villa Camac in Dalmatia
  • Villa Filipa in Dalmatia
  • Villa Ivona in Dalmatia
  • Villa Jasmina in Dalmatia
  • Villa Nikica in Dalmatia
  • Murter Villa in Dalmatia
  • Mikula Apartment in Dalmatia
  • Villa Lovre in Dalmatia
  • Villa Bijela in Dalmatia
  • Villa Jelena in Dalmatia
  • Villa Lucija in Dalmatia
  • Villa Ciovo in Dalmatia
  • Villa Felicita in Dalmatia
  • Villa Adana in Dalmatia
  • Villa Margareta in Dalmatia
  • Casa Trogir in Dalmatia
  • Villa Lijep in Dalmatia
  • Villa Ruskamen in Dalmatia
  • Villa Vrsine in Dalmatia
  • Villa Obala in Dalmatia
  • Villa Smokvica in Dalmatia
  • Villa Dinara in Dalmatia
  • Villa Rogoznica in Dalmatia
  • Villa Poljica in Dalmatia
  • Villa Donari in Dalmatia
  • Villa Almissa in Dalmatia
  • Villa Tefera in Dalmatia
  • Villa Lorel in Dalmatia
  • Villa Layla in Dalmatia
  • Villa Maslinica in Dalmatia
  • Casa Vela Luka in Dalmatia
  • Villa Brela in Dalmatia
  • Villa Y in Dalmatia
  • Villa Andrea in Dalmatia
  • Villa Mateo in Dalmatia
  • Villa Elisa in Dalmatia
  • Villa Slatine in Dalmatia
  • Dvori Makarska I in Dalmatia
  • Vila Kacic Miosic in Dalmatia
  • Dvori Makarska II in Dalmatia
  • Villa Mosor in Dalmatia
  • Villa Sladak in Dalmatia
  • Villa Kokolja in Dalmatia
  • Villa Epetium in Dalmatia
  • Villa Kastel in Dalmatia
  • Villa Ginkgo Juror in Dalmatia
  • Villa Talya in Dalmatia
  • Villa Matea in Dalmatia
  • Villa Elina in Dalmatia
  • Villa Diocletian in Dalmatia
  • Villa Aniram in Dalmatia
  • Villa Cliff in Dalmatia
  • Villa Gata in Dalmatia
  • Villa Tugare in Dalmatia
  • Trau Villa in Dalmatia
  • Acinzogor House in Dalmatia
  • Villa Zuka in Dalmatia
  • Villa Ragusa in Dalmatia
  • Villa Zedno in Dalmatia
  • Villa Capocesto I in Dalmatia
  • Villa Capocesto II in Dalmatia
  • Villa Capocesto III in Dalmatia
  • Villa Capocesto IV in Dalmatia
  • Villa Capocesto V in Dalmatia
  • Villa Tonka in Dalmatia
  • Krka Dvori I in Dalmatia
  • Krka Dvori II in Dalmatia
  • Villa Basca in Dalmatia
  • Villa Mirta in Dalmatia
  • Villa Zaboric in Dalmatia
  • Casa Uvala in Dalmatia
  • Villa Brattia in Dalmatia
  • Villa of Klis in Dalmatia
  • Villa Jesenice in Dalmatia
  • Villa Aksrakam in Dalmatia
  • Villa Tragurium in Dalmatia
  • Casa Postrana in Dalmatia
  • Villa Gornja in Dalmatia
  • Villa Pituntium in Dalmatia
  • Casa Novi in Dalmatia
  • Villa Sibenik in Dalmatia
  • Ladavilla in Dalmatia
  • Kostroma House in Dalmatia
  • Villa Vesna in Dalmatia
  • Villa Marzanna in Dalmatia
  • Villa Jarmila in Dalmatia
  • Villa Franco in Dubrovnik
  • Villa Ruzza in Dubrovnik
  • Villa Toni in Dubrovnik
  • Villa Dubrovacka in Dubrovnik
  • Villa Vitaljina in Dubrovnik
  • Villa Mlini in Dubrovnik
  • Villa Frajga in Dubrovnik
  • Villa Zaton in Dubrovnik
  • Villa Nikole in Dubrovnik
  • Villa Almira in Dubrovnik
  • Villa Felisa in Dubrovnik
  • Villa Arta in Dubrovnik
  • Adriatic Beach House in Dubrovnik
  • Villa Mirno in Dubrovnik
  • Old Town Villa Dubrovnik in Dubrovnik
  • Villa Sophie in Dubrovnik
  • Villa Notaz in Dubrovnik
  • Villa Dubrava in Dubrovnik
  • Arapovo Villa in Dubrovnik
  • Villa Gruda in Dubrovnik
  • Villas Jelsa in Hvar
  • Villa Karmela in Hvar
  • Villa Lesina in Hvar
  • Villa Quarra in Hvar
  • Casa Adriatiq in Hvar
  • Villa Aslej in Hvar
  • Sunny House in Hvar
  • Villa Pharia in Hvar
  • Old Town Villa Hvar in Hvar
  • Villa Vrisnik in Hvar
  • Villa Sisi in Istria
  • Villa Andora in Istria
  • Villa Bacco in Istria
  • Villa Sol Fendi in Istria
  • Villa Gelice in Istria
  • Villa Katza in Istria
  • Villa Zetta in Istria
  • Villa Soko in Istria
  • Villa Klosta in Istria
  • Villa Darya in Istria
  • Villa Marie in Istria
  • Villa Emil in Istria
  • Villa Pavo in Istria
  • Villa Florinia in Istria
  • Villa Breg in Istria
  • Villa Klara in Istria
  • Villa Dora in Istria
  • Villa Bojana in Istria
  • Villa Novigrad in Istria
  • Villa Histri in Istria
  • Villa Epulon in Istria
  • Villa Ena in Istria
  • Hiza Histria in Istria
  • Villa Dorotea in Istria
  • Villa Krasna in Istria
  • Villa Samaskh in Istria
  • Villa Nadia in Istria
  • Villa Petra in Kvarner
  • Villa Viros in Corfu
  • Villa Althea in Corfu
  • Villa Regina Rossa in Corfu
  • Villa Tatiana in Corfu
  • Villa Fioretta in Corfu
  • Villa Afroditi in Corfu
  • Villa Athina in Corfu
  • Villa Aliki in Corfu
  • Villa Nefeli Anthi in Corfu
  • Villa Rana in Corfu
  • Villa Danilia in Corfu
  • Villa Bianca in Corfu
  • Villa Blue in Corfu
  • Villa Rossa in Corfu
  • Barbati View in Corfu
  • Villa Sultana in Corfu
  • Villa Thalassa in Corfu
  • Roda Beach Villa in Corfu
  • Spiridon Beach House in Corfu
  • Villa Kastania in Corfu
  • Villa Zoe in Corfu
  • Villa Levante in Corfu
  • Villa Apollo in Corfu
  • Villa Poseidon in Corfu
  • Villa Karoubatika in Corfu
  • Villa Sylva Estate in Corfu
  • Villa Anatoli in Corfu
  • Villa Souleka in Corfu
  • Villa Kanouli in Corfu
  • Villa Halikouna in Corfu
  • Perama View in Corfu
  • Villa Piedra Barbati in Corfu
  • Villa Asteri in Corfu
  • Villa Kommeno in Corfu
  • Ikos Kassiopi in Corfu
  • Villa Dassia in Corfu
  • Villa Demeter in Corfu
  • Ikos Kerkyra in Corfu
  • Villa Gouvia in Corfu
  • Villa Electra in Corfu
  • Villa Arete in Corfu
  • Villa Pleiades in Corfu
  • Spartilas View in Corfu
  • The Achilleo Residence in Corfu
  • Villa Aspasia in Corfu
  • Villa Silenus in Crete
  • Villa Barozzi in Crete
  • Villa Zaimis in Crete
  • Villa Anastasia in Crete
  • Villa Orpheus in Crete
  • Villa Nicolas in Crete
  • Atlantica Caldera Villa II in Crete
  • Atlantica Caldera Villa III in Crete
  • Atlantica Caldera Villa IV in Crete
  • Sea View Villas in Crete
  • Athena Villa Superior in Crete
  • Villa Oleandro in Crete
  • Sea Queen Villa in Crete
  • Villa Levantes in Crete
  • Villa Pounentes in Crete
  • Villa Scirocco in Crete
  • Villa Giovanta in Crete
  • Villa Rouga in Crete
  • Villa Celena in Crete
  • Villa Hermes in Crete
  • Villa Polemarchi Iris in Crete
  • Villa Eleni in Crete
  • Villa Armonia in Crete
  • Villa Cailey in Crete
  • Villa Alayla in Crete
  • Villa Amalia in Crete
  • Blue Sea Villa in Crete
  • Villa Ravdoucha Eleni in Crete
  • Villa Ravdoucha Athina in Crete
  • Villa Ilektra in Crete
  • Villa Phaedra in Crete
  • Villa Isidora in Crete
  • Azure Beach Villas in Crete
  • Villa Katia in Crete
  • Villa Stathis in Crete
  • Villa Orea Thea in Crete
  • Villa Kolymbari in Crete
  • Villa Zorba in Crete
  • Villa Searock in Crete
  • Villa Elounda in Crete
  • Villa Elounda Megali in Crete
  • Villa Gaia in Crete
  • Villa Astraea in Crete
  • Villa Thalia in Crete
  • Villa Rhea in Crete
  • Villa Rethymno in Crete
  • Villa Sfakaki in Crete
  • Villa Calantha in Crete
  • Kissamos Beach Villa in Crete
  • Aegean View Villa in Crete
  • Kompsos Villa in Crete
  • Villa Hermione in Crete
  • Villa Ouranos in Crete
  • Villa Cassiopeia in Crete
  • Villa Polaris in Crete
  • Villa Azzurra in Crete
  • Villa Saina in Crete
  • Blue Sky Villa in Crete
  • Villa Hera in Crete
  • Villa Gala in Crete
  • Villa Aeolus in Crete
  • Villa Argo in Crete
  • Vasilissa Villa in Crete
  • Villa Salacia in Crete
  • Villa Liakada in Crete
  • Villa Orion in Crete
  • Villa Aellopus in Crete
  • Villa Imera in Crete
  • Villa Agapios in Crete
  • Villa Hesperos in Crete
  • Villa Europa in Crete
  • Villa Odyssey in Crete
  • Villa Ulysses in Crete
  • Villa Venus in Crete
  • Villa Rigani in Crete
  • Villa Menta in Crete
  • Penelope I in Kefalonia
  • Penelope II in Kefalonia
  • Villa Kirki in Kefalonia
  • Milos Beach Cronus in Lefkas
  • Milos Beach Aphrodite in Lefkas
  • Milos Beach Poseidon in Lefkas
  • Villa Nisa in Lefkas
  • Villa Melia in Lefkas
  • Villa Kallisto in Lefkas
  • Villa Paionia in Lefkas
  • Villa Irida in Lefkas
  • Villa Lazarata in Lefkas
  • Tiggi Beach House in Mykonos
  • Villa Toles in Mykonos
  • Villa Elia Aspro in Mykonos
  • Villa Paralia in Mykonos
  • Villa Aegean Blue in Mykonos
  • Houlakia Beach Villa in Mykonos
  • Villa Alelia in Mykonos
  • Villa Elena in Peloponnese
  • Villa Artemis in Santorini
  • Villa Sophronia in Santorini
  • Villa Theras in Santorini
  • Villa Mavri Petra in Santorini
  • Villa Picasso in Santorini
  • Villa Mitera Gi in Santorini
  • The Aspro Spiti in Santorini
  • Villa Michaela in Santorini
  • Villa Kyani in Santorini
  • Villa Sophia in Santorini
  • Villa Christina in Sivota
  • Villa Paparouna in Sivota
  • Villa Triantafyllo in Sivota
  • Villa Cobalt in Sivota
  • Villa Aquamarine in Sivota
  • Villa Cerulean in Sivota
  • Ormos Villa in Skopelos
  • Villa Panormos in Skopelos
  • Villa Selinos in Skopelos
For the very latest in holiday cottages from Olivers Travels, have a look at our castles, manor houses and cottages which have recently been added page.

The latest cottages available from Cottages 4 You

Cottage Code : Sandy Lane - Saramanda
Sleeps : 10
...Washer/Dryer- Kitchen.Outdoor Features- Swimming pool- Outdoor furniture- Alfresco dining- Gas grill- Parking- Gated property.Cots and other baby equipment can be rented on request. There i...
Cottage Code : Tom Tom
Sleeps : 10
...of Calijanda Estate, just a 5 minute drive to Holetown on a ridge above the west coast of Barbados in the renowned district of St James, close to Sandy Lane, and also neighboring the well known...
Cottage Code : Calliaqua
Sleeps : 10
...en suite bedrooms has been tastefully furnished and outside, the adjoining self-contained cottage offers an additional bedroom and poolside view. Beautifully decorated and uniquely designed, this is...
Cottage Code : Eden - Sugar Hill
Sleeps : 10
...up to twelve people on the covered upper terrace. Sofas and easy chairs entice you to enjoy the views and wile away the evenings to the tropical sounds of whistling frogs with cooling breezes, aid...
Cottage Code : Leamington House
Sleeps : 10
...the owners to provide a very spacious living and dining area, leading to covered patio, walled garden and swimming pool. On the first floor are four double air-conditioned bedrooms, each with privat...
Cottage Code : Tradewinds
Sleeps : 10
...pool- Air conditioned TV room- Air conditioned bedrooms- Ceiling fans in living area and bedrooms- All bedrooms en-suite- CCTV surrounding Property- Security system monitored by Protech Secur...
Cottage Code : Villa Tonelero
Sleeps : 10
...features a king-sized bed, large walk-in closet with dressing area and mahogany floors. Multiple French doors span the length of the bedroom, opening out to a gorgeous patio with table & chairs fo...
Cottage Code : Sea Salt at the Tryall Club
Sleeps : 10
...you'll find classic Jamaican architecture and 7,700 sq. ft. of living, dining and entertaining space. Outside, you're surrounded by 5.4 private acres, meticulously landscaped with native ...
Cottage Code : Bougainvillea at the Tryall Club
Sleeps : 10
...Full staff: cook, butler, housekeeper, gardener, laundress- Child friendly- 60-foot swimming pool … also shallow kiddie pool- Formal and informal dining for 12 guests- 2 complimentary gol...
Cottage Code : Cielo at the Tryall Club
Sleeps : 10
... the adults too.This home away from home is spotlessly clean and loaded with amenities like flat-screen TV's in every room, wifi throughout, excellent sound system, glamorous master bathrooms and ...
Cottage Code : Drambuie Estate
Sleeps : 10
... and night- Complimentary fulltime private driver and air-conditioned van for excursions to the beach, etc.*Round Hill Membership:Complimentary: beach, tennis, two connecting heated pools for parents ...
Cottage Code : Noble House on the Beach
Sleeps : 10
...main pavilion consists of the Great Room with 56 glass doors and massive wrap-around verandah on floors of gleaming white Jamaican marble. Outside the Great Room, a Japanese footbridge arc...
Cottage Code : Lolita at the Tryall Club
Sleeps : 10
...have flat-screen cable television, walk-in closets, and remote control quiet air conditioning. All shower areas include handheld showers for adults and children in addition to Kohler rain forest ...
Cottage Code : Ashiana Villa
Sleeps : 10
...a relaxed flow for entertaining and easy conversation.Further enhancing the experience of the villa is its magnificent infinity pool complete with deck and Barbeque grill.The kitchen is modern wi...
Cottage Code : Villa Decaj
Sleeps : 10
...Cas En Bas beach and the Atlantic Ocean on the left and Reduit Beach and the Caribbean Sea to the right. The house is cooled by the Atlantic breeze. Villa Decaj is built on two levels. You enter...
Cottage Code : Wild Orchid
Sleeps : 10
... and a trundle daybed that sleeps 2. The second bedroom (16' X 15') also has a King swing. Each bedroom includes an en suite bathroom with a shower.The master bedroom encompasses the entire se...
Cottage Code : Sandy Lane - Vistamar
Sleeps : 12
...King, En suite bathroom with bidet.Bedroom 2: Queen, En suite bathroom.Bedroom 3: Queen, En suite bathroom.Bedroom 4: Twin, En suite bathroom.Cottage - Bedroom 5: Queen, En suite bathroom.Cottage -...
Cottage Code : Greatview
Sleeps : 12
...more intimate gatherings. The main floor rooms, covered pavilion and two master bedroom suites are all wheelchair accessible.The covered pavilion with its cushioned rattan furniture is the social he...
Cottage Code : Following Seas at the Tryall Club
Sleeps : 12
...at the Tryall Club- indoor and outdoor dining- cable television in all bedrooms and Great Room- iPod docks- Sirius radio- wireless Internet- complimentary overseas calls to the US, UK and Canad...
Cottage Code : Nutmeg
Sleeps : 12
...room, en-suite bathroom with two-person Jacuzzi tub and walk-in shower. Dressing room with his & hers vanities and double sink basins. This suite includes a den with 42" home cinema, DVD, soun...
Cottage Code : Caille Blanc
Sleeps : 12
...Pavilion reception, the center point of the Villa compound. It offers a shaded area for dining and relaxation beside the pool. There are five beautiful suites each with en suite bathrooms, plus ...
Cottage Code : Fustic House
Sleeps : 14
... their utmost to make your vacation at this unique home a memorable one.Fustic House is very child friendly with a Games Room in the Plantation wing and a trampoline on the grounds.BedroomsGreat House...
Cottage Code : Fairway Manor
Sleeps : 14
...bars, restaurants and medical facility. Colorful Montego Bay, Doctor's Cave Beach Club and the ’hip strip’ are just 14 minutes away.Unique to Fairway Manor is its scratch golfer, Ro...
Cottage Code : Bambu
Sleeps : 14
...charm and glamour.As designer Charles Faudree wrote when it was featured on the cover of Veranda magazine, Bambu is the ’….blending Old World elegance with New World comforts.’ ...
Cottage Code : Fortlands point on the Beach
Sleeps : 14
...children, en suite bathroom with bath-shower combination.Bedroom 5: King size 4-poster bed, TV, walk-in closet, spacious en suite bathroom, bidet, large walk-in shower with 2 showerheads and 3 wate...
Cottage Code : Malatai on the Beach
Sleeps : 14
...beach and ocean.Bedroom 2: Four poster king size bed, 32 inch flat screen television, en suite marble bathroom with double basin granite vanities, whirlpool bathtubs and separate glass door walk i...
Cottage Code : Pimento Hill
Sleeps : 15
... and two adjoining 175-square-foot rooms. The children's room is fitted out with two twin beds; the second has a 13‘ antique dressing table and daybed for another child. Both the children...
Cottage Code : Mullins Mill
Sleeps : 16
...The guest cottage adjoining the main house was designed to accomodate teenagers, children and nannies, and features two double bedrooms each with its own bathroom and private verandah. A furthe...
Cottage Code : Crystal Springs
Sleeps : 20
...Pool (22ft x 45ft; 4ft at shallow end and 6ft at deep end)- Beautifully landscaped grounds with fountain pools and waterfalls.- Alfresco dining- 18 ft Speedboat included and equipped for waterski...
Cottage Code : Haystack at the Tryall Club
Sleeps : 20
...beach, tennis, gym, pool, Hummingbird Kids Club, non-motorized water sports, Internet room, art gallery, jogging trail, afternoon tea & Manager's Cocktail PartyFor various fees: ...
Cottage Code : Senderlea
Sleeps : 4
... villa is located on a wonderful cliff-side site with stairway access to white sandy beach. The villa has a large patio with lovely views of the inviting swimming pool, the well landscaped gardens and...
Cottage Code : Bluff Cottage
Sleeps : 4
...furnished living and dining room, with two verandahs for informal dining and relaxing.Bedrooms Bedroom One (Upstairs) - King Bed with en-suite shower room.Bedroom Two (Downstairs) - Twin Beds (ca...
Cottage Code : La Bagatelle Villa
Sleeps : 4
...is 2200 sq. ft. with two settees covered in Ian Mankin fabric with large soft cushions. There are various chairs and extra tables scattered around the outer terrace. The pool is 18ft x 10ft and ha...
Cottage Code : Sea Pearl
Sleeps : 4
...drinks or alfresco dining.BedroomsBedroom 1: King size bed, Air conditioning, Ensuite shower room.Bedroom 2: 2 Twin beds, Air conditioning, Ensuite shower room.Amenities- Air conditioning- Internet...
Cottage Code : Smugglers Nest
Sleeps : 4
...is a botanical paradise with many different kinds of palms, flowers, plants and trees and is definitely the most romantic place for honeymooners on the island of St. Lucia. This very secluded a...
Cottage Code : Villa at Panorama
Sleeps : 4
...Villa at Panorama epitomises luxury living at its best. The natural beauty of the location goes a long way in making your holiday memorable and we want to ensure that everything you need is at your...
Cottage Code : Harmony House
Sleeps : 6
...tropical gardens. There are three air-conditioned bedrooms (one on the ground floor and two upstairs), each opening to a balcony. The ground floor lounge is beautifully furnished and opens ont...
Cottage Code : Todmorden
Sleeps : 6
... Barbados. The historic town of Speightstown, which offers a range of shopping and casual dining options, is just a 10 minute drive away.The villa is comfortably furnished, with 3 spacious bedrooms fe...
Cottage Code : Waverly House
Sleeps : 6
...Children welcomed- 32" Flat Screen TV - Living Area- Close to restaurant, spa & gym facilities and water sports at Mullins Beach.- Plunge pool situated in a private garden.- Beach access is...
Cottage Code : Emerald Beach #3 - Ixoria
Sleeps : 6
...Just six luxury villas wonderfully situated on Gibbs Bay in over an acre of landscaped gardens. Each villa has three generously large air-conditioned bedrooms, two on the upper level and one on the ...
Cottage Code : Emerald Beach #6 - Cassia
Sleeps : 6
... bathrooms en suite. Ceiling fans are throughout. In addition to excellent beach and swimming facilities, there is a large freshwater pool for the exclusive use of residents.BedroomsMaster bedroom - K...
Cottage Code : Cassia Heights 4
Sleeps : 6
... bathroom and air conditioning.Bedroom 2 in main house with en-suite bathroom and air conditioning.Bedroom 3 in separate cottage with en-suite bathroom and air conditioning.Amenities- 110 volts- 24 Ho...
Cottage Code : Goat Hill
Sleeps : 6
...breezes and beautiful view over the deep blue bay. Delicious home-cooked dinners are served by soft candlelight on a gleaming mahogany table as the night lights of the town of Montego Bay and passi...
Cottage Code : Tamarind House
Sleeps : 6
...sq ft living room stretches away before you and leads to the terrace where the tamarind tree grows up out of the tiles. This fabulous tree provides shade and coolness to the house all through the d...
Cottage Code : Hummingbird Villa
Sleeps : 6
...bedroom is at an elevated level. It has a queen size four poster bed and an en suite bathroom with a bath and shower. There is also a private patio off of the bedroom which enjoys a fabulous vie...
Cottage Code : Saline Reef
Sleeps : 6
...views to Martinique and Pigeon Island. There are two beautiful pool areas at the villa, these are linked by a waterfall and enjoy amazing views of the surrounding area. The larger pool is for sw...
Cottage Code : Pepperpoint
Sleeps : 6
...drawing in the daylight and the cool Atlantic breeze. This patio flows out onto the expansive pool deck and gazebo area, the perfect area to sit and enjoy a good book or to soak up the sun's ra...
Cottage Code : Sand Dollar
Sleeps : 6
...6 people, featuring 3 air conditioned bedrooms – one with view of the Caribbean Sea – all in a fresh decor with ceiling fans, mosquito nets and en-suite bathrooms.A courtyard with lush ...
Cottage Code : Villa Kessi
Sleeps : 6
... features a four-poster superking-size bed and a balcony with a wonderful view of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean and glimpses of Martinique. A covered veranda runs the entire length of the house...
Cottage Code : Sundown Villa
Sleeps : 8
... of beauty.Sundown Villa is located within close proximity to Mullins Beach, which can be clearly seen from the estate. In fact, three of the four bedrooms actually give quite a delightful view of the...
Cottage Code : West We Go
Sleeps : 8
...with shower, Air conditioned.Bedroom 3: 2 Twin beds, Shared bathroom, Air-conditioned.CottageBedroom 4: 2 Twin beds, En-suite with shower, Air conditioned.Amenities- Air conditiong- CD player- Ceil...
Cottage Code : Coco
Sleeps : 8
...at Mullins Bay, just a 3 minute walk from the world famous Mullins Beach on the beautiful West Coast of Barbados.Completed to the highest standard with many coral stone features the house incorpo...
Cottage Code : Blue Point
Sleeps : 8
...is a fully enclosed property with a swimming pool and surrounding terrace for guests' enjoyment.There is a natural water course running through the property to the beach and a beach gate opens...
Cottage Code : Capri Manor
Sleeps : 8
...patio dining area all with lovely views of the back gardens and pool.All 4 bedrooms are en suite with the master bedroom boasting his and her vanities. Ample closet space in each room adds to the...
Cottage Code : High Trees
Sleeps : 8
... direct access to the beach. The bedrooms are all air-conditioned and have en-suite bathrooms. The master bedroom features a ’wet room’ in its en-suite bathroom as well as direct access to...
Cottage Code : Oceana at Sugar Hill
Sleeps : 8
...The spectacular black granite dining table on carved coral pedestals is complemented by a matching built-in bar, the perfect place for cocktails as you watch the sun set on the sea. Guests of Oceana...
Cottage Code : Coral House
Sleeps : 8
...two-story property offering spacious and air-conditioned accommodation for up to eight adults, is located less than five minutes' walk from the spectacular Gibbs Beach, undoubtedly one of ...
Cottage Code : Tara
Sleeps : 8
...doors open up to a lovely covered patio, perfect for relaxing during the day or enjoying a cocktail at sunset, and out to the sundeck and pool and a gazebo offering outdoor dining. The villa is ...
Cottage Code : Fig Tree House
Sleeps : 8
...shop- Resort view- Restaurant on site- Restaurants close by- Sea Views- Security guard- Security Safe- Solar Power Hot Water- Stereo- Sun terrace & umbrellas- Swimming Pool- Telephone- Tennis Court...
Cottage Code : Shangri La
Sleeps : 8
... This royal room dedicated to Princess Margaret, opens into a private Gazebo. The Master Bedroom provides a queen size canopy bed with an India style carved headboard, along with large bamboo side tab...
Cottage Code : Villa Cantero
Sleeps : 8
...Villa Cantero is an entirely private, luxury Caribbean villa on a spectacular beach that is every bit the tropical paradise we all dream of; lines of arcing palm trees, and pure, turquoise waters...
Cottage Code : Sea Haven on Discovery Bay
Sleeps : 8
...hammock and gazebo. A bird "feeding tree" frames the view and dapples the gazebo, and in the afternoon, the plunge pool. On one side of the waterfront is a built-up sandy area, and on the ...
Cottage Code : Almond Hill
Sleeps : 8
...a gentle slope a few steps from the house is the large private pool. Its spacious gazebo is a favourite spot for shaded poolside lunches.Perhaps best of all is Almond Hill's design arou...
Cottage Code : Fairwinds at the Tryall Club
Sleeps : 8
...three bedrooms lead to the large pool and poolside bar and lounge with icemaker, cable television, stereo system, telephone and fish-filled grotto ... all under dramatic stone arches. (Children love...
Cottage Code : Villa Cadasse
Sleeps : 8
...into a dining area, an east facing patio and a large kitchen, equipped with every amenity. An additional outdoor dining terrace, adjoining the pool, is oriented to the sunset view. The full size ...
Cottage Code : Villa Paradisso
Sleeps : 8
...dining area. There is also a utility room with a washer/dryer and a guest bathroom. A garage completes the ground level facilities. Upstairs there are three air conditioned bedrooms. The master be...
Cottage Code : Residence du Cap
Sleeps : 8
...seating areas and the front French doors that open to the decked verandas where you can relax under the warm sun or cool off in the pool.BedroomsMain HouseBedroom 1: King size bed (2 twin beds ...
Cottage Code : Villa Adriatica
Sleeps : 10
...On the ground floor is the main open-plan living accommodation, comprising of a fully equipped kitchen with top of the range Miele good, dining facilities and living room. For those that wish to kee...
Cottage Code : Villa Duboka
Sleeps : 10
...and the island is brilliant for keen hikers, bikers and mountaineers. There are beautiful stretches of coastline throughout with a mixture of sand-shingle beaches and rocky coves. The most phot...
Cottage Code : Villa Vala
Sleeps : 10
... floors of supremely sophisticated living. As you enter you'll find yourself on the second floor in an impressive open plan living area, consisting of a generously appointed dining area, well equi...
Cottage Code : Villa Katarina
Sleeps : 10
...offering their own private bathrooms and outdoor areas for relaxation and reading with magnificent sea views.Outside, Villa Katarina continues with its outstanding style, with several outdoor dinin...
Cottage Code : Villa Morro
Sleeps : 10
...Croatia sleeps 10 people. Villa Morro is located on a beautiful beach in Drašnice, a small village on the Makarska Riviera. This magnificent holiday house is striking, with clean lines ...
Cottage Code : Villa Uz More
Sleeps : 10
...villa for friends and family yearning for a sophisticated getaway with sunshine, beaches, culture and atmosphere. Villa InteriorGround Floor- Open plan living dining area with large dining tabl...
Cottage Code : Villa Plavo More
Sleeps : 10
...making this the idyllic setting for evening feasts under the stars. There is also the magical addition of a small playground, providing hours of entertainment for the little ones.Villa Plavo More is...
Cottage Code : Villa Camac
Sleeps : 10
... benches- Whirlpool- Swimming pool (8m x 4m, 30m2)- Steps down to waterfront area which is decked with direct access to the water and sun-loungers available for guests use(NB steps in this area may be...
Cottage Code : Villa Filipa
Sleeps : 10
...2 with washbasin, W/C and shower- Bathroom 3 with washbasin, W/C and shower*Only 4 of the bedrooms are air-conditioning. Exterior Grounds- Private swimming pool (28m)- Sun loungers- Outdoor show...
Cottage Code : Villa Bijela
Sleeps : 10
...There is also a famous nightclub, Aurora, which attracts top DJs to its club nights and a variety of festivals are organised during the summer months.Interior of villa- Living-dining room with...
Cottage Code : Villa Ciovo
Sleeps : 10
...views. The property can accommodate up to eight guests across four spacious and bright double bedrooms. On the ground floor is then main open-plan living accommodation comprising of a lounge, dining...
Cottage Code : Villa Ruskamen
Sleeps : 10
...seas. Furthermore, the property is only a thirty minute drive from Split airport, which means that getting there could not be any easier! Interior and GroundsMain House InteriorGround Floor:- Fitnes...
Cottage Code : Villa Almissa
Sleeps : 10
... terrace is a fine place to unwind with dinner or drinks, or perhaps just lazing on one of the many sun loungers you can find poolside. A barbecue and covered dining area let you cook up something hot...
Cottage Code : Villa Brela
Sleeps : 10
... Double bedroom- Bedroom 2 – Twin bedroom- Communal bathroomFirst Floor:- Bedroom 3 – King bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- Dining area & living area- Fully equipped kitchenSecond Floor:- ...
Cottage Code : Villa Y
Sleeps : 10
...Croatia sleeps 10 people. Situated in Duće, on a beautiful stretch of Dalmatian coastline between Split and Omis, Villa Y offers you the sanctuary of refined luxury with views over the Adriati...
Cottage Code : Villa Elisa
Sleeps : 10
...is on the ground floor, with a large, open-plan kitchen, dining and living room. The kitchen offers everything you need to cook up some tasty, family meals to enjoy in the villa, whilst children ...
Cottage Code : Dvori Makarska I
Sleeps : 10
... & living area- Fully equipped kitchenFirst Floor:- Bedroom 3 – Double bedroom- Bedroom 4 – Double bedroom- Bedroom 5 – Single bedroom- Communal bathroom- Living areaBasement:- Commu...
Cottage Code : Villa Kokolja
Sleeps : 10
... seating area and barbecue, so you can dine al-fresco all through your holiday!Interior GroundsMain House InteriorApartment 1 - Ground Floor:- Bedroom 1 – Double bedroom, with en-suite bathroom-...
Cottage Code : Villa Diocletian
Sleeps : 10
... exclusive part of Split, in a quiet and relaxed area close to the famous forest, Marjan Hill. Only a ten-minute walk away from Split's waterfront promenade Riva, this remarkable house is an ideal...
Cottage Code : Villa Cliff
Sleeps : 10
...town of Mimice, on the Dalmatian coast. With spectacular views out over the Adriatic Sea and the Island of Brac beyond, you will love the luxury and tranquillity Villa Cliff offers. Sleeping up to ...
Cottage Code : Villa Tugare
Sleeps : 10
...Flat screen satellite television (including English channels)- Iron & ironing board- Playground- PlayStation- Private parking- Private tennis court (Acrylic Hard Court)- Volleybal...
Cottage Code : Trau Villa
Sleeps : 10
...drenched with natural light from the wall of French windows out onto the stunning terrace area. And with elegant modern design features, a huge colourful seating area, dining table and well-equipped...
Cottage Code : Villa Zuka
Sleeps : 10
...shallow waters and a couple of cafes or you can explore further afield, heading to the island of Čiovo where you will find bustling resorts contrasted with long stretches of unspoilt coastline....
Cottage Code : Villa Tonka
Sleeps : 10
...this is a remarkable place for the type of holiday where you can really get away from it all.The island in the Zadar archipelago is car-free and only accessed by private boat. It's uninhabited...
Cottage Code : Villa Basca
Sleeps : 10
... is a modern sauna and small fitness area, which is ideal for those who are keen to work up a sweat before tackling the infinity swimming pool. The pool itself has all the features to make your downti...
Cottage Code : Villa Toni
Sleeps : 10
...above. The traditional looking section commands the first two floors of the property, with the newer apartment section on the upper level. Both sections of the villa are superbly comfortable, ensu...
Cottage Code : Villa Frajga
Sleeps : 10
...atmosphere, is an ideal island to discover by bike as you ride past olive and fig trees, citrus groves and vineyards or there are walking trails just a short stroll from the villa. The island has...
Cottage Code : Villa Zaton
Sleeps : 10
...open-plan kitchen has everything you need to prepare delicious meals from local ingredients or you may prefer to hire your own private chef for a special evening or part of your stay. Zaton Bay als...
Cottage Code : Adriatic Beach House
Sleeps : 10
...VillaAdriatic Beach House is a 5-bedroom villa on the Dubrovnik coastline that screams Opulence. If you and your guests are in search of a really special villa with a considered interior and specta...
Cottage Code : Arapovo Villa
Sleeps : 10
...with decadent textures and luxe fabrics. Set over two floors, this home boasts five bedrooms and can sleep up to ten guests which is a great option for larger and extended families as well as frie...
Cottage Code : Villa Lesina
Sleeps : 10
...al-fresco surrounded by the Mediterranean fragrances of lavender and rosemary or sipping plavac, the local wine, in the outdoor lounge. The indoor swimming pool has glass windows that can be opened...
Cottage Code : Sunny House
Sleeps : 10
...opulent theme and have been chicly designed with very cosy beds and tasteful décor to ensure that all guests get a restful night sleep, ready to start their next Croatian adventure.Away from t...
Cottage Code : Villa Katza
Sleeps : 10
...Bedroom- Double bed, A/C unit- Bathroom- Shower, WC, Single washbasinSecond floor- Bedroom with en suite - Double bed, A/C unit, Shower, WC, Single washbasin- Bedroom with en suite - Double bed, ...
Cottage Code : Villa Soko
Sleeps : 10
...parkinging for four vehicles (bear in mind that only two of these are covered though) A heated jacuzzi will be available sometime next year! Outside, there's a covered barbecue with table ...
Cottage Code : Villa Pavo
Sleeps : 10
...soak up the Croatian sunshine on the sun loungers. Equally make use of the covered seating areas, perfect for sitting back and enjoying a good book. Overall, Villa Pavo is a uniquely designed yet c...
Cottage Code : Villa Florinia
Sleeps : 10
...dining area and barbecue, it's a great spot to eat a meal as a family, dining al-fresco and making the most of the warm Dalmatian climate and enjoying the views. The property features a large...
Cottage Code : Villa Dorotea
Sleeps : 10
... the villa, with an effortless style that resonates throughout the building. The main living area is open-plan, with large glass doors allowing sunlight to flood in and enliven the space. Contemporary...
Cottage Code : Casa Trogir
Sleeps : 11
...is the dining room and fully equipped kitchen with gorgeous crème interior that is great for individuals who enjoy cooking, especially as there is a supermarket nearby where guests can stock ...
Cottage Code : Villa Vesna
Sleeps : 11
...sleep, and when surrounded by so many amazing things to do throughout the day, this is no doubt an essential. The ground floor is home to one of these bedrooms as well as the kitchen and bathroom...
Cottage Code : Villa Mlini
Sleeps : 11
...x 3m)- Poolside shower - Sun beds- Covered pergola terrace - Covered dining area- Summer kitchen and barbecue- Private parking- Balcony with wonderful sea views Villa Facilities - Air-conditioning...
Cottage Code : Villa Rampart
Sleeps : 12
...design incorporates local materials, such as the Brac stone, offering some local character to the property. The spacious and open-plan design of this stunning villa, provides a magical set...
Cottage Code : Villa Jelena
Sleeps : 12
...Jelena in Dalmatia, Croatia sleeps 12 people. Idyllically nestled in the heart of the beautiful Dalmatian countryside, well-known for its rolling hills, farmlands and vineyards lies Villa Jelena. T...
Cottage Code : Villa Vrsine
Sleeps : 12
... want to relax. Furthermore, there are two luxurious and exclusive suites each equipped with a living room, kitchen, bathroom and double bed, ensuring that guests will have their own privacy if they w...
Cottage Code : Villa Rogoznica
Sleeps : 12
... culture. For cultural events and a wide choice of traditional Croatian cuisine, this is the place to be. Makarska is a popular spot with visitors, with its Riviera waterfront and mountainous setting ...
Cottage Code : Villa Aniram
Sleeps : 12
...Dalmatia, Croatia sleeps 12 people. Villa Aniram is a wonderful, private property, located in a peaceful location only 20 meters away from the sea. Located in a small Ljubljeva bay in Dalmatia, ove...
Cottage Code : Villa Dubrovacka
Sleeps : 12
...throughout, two of the bedrooms come with the added bonus of their own living quarters, with kitchenette and living room, allowing for extra privacy if needed.The wonderful swimming pool is ...
Cottage Code : Villa Felisa
Sleeps : 12
...1 Triple bedroom- 2 BathroomsFirst Floor- Lounge (with sofa bed)- Balcony- 2 Double bedrooms- 2 Bathrooms- Guest toiletExternal Facilities- Private infinity swimming pool- Barbecue- Active spo...
Cottage Code : Villa Sophie
Sleeps : 12
...dining areas you'll easily find a corner to relax in or head up to the library with doors leading to a magnificent terrace overlooking the sea. A Bose sound-system plus specially designed ligh...
Cottage Code : Villa Pharia
Sleeps : 12
...on the edge of one of Croatia's most beautiful destinations, Hvar. Villa Pharia is set literally right on the beach, this home is gently hugged by the waves of the Adriatic making this the...
Cottage Code : Old Town Villa Hvar
Sleeps : 12
...land.Ground Floor- Double bedrooms, with en-suite bathroom- Dining & living area- Fully equipped kitchenFirst Floor- Double bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- Double bedrooms with single bed & en-sui...
Cottage Code : Villa Zetta
Sleeps : 12
...there are plenty of areas to shelter. Furthermore, make the most of the barbecue and dine al fresco on the outdoor dining area.Interior Grounds (Comprises of two houses)First House (Sleeps 8)- Li...
Cottage Code : Villa Karmela
Sleeps : 13
...around the pool, either on one of the sun loungers or comfy day beds. If you are feeling brave, make sure you take a dip in the sea too! By evening, dine al fresco on the outdoor dining verand...
Cottage Code : Villa Selca
Sleeps : 14
...both with en-suite bathrooms. A second living room with handy small kitchenette.The outside space has the real wow factor, there are beautiful gardens with pines, palms, bougainvillea, rosemary a...
Cottage Code : Villa Felicita
Sleeps : 14
... First Floor:- Bedroom 4 - Double bedroom, with en-suite bathroom - Bedroom 5 - Double bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- Bedroom 6 – Twin bedroom, with en-suite bathroomCommunal Adjoining Space:-...
Cottage Code : Villa Talya
Sleeps : 14
...bathroom- Dining area & living area- Fully equipped kitchen- Gym- Jacuzzi & saunaFirst Floor:- Bedroom 1 – Double bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- Bedroom 2 – Double bedroom, with en-sui...
Cottage Code : Villa Sibenik
Sleeps : 14
...a mix of old a new, with wooden bedframes complimenting the neutral matte walls extenuating the modern yet luxurious feel of the home. The beds are comfortable doubles with one room containing two s...
Cottage Code : Old Town Villa Dubrovnik
Sleeps : 14
... people. This grand 19th Century town residence is a special and unique place to stay, only 300m from the old town of Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage site and known to be one of the most beautiful ...
Cottage Code : Villas Jelsa
Sleeps : 14
...keeping warm with a glass of local wine in hand. The cottages are very traditional in style with a rustic and homely feel throughout both inside and out. The first villa, with two bedrooms, two ba...
Cottage Code : Villa Margareta
Sleeps : 15
...table for up to ten people with terrace and pool access- Lounge: Sofas, armchairs and TV- Bedroom 1: 1 x king bed- Bedroom 2: 2 x single beds- Bedroom 3: 2 x sofa beds- Bedroom 4: 1 x king bed- ...
Cottage Code : Villa Smokvica
Sleeps : 16
...pubs, and beaches. The villa is very closeto the town of Orebic which is a culturally rich town popular for its family-run vineyards, and Trstenica beach; where guests can take part in wate...
Cottage Code : Ladavilla
Sleeps : 16
...and a barbecue with a summer kitchen.The VillaLadavilla is an impressive 8-bedroom villa, with extensive grounds. Each bedroom has an en-suite bathroom and great views of the coastline and surrou...
Cottage Code : Villa Nikole
Sleeps : 16
...in the pedestrianised city centre and dine well in one of the many upmarket restaurants specialising in local seafood. The cable car up to the top of Mount Srdj offers stunning views of the city...
Cottage Code : Villa Pituntium
Sleeps : 19
...truly live up to its name. Carefully planned with large groups in mind, this large, homely villa boasts an astonishing ten bedrooms and can sleep up to twenty guests comfortably, making this home t...
Cottage Code : Golden Cape House
Sleeps : 4
...On the ground floor, you will find an open-plan living area, with a small kitchen-diner and a relaxed seating area opening out to the sunny terrace. Up one floor, there is a lovely double bedro...
Cottage Code : Vila Bretia
Sleeps : 4
...boasting another kitchen, sofa area and dining table, once again opening onto a balcony terrace. With views over hills and towards the sea it is hard not to be romanced in this villa, a glass of wi...
Cottage Code : Villa Tresnja
Sleeps : 4
...the garden and is completed with a pool, where the little ones can splash all summer long! Also, outside there are a few sun loungers for those less inclined to splash for an entire season, as well ...
Cottage Code : Mikula Apartment
Sleeps : 4
...and direct access to the clear blue water and a boat landing.The double bedroom has bright splashes of colour to match the otherwise clean décor and has an en suite shower room for guests use. ...
Cottage Code : Krka Dvori II
Sleeps : 4
...bed in the living room, that could accommodate additional guests. The villa has a badminton set and bicycles for the guests use, so there won’t be a dull moment. Ground Floor- Dining area &...
Cottage Code : Villa Darya
Sleeps : 4
...with air conditioning, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, oven, hob, fridge/freezer, coffee machine, dining facilities, open plan to lounge- Lounge with air conditioning, flat screen, satelli...
Cottage Code : Villa Ena
Sleeps : 4
...was fully renovated in 2016, offering guests the chance to stay in a picturesque setting with modern amenities carefully integrated within the spaces. Boasting gorgeous views of the Mirna River ...
Cottage Code : Villaska
Sleeps : 5
...here is definitely the pool. The crystal-clear waters are a welcome respite from the hot Croatian sun and this pool is actually fitted with roman steps giving easier access to all guests. Neighb...
Cottage Code : Villa Jesenice
Sleeps : 5
... up to six guests. Each bedroom is complete with an en-suite bathroom, finished to a very high level, one of which even features a rain shower for the ultimate indulgence. Beyond the bedrooms, there i...
Cottage Code : Villa Andora
Sleeps : 5
...was built in 1880 and was completely renovated in 2012 to create a lovely holiday villa to rent. This villa has kept many of its charming features whilst incorporating the modern amenities you w...
Cottage Code : Villa Murvica
Sleeps : 6
... Twin bedroom, with en-suite bathroomExterior Grounds: - Private swimming pool, with ladder access- Barbecue grill- Kitchenette- Outdoor dining & furniture - Pergola- Sun loungersFacilities:- Flat scr...
Cottage Code : Villa Cora
Sleeps : 6
...gorgeous setting. Interior GroundsMain House Interior Ground Floor:- Open-plan kitchen, dining and living room with access to the terrace- Double bedroom with en-suite shower room- Separate bathr...
Cottage Code : Villa Skrip
Sleeps : 6
...throughout the house make for a laid-back atmosphere. Villa Skrip was built in the traditional Dalmatian, architectural style, and the main building material was the famous Brac stone. Traditional...
Cottage Code : Villa Brazza
Sleeps : 6
...lies this wonderful villa, perfect for friends and family alike. Villa Brazzia has been finished in a traditional peachy-terracotta hue and is complimented by raw wood shutters, giving a very...
Cottage Code : Casa Splitska
Sleeps : 6
...and has a large roof terrace that allows panoramic views of the island. Ground Floor- Dining & living area- Fully equipped kitchenFirst Floor- King-sized bedrooms, with en-suite bathroomSecond Fl...
Cottage Code : Casa Skasplit
Sleeps : 6
...and Croatian adventures virtually hassle free. Set over three floors, the Casa Skasplit has a lot to offer. Finished to a very high standard in a chic, modern style, this home just exudes space a...
Cottage Code : Casaska
Sleeps : 6
...from six to eight guests comfortably. The rooms themselves are finished in light neutral tones to really accentuate that calming, modern vibe creating a tranquil place for guests to unwind after a...
Cottage Code : Casa Navitus
Sleeps : 6
...– including a sauna and outdoor kitchenette, you and your guests are sure to have a brilliant break.Ground Floor- King bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- Dining & living area- Laundry room- Full...
Cottage Code : Villa Plaza
Sleeps : 6
...overlooking the sea- Swimming pool- 18m sq- Steps down to waterfront area which is decked with direct access to the water and sun-loungers available for guests use (NB steps in this area may be e...
Cottage Code : Villa Kamen
Sleeps : 6
...summer days and the characterful stone barbecue means dining al-fresco, with a glass or two of local wine, will be yet another memorable experience.It will be hard to leave your villa yet the smal...
Cottage Code : Villa Ivona
Sleeps : 6
...holiday. Positioned in a secluded garden, Villa Ivona offers plenty of space, countryside views down towards the coast and boasts a wonderful private swimming pool.The villa can accommodate up ...
Cottage Code : Villa Nikica
Sleeps : 6
... shower enclosureExterior Grounds - Private swimming pool (27 m2)- Poolside shower- Sun loungers- Garden furniture- Barbecue - Covered dining terrace- Private parkingVilla Facilities- Washing machine-...
Cottage Code : Murter Villa
Sleeps : 6
...is a traditional old-stone Dalmatian townhouse which has been recently renovated to create a comfortable holiday home. You couldn't be in a better location as this villa is right in the middle...
Cottage Code : Villa Dinara
Sleeps : 6
...terrace and pool.Lined with a large glass wall, the living area leads directly to the sun deck with the ocean beyond, where you can sit or lounge for hours admiring the Adriatic Sea. Step in...
Cottage Code : Villa Maslinica
Sleeps : 6
...relishes in its lush surroundings. With views out onto the inviting cove just metres from the property, you'll love to while away hours relaxing on luxurious sun loungers, only moving to ...
Cottage Code : Vila Kacic Miosic
Sleeps : 6
...into. The carefully designed interiors are fresh and stylish, yet maintain a cosy, relaxed feel, with a fireplace in the living room, exposed stone walls and beams, it is impossible not to relax! ...
Cottage Code : Dvori Makarska II
Sleeps : 6
...includes a fully equipped kitchen, as well as seating for thirty people and a fireplace which can also be used as a grill. This fantastic, Croatian entertaining space is unique to this villa, a...
Cottage Code : Villa Mosor
Sleeps : 6
...authentic holiday. Together with the olive orchard, there are peaches, vegetables and a vineyard, all ecologically grown, which you can been shown around. The house boasts three bedrooms and two ba...
Cottage Code : Villa Ginkgo Juror
Sleeps : 6
... private space to yourself, whilst being able to come together in the open-plan, sociable living spaces. Downstairs, there is an open style kitchen and dining area. This space is ideal for entertainin...
Cottage Code : Villa Matea
Sleeps : 6
...the romance of the villa continues, a stunning terrace with an al-fresco dining area looks out over luscious greenery and towards the ocean, these breath-taking views continue from the adjacent pool...
Cottage Code : Villa Elina
Sleeps : 6
... Double bed, bathroom- Open-plan kitchen, dining and living room with balconyExterior- Private swimming pool- Outdoor dining area- Barbecue- Sun loungersVilla Facilities- Television- Air conditioning-...
Cottage Code : Villa Capocesto I
Sleeps : 6
... a dreamy sauna and a fitness room on offer, what more could you need for a special holiday away?Villa Capocesto I is situated next to its neighbouring villas - Villa Capocesto II, III, IV & V - for t...
Cottage Code : Villa Capocesto II
Sleeps : 6
...GroundsMain House InteriorGround Floor:- Communal bathroom- Dining area & living area- Fully equipped kitchenFirst Floor:- Bedroom 1 – Double bedroom, with en-suite bathroom & balcony -...
Cottage Code : Villa Capocesto III
Sleeps : 6
...allow light to flood into the space, breaking the barriers between indoor and outdoor and allowing you to move between the interior and exterior with ease. The kitchen is fully equipped for y...
Cottage Code : Villa Capocesto V
Sleeps : 6
...Capocesto I, II, III & IV - for those larger groups who want to be close by to one another.Interior GroundsMain House InteriorGround Floor:- Communal bathroom- Dining area & living area- Fitness...
Cottage Code : Krka Dvori I
Sleeps : 6
...The interior’s contemporary finish has all the facilities needed to ensure a fantastic stay, including a stylishly finished Villeroy & Boch kitchen.Ground Floor- Dining area & living area- Ful...
Cottage Code : Villa Brattia
Sleeps : 6
...Brattia in Dalmatia, Croatia sleeps 6 people. Step into minimalist Croatian luxury at the Villa Brattia. Located in the private and quiet development lies this beautiful villa. Finished in a livel...
Cottage Code : Villa of Klis
Sleeps : 6
...terrace, with outdoor furnitureSecond Floor- Double bedrooms- Communal bathrooms- Private terraceBasement- Bar- Games roomExterior- Private swimming pool, with Roman steps access- Hammock- Outdo...
Cottage Code : Kostroma House
Sleeps : 6
...a hill amongst a vast array of stunning Mediterranean greenery lies this homely villa. The artful yellow and stone exterior is complimented by the traditional bright roof tiles, white pillars and ...
Cottage Code : Villa Marzanna
Sleeps : 6
...a relaxed beach holiday or you want to explore the nearby towns and cities, Villa Marzana is the perfect choice for family and friends to enjoy this magnificent part of Croatia. The ApartmentVill...
Cottage Code : Villa Notaz
Sleeps : 6
...to tear yourself away to visit Dubrovnik, only ten minutes away and known to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.Set up on a hillside in Zaton Bay, you could spend all day on the spacio...
Cottage Code : Villa Gruda
Sleeps : 6
...holiday, a peaceful respite from the demands of everyday life. Boasting three bedrooms, this villa can comfortably sleep up to six guests so is a wonderful place for small families or friendship gro...
Cottage Code : Villa Sisi
Sleeps : 6
...the length of the house on the ground floor. The terrace provides access to a large fully equipped open-plan kitchen and dining area adjoining a living room centred on an open fireplace.An adjacent ...
Cottage Code : Villa Sol Fendi
Sleeps : 6
...6 people. Cosy and friendly Villa Sol Fendi offer a private swimming pool and a spacious garden of 2,200 m2. This beautiful villa is in the heart of Istria and is surrounded by attractive countrysi...
Cottage Code : Villa Gelice
Sleeps : 6
...All the rooms are tastefully decorated with all the modern conveniences expected in a holiday villa. It's traditional style, reclaimed stone and oak beams give the villa a very special atmosphe...
Cottage Code : Villa Emil
Sleeps : 6
...and patio doors leading to terrace Ground floor- Kitchen with dishwasher, microwave, oven, hob, fridge/freezer, coffee machine and patio doors leading to terrace - Open plan dining area with table...
Cottage Code : Villa Breg
Sleeps : 6
...scenery.The Istrian countryside is best known for its rolling panoramas of vineyards and beautiful olive groves which beckon to all visitors with the promise of thrilling hikes and scenic bike rides...
Cottage Code : Villa Novigrad
Sleeps : 6
...in the ever-popular destination of Istria. This wonderful family villa is conveniently located in the central urban resort of Novigrad. This cosy villa is striking from the outset, boasting uniqu...
Cottage Code : Villa Samaskh
Sleeps : 6
...remarkable 3-double bedroom villa, in the heart of the Istrian Countryside. The modern interior is equipped with everything you and your guests will need to have a memorable holiday. The grounds ex...
Cottage Code : Hillside Villa
Sleeps : 7
... microwave, toaster, fridge/freezer and dishwasher. Double door from the kitchen lead onto the covered dining terrace - Large sitting room with sofa bed (for 2 guests) and plasma screen TV- Dining roo...
Cottage Code : Villa Sladak
Sleeps : 7
...a large, exclusive private infinity pool, it provides a relaxing retreat from everyday life.Accessed from the private parking area, you step straight up to a spacious sea-facing balcony with a...
Cottage Code : Villa Gata
Sleeps : 7
...Interior GroundsMain House InteriorGround Floor:- Bedroom 1 – Double bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- Communal bathroom- Dining area & living area- Fully equipped kitchenFirst Floor:- Bedro...
Cottage Code : Casa Uvala
Sleeps : 7
...home. Somehow, this rustic white masterpiece blends into the surrounding nature, looking like something out of a fairy tale, just oozing warmth and welcome. Guests could easily get lost in the roman...
Cottage Code : Villa Bacco
Sleeps : 7
...wine cellar and mini fitness room.Ground Floor - Sitting room- Large dining area with open fire- Kitchen- Cloakroom- Air conditioning- Twin single bedroom with en suite shower room- Wine cellar ...
Cottage Code : Villa Lucena
Sleeps : 8
...to grab your towel and take a dip right in front of your property, the perfect way to wake yourself up in the morning.The property has modern and tasteful furnishings throughout, making the most ...
Cottage Code : Villa Mirca
Sleeps : 8
...Double bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- Bedroom 2 – Double bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- Bedroom 3 – Double bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- Bedroom 4 – Twin bedroom- Communal b...
Cottage Code : Villa Vallum
Sleeps : 8
... conditioned for your comfort. As you step outside, the laid-back, stress-free ambience of Villa Vallum continues. Views look out over the sea and there is a comfy outdoor seating area with space for ...
Cottage Code : Villa Cerineo
Sleeps : 8
...elegantly designed property, located in the coastal village of Splitska on Brac island. This contemporary villa benefits from modern design, cutting-edge technology and a fabulous location, perfect...
Cottage Code : Villa Milna
Sleeps : 8
...Being just 5 metres from the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea and a delightful sandy beach, not only will you appreciate those stunning views, but a sunset fishing trip, canoe ride, or simpl...
Cottage Code : Villa Bliveria
Sleeps : 8
...island is well worth exploring, steeped in history dating back to medieval times and boasting a rare selection wildlife and natural beauty that forms part of a protected nature park. Lastovo is als...
Cottage Code : Villa Sunset
Sleeps : 8
...with barbecue so the whole family can make the most of their opportunity to dine al fresco! Ground Floor- Living room with LCD satellite TV and dining facilities- Kitchen with stove, range hood. m...
Cottage Code : Villa Planina
Sleeps : 8
...floor- Spacious living-dining room with modern furnishings, TV and fire-place. - Open-plan well equipped kitchen with fridge-freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher. - Doors from living area opening...
Cottage Code : Villa Jasmina
Sleeps : 8
...is a stunning private swimming pool where you can practice your lengths and also a separate jacuzzi to relax in. Cook up a storm on the barbecue and dine under the terrace. You can even make use of ...
Cottage Code : Villa Lovre
Sleeps : 8
...are looking out to sea from the private swimming pool, admiring the dazzling panorama of island-studded sea and wooded hills. Your hardest decision will be where you should drink your evening aperi...
Cottage Code : Villa Lucija
Sleeps : 8
...has been lovingly and thoughtfully designed and furnished to create a fabulous base from which to explore beautiful Croatia. On the ground floor is the main living accommodation which comprises of ...
Cottage Code : Villa Adana
Sleeps : 8
...in Rogoznica, near the popular tourist destination, the Unesco city of Trogir. There are plenty of things to do and see in the area around Villa Adana. Interior GroundsMain House InteriorGround Floo...
Cottage Code : Villa Poljica
Sleeps : 8
...The villa is only stroll from a sandy beach, and offers plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy the views, including a spacious private terrace and heated pool.This luxurious villa is wel...
Cottage Code : Villa Tefera
Sleeps : 8
...and the hot summer days! Guests can enjoy the large outdoor pool, with wide steps leading into it, this is the perfect place to cool off and relax, there are comfy sun loungers and outdoor arm cha...
Cottage Code : Villa Lorel
Sleeps : 8
...stunning surroundings. Comfortable sleeping eight guests, this is a great family property, with plenty of space for everyone to spread out whilst also offering sociable spaces to spend time togethe...
Cottage Code : Villa Layla
Sleeps : 8
...the artwork and making the most of the views on offer. The generous living spaces begin with a luxurious living room, the space is bright and airy, with a fireplace adding a cosy ambience to the are...
Cottage Code : Casa Vela Luka
Sleeps : 8
...at the property, with twin beds and a separate bathroom for your convenience. The second floor will unveil another bathroom and the remaining three bedrooms, one of which is a beautiful master suite...
Cottage Code : Villa Andrea
Sleeps : 8
...bathroom- Kitchenette- Living area- TerraceSecond Floor:- Bedroom 3 – Double bedroom- Bedroom 4 – Double bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- Communal bathroom- TerraceExterior Grounds: ...
Cottage Code : Villa Mateo
Sleeps : 8
...waves are knocking at your door. Interior GroundsMain House InteriorGround Floor:- Dining area & living area- Fully equipped kitchenFirst Floor:- Bedroom 1 – Double bedroom- Communal bathroom-...
Cottage Code : Villa Epetium
Sleeps : 8
... If you are looking for a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life, yet remaining close to all the amenities of Split and its surrounding areas, then Villa Epetium is for you. Sitting ...
Cottage Code : Villa Kastel
Sleeps : 8
...in a truly Croatian style in this fabulous property! Villa Kastel's great location, makes visiting the charming, UNESCO city of Trogir a must and with Split only a short 20-minute drive away y...
Cottage Code : Acinzogor House
Sleeps : 8
...home for family or friends looking to relax in elegant surroundings on the Dalmatian coast.Villa Acinzogor has been styled with contemporary flair with great comfort in mind as you can tell from t...
Cottage Code : Villa Ragusa
Sleeps : 8
...across to the beautiful island of Brač, driving to experience the nightlife in the vibrant town of Masarka or exploring the medieval streets of the wonderful city of Split.Whether you are...
Cottage Code : Villa Zedno
Sleeps : 8
...2 - Twin bedroom- Dining area & living area- Terrace access- Well equipped kitchenExterior Grounds:- Private swimming pool, with ladder access- Barbecue grill- Outdoor dining & furnitureFacilities:-...
Cottage Code : Villa Capocesto IV
Sleeps : 8
... complex, Villa Capocesto IV is a stunning base for a holiday in Croatia. This eight-guest property features beautiful and sociable living spaces, with gorgeous sea views throughout! Primošten is...
Cottage Code : Villa Mirta
Sleeps : 8
...truly the most luxurious way in which to enjoy a glass of wine in the fine weather. There's even an outdoor shower to save you the trip indoors, while lighting lining the terrace and paths cr...
Cottage Code : Villa Zaboric
Sleeps : 8
...several levels, this home has four bedrooms and can comfortably sleep eight guests however, an additional bed can be provided if necessary. The bedrooms are completed with comfortable king-size...
Cottage Code : Villa Aksrakam
Sleeps : 8
...will find a generously sized pool, complete with roman steps. Neighbouring the pool there are a few sun loungers which are a tempting way to spend the entire day, relaxing in the heat, reading a...
Cottage Code : Villa Tragurium
Sleeps : 8
...Dalmatian cooking. There is also an indoor dining area and a very comfortable lounge area with a television.The VillaVilla Tragurium is a large holiday villa with 5-bedrooms, sleeping up to...
Cottage Code : Casa Postrana
Sleeps : 8
...3-bedroom villa can sleep up to 8-guests, as two of the bedrooms have additional single beds. Each bedroom has an en-suite bathroom and there is balcony access on the first floor.Ground Floor- Di...
Cottage Code : Villa Gornja
Sleeps : 8
...area, flanked with an outdoor barbecue, what better way to end a summers day? Beyond this, there are many sun loungers, all on different levels, making catching that summer glow all that much easi...
Cottage Code : Casa Novi
Sleeps : 8
...in the simple sounds of nature making this a perfect place to fully unwind and rejuvenate the soul. The exterior of the home overlooks the surrounding area, offering a stunning panoramic of the...
Cottage Code : Villa Jarmila
Sleeps : 8
...the ground floor is inviting and cool with wide doors opening straight out to the terrace with plenty of space to bathe in the sun or relax with friends and family in the al-fresco lounge. The heat...
Cottage Code : Villa Ruzza
Sleeps : 8
...surrounding countryside making it the perfect option for a relaxing villa holiday. Split over 3 levels, Villa Ruzza can sleep 8 guests in 4 spacious double bedrooms. Each room has been designed to ...
Cottage Code : Villa Vitaljina
Sleeps : 8
...one of the double bedrooms and a family bathroom. Upstairs, are the remaining three bedrooms and a second family bathroom. There is a cosy tavern area which boasts a third living area complete with ...
Cottage Code : Villa Almira
Sleeps : 8
...not forget in remarkable surroundings.Interior GroundsMain House InteriorGround Floor:- Living & dining area- Fully equipped kitchen First Floor: - Bedroom 1 - Double bedroom, with en-suite bathr...
Cottage Code : Villa Arta
Sleeps : 8
...a bathroom with a luxury bathtub, a large window opens up, so you can lay back in the bath, gazing out. The attic offer the final bedroom, with bight velux windows and a reading area, ideal for bo...
Cottage Code : Villa Mirno
Sleeps : 8
...green landscapes. The villa has a homely, well cared for feel about it and with additional features such as air-conditioning and heating, you will feel comfortable all year round.It's all...
Cottage Code : Villa Dubrava
Sleeps : 8
...bedroom, with en-suite bathroom- Rooftop terraceExterior- Private swimming pool, with ladder access (9mx5m)- Barbecue- Mediterranean gardens - Outdoor dining & furniture - Private parking- Sun lou...
Cottage Code : Villa Quarra
Sleeps : 8
...house was originally used as a place of respite for the workers in the surrounding fields, either to escape the hot sun or warm themselves by the fire. Built at the beginning of the 20th century usi...
Cottage Code : Casa Adriatiq
Sleeps : 8
... colours, bright artwork and fashionable furnishings are used across the villa, resulting in a rustic yet thoroughly modern ambience in the spacious open-plan living and dining space. The state-of-the...
Cottage Code : Villa Aslej
Sleeps : 8
...Fully-equipped kitchen - Open-plan living-dining room with sofa-bed- Double bedroom, with en-suite shower room and garden terrace- Double bedroom - Twin bedroom- BathroomFirst Floor (via spiral s...
Cottage Code : Villa Vrisnik
Sleeps : 8
... a very well-equipped summer kitchen providing the perfect excuse for guests to try their hands at traditional Dalmatian cooking. Inside the home there is an additional dining area, lounge spaces and ...
Cottage Code : Villa Klosta
Sleeps : 8
...(2 twin and 2 double bedrooms). The outdoor area includes a private pool with sun lounges and solar shower, BBQ build in stone, covered terrace with furniture and uncovered parking place nearby t...
Cottage Code : Villa Marie
Sleeps : 8
...been designed with comfort in mind whilst in keeping with Croatian traditional features and unique furniture. The outside area is especially beautiful with a large private swimming pool and terrace...
Cottage Code : Villa Klara
Sleeps : 8
...pool, terrace and gardens- Living area leads to open-plan kitchen-diner, well equipped with dishwasher, oven, hob, fridge-freezer, microwave, coffee machine, toaster plus table and chairs. Doo...
Cottage Code : Villa Bojana
Sleeps : 8
...beaches, rocky outlets, seaside cafes and of course magnificent views. The small seaside resort of Ika is about 1km or head a little further south to Lovran where you will find a relaxing atmos...
Cottage Code : Villa Histri
Sleeps : 8
...plan dining and lounge area which creates a social aspect, great for both cooking and entertaining. The kitchen is flooded with natural light from the large glass door which gives access to the a...
Cottage Code : Hiza Histria
Sleeps : 8
...can be found, which have terrace access to the poolside and garden for some outside fun. The exteriors grounds are an ideal place to enjoy meals and drinks. A thatched pergola stands above a stone a...
Cottage Code : Villa Krasna
Sleeps : 8
... There are two further elegant, double bedrooms on this upper floor, both with en suite's and balconies. The final double bedroom can be found on the ground floor, accessed from the lounge area, t...
Cottage Code : Villa Nadia
Sleeps : 8
... to 8-guests. Split over two levels, each floor is incredibly spacious. The garden area has a good sized swimming pool and a lawn area, which is ideal for kids to run around in.Ground Floor- Double be...
Cottage Code : Villa Petra
Sleeps : 8
...villa provides four, high standard, en-suite, double bedrooms and with no need to set an alarm you can wake up naturally with the sunlight streaming in through your window. Villa Petra is ideal for...
Cottage Code : Villa Lijep
Sleeps : 9
...you consider the beauty and culture you will get to experience. Interior and GroundsMain House InteriorGround Floor- Open-plan living and dining room- Fully equipped modern kitchen: refrigerator, ic...
Cottage Code : Villa Obala
Sleeps : 9
... in hues of cream and beige, promoting calm and serenity throughout. This theme is especially intensified in the bedrooms which are decorated and planned to connote a soothing and rejuvenating atmosph...
Cottage Code : Villa Donari
Sleeps : 9
...the large doors into the dining area, and they give a great view of the mountains too.Also. downstairs you have one bedroom and a shower room, while the remaining three can be found upstairs. Eac...
Cottage Code : Villa Slatine
Sleeps : 9
...a dining room, living room, wine cellar and one bedroom with its own private bathroom and terrace, as well as a swimming pool, spa area with a Hammam and a Russian sauna, ideal for restoring an...
Cottage Code : Villa Franco
Sleeps : 9
...- Single bed, A/C unit, Flat screen TVBedroom - Double bed, A/C unit, Flat screen TVBathroom - Shower, WC, Single washbasinExterior GroundsSwimming pool 1.50 meter deep, 6 X 4 meters.Sun l...
Cottage Code : Villa Dora
Sleeps : 9
...north to the popular restaurant ‘Martin Pescador' in the village of Trget (8km) where you can enjoy fresh fish on the waterfront, or head the other way to find a pretty pebbly beach or...
Cottage Code : Villa Epulon
Sleeps : 9
...you will be immediately taken by the chic, elegant interior design. The entrance hall is finished with a high shine tile floor which accentuates the feature of the room, the staircase which bra...
Cottage Code : Maison Ile de Re
Sleeps : 8
...room- Double bedroom with en-suite shower room - Twin bedroom with en-suite shower room- Guest W.C.Cottage InteriorGround Floor- Children's bedroom with bunk beds- Shower room- W.C.First ...
Cottage Code : La Maison du Voyage
Sleeps : 8
... lives and the lives of others.After running successful companies in the UK, it was time for ‘the great escape' and so La Maison du Voyage was born. No strangers themselves to life's str...
Cottage Code : Maison Charente
Sleeps : 8
...International TV- Nespresso coffee machine- Stone-built barbecue- Iron and ironing board- Hairdryer- Sun loungersPlease Note:- There is a well in the front garden that is securely chained, cover...
Cottage Code : Villa Aliki
Sleeps : 10
...castle, with a charming peninsula in the background, a lovely garden and luxurious private swimming pool, this is a unique retreat, where you will be overwhelmed by the authentic and magical atmosph...
Cottage Code : Villa Rossa
Sleeps : 10
...views. Also on the floor are two of the double bedrooms, one is accessed externally, both come complete with en-suite bathroom. Upstairs, there are a further three bedrooms all with en-suites, on...
Cottage Code : Barbati View
Sleeps : 10
...and dining table. Ground Floor / Pool Level- Living room with fireplace, dining area and access to the covered veranda and pool area-Kitchen with oven, hob, coffee machine, microwave, fridge/freeze...
Cottage Code : Villa Sultana
Sleeps : 10
...of the day! From the upstairs bedrooms, there are astonishingly beautiful views from the lovely balconies which provides a perfect setting for a well-earned, end of the day sundowner! With four bed...
Cottage Code : Villa Thalassa
Sleeps : 10
...nestled amongst four acres of private gardens just a short stroll from the beach and a range of amenities including both shops and restaurants.The newly-built villa can accommodate up to ten g...
Cottage Code : Roda Beach Villa
Sleeps : 10
...Grounds- Swimming pool- Jacuzzi- Covered dining area- Barbecue- Sun loungers- Parasols- Children's climbing frame/ play area- Ping pong tableAdditional Facilities- Free Wi-Fi- Free ai...
Cottage Code : Villa Karoubatika
Sleeps : 10
...with attractive gardens, a fabulous private swimming pool, and less than a 10-minute drive from the lovely sandy beaches of Glyfada and Pelekas, where you can also find abundant resort facilities...
Cottage Code : Villa Anatoli
Sleeps : 10
...bath, WC and washbasin- Bedroom with double bed and en-suite bathroom with shower, WC and washbasinFirst Floor- Office with access to the balcony terrace- Bedroom with double bed, en-suite bathroo...
Cottage Code : Villa Asteri
Sleeps : 10
...of children's toys can be found, great for keeping the little ones occupied and out of the sunshine for a while! Outside, the grounds are surrounded by trees ensuring guests have complete pri...
Cottage Code : Ikos Kerkyra
Sleeps : 10
...designed open plan fully-fitted kitchen with a sleek and modern finish. In contrast to all the mod cons is an antique table provides a super breakfast spot or place to gather.Leading on from th...
Cottage Code : Spartilas View
Sleeps : 10
...oven are fantastic for those wishing to enjoy spot of al fresco dining in the Corfu sunshine. The large private pool is the perfect place for kids and adults alike to splash around and cool off!Gro...
Cottage Code : Villa Zaimis
Sleeps : 10
...and bathroom.Exterior groundsA series of tended terraces lead up the hilly landscape to the house and pool. The large pool is exclusive to Villa Zaimis dwellers' pleasure. It is divided in...
Cottage Code : Sea Queen Villa
Sleeps : 10
...bathtub.Ground Floor- Open plan living & dining area- Fully Equpped Kitchen- Bedroom with double bed and en-suite bathroom with shower, WC and washbasin- Bedroom with double bed and en-suite...
Cottage Code : Villa Katia
Sleeps : 10
...with en-suite facilities. For those travelling with big families or a large group of friends, the double sofa bed raises the capacity up to ten guests. On the lower ground level, is one of the twi...
Cottage Code : Villa Stathis
Sleeps : 10
...Private swimming pool (20sqm)- Sunloungers & parasols- Dining facilities- Covered terraceAdditional Facilities- Complimentary Wi-Fi throughout- Air conditioning- Cot(s) and highchair(s) availab...
Cottage Code : Villa Zorba
Sleeps : 10
...a rocky pathway leads down to the sea, halfway down is a ’dream area’, here there is a twin sun lounger making it the perfect spot to relax in complete calmness with a good book a...
Cottage Code : Villa Searock
Sleeps : 10
... privacy and tranquillity, set far away from any prying eyes. Villa Searock can comfortably sleep up to ten guests across five spacious king-size double, en-suite bedrooms. On the entrance level is th...
Cottage Code : Villa Ouranos
Sleeps : 10
...each complete with access to the wonderful outside space. On the lower ground floor is a separate apartment area with queen-sized bedroom, en-suite bathroom and kitchenette area, perfect for ...
Cottage Code : Villa Argo
Sleeps : 10
...takes you to the beach just below. Along this path too, you'll find the self-contained guest apartment – it has a kitchen, living and dining areas, and double bedroom with en-suite bath...
Cottage Code : Villa Agapios
Sleeps : 10
...offers plenty of space for entertaining, comfortably accomodating ten guests, it is the perfect choice for large families. On the ground floor is an open-plan space, perfect for relaxing, comprising...
Cottage Code : Villa Hesperos
Sleeps : 10
... a dressing area and en-suite bathroom.Outside, the pergola covered dining table is the perfect place for an al fresco dinner party while watching the sunset over the Mediterranean. The large pool is ...
Cottage Code : Villa Venus
Sleeps : 10
...of high-spec, allow yourself to relax completely under waterfall showers. In the unlikely event you choose to stay indoors, Villa Venus has loads to do for you and the kids. There's video games,...
Cottage Code : Villa Elia Aspro
Sleeps : 10
...with washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, fridge freezer, oven and hob- Family bathroom with WC and sink- Bedroom with king size bed, air conditioningExterior Grounds- Infinity swimming pool...
Cottage Code : Villa Paralia
Sleeps : 10
...in the popular Houlakia area of Mykonos. The villa is located just 800m from the resort of Aghios Stefanos, boasting handy tavernas serving delicious local food and a minimarket, the quiet beach...
Cottage Code : Villa Mavri Petra
Sleeps : 10
...bedroom with king size bed, air conditioning, TV, doors to terrace and en suite shower room- Twin bedroom with air conditioning, TV, doors to terrace and en suite shower room- Games room with tab...
Cottage Code : Villa Picasso
Sleeps : 10
...and en-suite bathroom with shower, washbasin and WC- Lounge with TV, DVD and home theatre system- Bedroom with twin beds and balcony served by a full bathroom with showerLower Ground Floor- Bed...
Cottage Code : Villa Michaela
Sleeps : 10
...area. The villa has been beautifully and lovingly designed with elegant furnishings, wooden ceilings and colourful paintings and ornaments. On the ground floor is the living and dining area alo...
Cottage Code : Villa Barozzi
Sleeps : 11
...which houses a Jacuzzi which is big enough for at least seven people. Your additional fifth bedroom is also located in this part of the building. Sleeping Area The villa has five bedrooms, all ...
Cottage Code : Villa Giovanta
Sleeps : 11
...living, with chunky sofas and hand crafted furniture, not only in the main house, but also in the self-contained annexe, making Villa Giovanta the perfect base for large families or groups o...
Cottage Code : Kompsos Villa
Sleeps : 11
...Kitchen - fully fitted, modern units, oven, hob, fridge, freezer, dishwasher, coffee machine, microwave- Open plan living & dining area – fireplace, flat screen satellite TV, DVD player, s...
Cottage Code : Villa Althea
Sleeps : 12
...a Hammam with massage shower, jacuzzis, a private tennis court, a large fenced infinity pool with separate children's shallow area and a lot more are all at your disposal. It goes without stay...
Cottage Code : Villa Athina
Sleeps : 12
... sunbathing on comfortable sunbeds. There is also a luxurious outdoor dining area right by the sea, next to a fascinating pebbled and rocky spot, ideal for romantic retreats and special occasions. In ...
Cottage Code : Villa Kastania
Sleeps : 12
...than 15 minutes by car, including Agios Gordis, Kontogialos and Benitses. If dining out in beachfront restaurants is your thing and sampling freshly caught fish, you could not possibly be in a bette...
Cottage Code : Villa Levante
Sleeps : 12
... one of the most idyllic spots imaginable on this captivating island. Lower Ground Floor - Twin bedroom with air conditioning and en suite shower room- Twin bedroom with air conditioning and en suite ...
Cottage Code : Villa Hermes
Sleeps : 12
...from the imposing white mountains to the stunning coastline below. The property boasts five en-suite bedrooms, a luxurious lounge, a generously equipped kitchen and well-equipped games room and gym...
Cottage Code : Villa Elounda
Sleeps : 12
...bed and en suite bathroom with shower, WC and washbasin and direct access to garden/pool level- Bedroom with twin/double bed and en suite bathroom with shower, WC and washbasin and direct acces...
Cottage Code : Villa Europa
Sleeps : 12
...of Agia Pelagia makes it a fantastic choice for families.The villa has been designed in a unique-style, influenced by the caldera architecture of clasically famous Greek Islands, such as Santorini ...
Cottage Code : Villa Regina Rossa
Sleeps : 14
...experience in one of the most incredible islands in the whole Mediterranean sea. *The villa can accommodate up to 14 guests across standard and sofa beds. However, 2 extra beds can be added in the ...
Cottage Code : Villa Kommeno
Sleeps : 14
...spot to enjoy your morning coffee while admiring the tranquil surroundings. The children will enjoy splashing around in the pool, the little ones will love the playground area while the adults...
Cottage Code : Villa Oleandro
Sleeps : 14
...sunshine, or maybe you'd rather be exploring the rugged mountains and snorkelling out at sea, whatever pastime you select, Villa Oleandro ensures an unforgettable luxury holiday experien...
Cottage Code : Villa Elounda Megali
Sleeps : 16
... ground floor are three more double or twin bedrooms again both boasting en-suite bathrooms. There is also a further double bedroom with en-suite bathroom and patio doors leading to the terrace area. ...
Cottage Code : The Achilleo Residence
Sleeps : 17
...be perfect for a large family getaway or a reunion of friends. The villa has been finished with high attention to detail and boasts elegant interiors and lavish furnishings; it offers spacious accom...
Cottage Code : Villa Danilia
Sleeps : 18
...shower, washbasin and WC- Bedroom with king-size bed, satellite TV, patio doors and en-suite bathroom with Jacuzzi bath and handheld shower, washbasin and WC- Bathroom with shower, washbasin and W...
Cottage Code : Villa Sylva Estate
Sleeps : 18
...bathroom with bath, shower, washbasin and WC as well as direct access to the terrace- Staff accommodation Guest House- Living Room with fireplace, satellite TV, DVD and balcony access- Kitchenette- ...
Cottage Code : Spiridon Beach House
Sleeps : 2
... glass of wine underneath the stars.Ground Floor- Living room- Kitchen with stove, microwave, fridge/freezer, kettle, toaster and dining facilities- Bedroom with twin beds and TV- Bathroom with shower...
Cottage Code : Villa Aellopus
Sleeps : 2
...island of Crete. Interior- Open plan fully equipped kitchen with oven, hob, microwave, fridge, freezer, coffee machine, dishwasher, washing machine- Living & dining area with sofas, dining ...
Cottage Code : Villa Paionia
Sleeps : 2
... from Lefkada Town itself. Surrounded by olive trees, the villas location in the lush green hills of the island makes for a relaxing and peaceful stay. Villa Paionia is perfect for couples wanting a r...
Cottage Code : Villa Elena
Sleeps : 20
...Blue Lake are only a 15-minute walk away. Inside, on the ground floor, is the spacious living accommodation with access to the pool terrace, kitchen and two of the bedrooms both with en-suite bathr...
Cottage Code : Villa Electra
Sleeps : 22
...Private Pool- Hot tub Facilities- Air Conditioning - Fireplace - Fitness Room / Equipment - Garage - Hair Dryer - Heating - Internet - Iron & Board - Linens Provided - Living Room - Parking - ...
Cottage Code : Villa Kanouli
Sleeps : 4
...with en-suite bathroom with shower, WC and washbasin and access to a private balcony- Bedroom with twin/double beds and en-suite bathroom with shower, WC and washbasinLower Ground Floor- Play room w...
Cottage Code : Atlantica Caldera Villa II
Sleeps : 4
... oval shaped pool (25 m²)- Open Terrace- Landscaped garden- Off road private parkingAmenities- A/C - Heating system- Brick BBQ- WiFi- 42" Flat screen TV (living room)- 22" Flat screen T...
Cottage Code : Blue Sea Villa
Sleeps : 4
...on foot, as well as the expansive stretch of beach of course! For those who like to explore whilst on holiday, two of the islands best sandy beaches, Elefanissi and Falassarna can be found within ...
Cottage Code : Villa Ravdoucha Eleni
Sleeps : 4
... picturesque town of Chania with its famous Venetian port, while also being just a short distance away from the excellent nightlife of Platanias.Inside, the ultra-cool two-bedroom villa benefits from ...
Cottage Code : Villa Ravdoucha Athina
Sleeps : 4
... sun beds and impressive views over the swimming pool and across the bay, it is the perfect spot from which to enjoy a quiet drink after an action-packed day of sightseeing!Outside, the villa boasts a...
Cottage Code : Villa Gaia
Sleeps : 4
...allow for uninterrupted views. The balcony is an ideal place from which to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. The garden area is bordered with lush flora, that have been lovingly pruned. An outdoor di...
Cottage Code : Villa Astraea
Sleeps : 4
... windows allow the warm Crete sunshine to flood in and offer guests the chance to make the most of the remarkable views. Also on this level is the master bedroom suite, which boasts a luxury Jacuzzi b...
Cottage Code : Villa Thalia
Sleeps : 4
...on the balconies where you can envelope yourself in the natural beauty of the view.On the ground floor is the master En-suite bedroom, is fitted with luxurious Jacuzzi bath and has immediate ac...
Cottage Code : Villa Rhea
Sleeps : 4
... external access First Floor- Bedroom with double bed, access to sea view balcony and en-suite bathroom with walk-in Spa shower, WC and washbasinExterior Grounds- Private infinity swimming pool (10x3)...
Cottage Code : Villa Polaris
Sleeps : 4
...wine!Ground Floor- Open plan living and dining room with TV- KitchenFirst Floor- Master bedroom with king-size bed and en-suite bathroom- Bedroom with twin beds and en-suite bathroomExterior Grounds...
Cottage Code : Villa Azzurra
Sleeps : 4
...to explore the beautiful island of Crete. The luxurious property has been designed with high attention to detail, boasting elegant furnishings and interiors. The light colour scheme used throughout ...
Cottage Code : Villa Imera
Sleeps : 4
...up to 4 guests. A spacious living room and open plan kitchen fully equipped if you chose to cook in . Evenings are best spent on the terrace, taking a dip in the infinity pool and enjoying the st...
Cottage Code : Penelope I
Sleeps : 4
...Garden)- Separate WC First Floor- Bedroom 2 with twin Beds, en suite Shower Room and BalconyAnnex- Utility Room Outdoor Grounds- Off Road Parking- Private Pool with Roman steps (size: 7x4 m / depth:...
Cottage Code : Penelope II
Sleeps : 4
... glorious blue waters that must be seen to be believed.Villa InteriorGround Floor- Bedroom 1 with double Bed, en suite shower room (access to terrace and garden)- Kitchen- Living and Dining Room (acce...
Cottage Code : Milos Beach Poseidon
Sleeps : 4
...with shower, WC and sinkSecond Floor- Twin bedroom with en-suite bathroom with jacuzzi, WC and sink and patio doors onto balconyExterior Grounds- Private swimming pool- Veranda- Deck chairs- Furnit...
Cottage Code : Villa Nisa
Sleeps : 4
...with a wooden pergola and comfortable furniture complete with barbecue making it the perfect place for alfresco dining. Ground Floor- Open-plan living accommodation with TV, DVD/CD and air condition...
Cottage Code : Villa Melia
Sleeps : 4
...close to amenities being just ten minutes away from the town of Lefkada. The villa is part of a small complex of five villas.Inside, on the ground floor, the luxurious 2-bedroom villa boasts spaci...
Cottage Code : Villa Kallisto
Sleeps : 4
... conditioning and Wifi throughout. The fitted kitchen boasts granite surfaces and is fully equipped with all modern appliances. Also on this level is a bathroom and double bedroom. Upstairs, is the se...
Cottage Code : Villa Irida
Sleeps : 4
...fresco dining or those simply wishing to enjoy a quiet drink while watching the sunset after a busy day exploring the island or relaxing on the beach.Lower Ground Floor- Kitchen with oven, microwave...
Cottage Code : Villa Lazarata
Sleeps : 4
...who enjoy al fresco dining or those simply wishing to enjoy a quiet drink while watching the sunset after a busy day exploring the island or relaxing on the beach. Villa Lazarata really is the perf...
Cottage Code : Villa Sophia
Sleeps : 4
...dining, there are dining facilities and a handy barbecue, perfect for cooking up a storm with treats purchased at the local market!Interior Grounds- Living room with flat screen TV, media player a...
Cottage Code : Villa Paparouna
Sleeps : 4
...but these doors can also be shut off if needed. Ground Floor Annexe- Open-plan lounge and dining area with air conditioning, LCD flat screen TV, dining facilities and patio doors leading to the po...
Cottage Code : Villa Triantafyllo
Sleeps : 4
...lounge and air conditioning throughout.Outside, the stylish feel continues. There is a comfortable seating area complete with barbecue which is perfect for alfresco dining overlooking the large priv...
Cottage Code : Villa Cerulean
Sleeps : 4
...Villa Cerulean is a beautiful beachfront villa situated on Karvouno beach in the pretty village of Sivota. Sivota is a fantastic choice of destination for those wishing to explore one of the most un...
Cottage Code : Villa Panormos
Sleeps : 4
...paradise. This traditional style property offers 4 guests opulent living over two spacious floors. Boasting beautiful old features such as high-beamed ceilings, exposed stone walls and wooden sh...
Cottage Code : Villa Selinos
Sleeps : 4
...to unwind in after a long day in the Grecian sun. With a comfortable sofa and a dining area on which to entertain, you'll love this brightly decorated space. Also on the ground floor you'l...
Cottage Code : Aegean View Villa
Sleeps : 5
...in Crete, Greece sleeps 5 people. Aegean View Villa holds a one-of-a-kind frontline position on the beautiful shores of Korfalonas just meters from the water's edge, perfect for families looki...
Cottage Code : Villa Viros
Sleeps : 6
...to the shade of the outdoor patio, Villa Viros is Corfu acomodation at its finest. You can easily spend all day enjoying the sun from the outdoor living and dining area, taking in the amazing views...
Cottage Code : Villa Rana
Sleeps : 6
...has become rightly renowned. Such is the scale of this captivating island, and the ideal location of Villa Rana, these ‘must visit' villages and beaches can all be reached within 45 minut...
Cottage Code : Perama View
Sleeps : 6
...Greece sleeps 6 people. Perama View holds a fantastic location on the idyllic east coast of Corfu just a short distance from the popular village of Perama and its gorgeous, family-friendly beaches. ...
Cottage Code : Villa Piedra Barbati
Sleeps : 6
...Barbati offers something for everyone. Ground Floor - Kitchen- Living/Dining Area- Double bedroom- 2 Twin Bedrooms- 3 BathroomsExternal Grounds- Private Swimming Pool (7 x 5m)- Terrace- Terrace Fu...
Cottage Code : Villa Demeter
Sleeps : 6
... spots under the mature trees too – just the place to take a good book and enjoy some peace and quiet. There's also a superb outside seating section on the terrace immediately outside the ma...
Cottage Code : Villa Silenus
Sleeps : 6
...pick up all you need for a true Greek feast. There's a bar and restaurant about 10 minutes' walk from the villa too, if the thought of rustling up your own dishes is too much on holiday.Co...
Cottage Code : Villa Nicolas
Sleeps : 6
...The villa is spread over three levels and sleeps up to 6 guests in space, luxury and comfort. The living rooms are cosy and welcoming and the kitchen fully equipped. On top of it all, a pool ta...
Cottage Code : Atlantica Caldera Villa III
Sleeps : 6
...size bed and en-suite bathroom- 2nd bedroom with king size bed, en-suite bathroom and balcony- 3rd bedroom with king size bed, en-suite bathroom and balcony****the 2 three bedroom villas with the ...
Cottage Code : Villa Levantes
Sleeps : 6
...in Crete, Greece sleeps 6 people. Set in mature and impeccably manicured grounds with fantastic views out to the sparking sea and the popular seaside town of Kissamos beyond, Villa Levantes boa...
Cottage Code : Villa Pounentes
Sleeps : 6
...quirky designed, private pool, and of course, the gorgeous panoramic vista. Even though the village has all the facilities you could possibly need for a relaxing summer holiday, the nearby town o...
Cottage Code : Villa Scirocco
Sleeps : 6
...of knotted olive groves, citrus trees and a concoction of wild herbs create such a calming haven, as well as a wonderfully pleasant aroma. With a modern and trendy feel to the interiors, and a ...
Cottage Code : Villa Amalia
Sleeps : 6
...Double bedroom with air conditioning and LCD TV- Bathroom with shower, WC and sink- Lounge with air conditioning, fireplace and 33" plasma TV with home theatre system and DVD player- Kitche...
Cottage Code : Villa Isidora
Sleeps : 6
...double complete with en-suite bedroom and a further two twin rooms.Outside, the private pool is the perfect place from which to soak up and enjoy the magnificent views and peaceful surroundings. The...
Cottage Code : Villa Orea Thea
Sleeps : 6
...with oven, microwave, espresso coffee machine, dishwasher, fridge/freezer and dining facilities- Living room with fireplace, satellite smart TV, blue ray DVD player, home cinema, dining facilitie...
Cottage Code : Villa Kolymbari
Sleeps : 6
...to enjoy your morning coffee. The first of the twin bedrooms is also on the ground floor, this room has access to a private terrace complete with table and chairs, the bed is a handy zip-link an...
Cottage Code : Villa Hermione
Sleeps : 6
...have luxury showers, clean lines and a modern finish.Villa InteriorGround Floor- Large open plan kitchen/dining and lounge area. The kitchen boasts a coffee maker, dishes, utensils, dishwasher, ...
Cottage Code : Villa Cassiopeia
Sleeps : 6
...On the ground floor is the main living accomodation which comprises of a living room with access to the pool area and a modern, fitted kitchen with dining facilities. Upstairs, guests will find the ...
Cottage Code : Villa Saina
Sleeps : 6
... have access to all 3 bedrooms if they book for 5 or 6 guests. The Villa has two bedrooms (upper and lower floor) with a queen size double bed and one twin bedded bedroom (lower floor – pool lev...
Cottage Code : Villa Salacia
Sleeps : 6
...The king sized bedroom has an en-suite marble bathroom, finished to an extremely high standard with a hand-painted ceiling and high specification fittings. The twin bedrooms share a bathroom, com...
Cottage Code : Villa Liakada
Sleeps : 6
...are air-conditioned, so you'll be kept deliciously cool even in the warmer months.Head outside and you'll find a private infinity edge swimming pool, complete with Jacuzzi, terrace with...
Cottage Code : Villa Orion
Sleeps : 6
...and ultra modern kitchen. Evenings can be spent eating al fresco by the stunning curved pool and enjoying those amazing views. The master and two twin bedrooms all have en-suite bathrooms. For thos...
Cottage Code : Villa Odyssey
Sleeps : 6
... balcony – here is an outdoor dining area with breath-taking sea views; the ideal spot to enjoy a glass of something cold after a day by the pool or the nearby local beaches.The lower ground flo...
Cottage Code : Villa Ulysses
Sleeps : 6
...can be split into twin beds), and both have en-suite bathrooms, again with marble showers. The ground floor is open plan, with a living room, dining room and fully equipped kitchen all here. There ...
Cottage Code : Villa Kirki
Sleeps : 6
...Inside, the living/dining area is modern, bright and inviting with patio doors opening on to the pool terrace, making al fresco lunches around the pool a very popular pastime. The comfortable ou...
Cottage Code : Milos Beach Aphrodite
Sleeps : 6
...sink and breakfast barFirst Floor- Twin bedroom and en-suite bathroom with shower, WC and sinkSecond Floor- Twin bedroom and en-suite bathroom with jacuzzi, WC and sinkExterior Grounds- Private swim...
Cottage Code : Villa Aegean Blue
Sleeps : 6
...WCFirst Floor- Bedroom with double bed, access to balcony and en-suite bathroom with shower, WC and washbasin- Bedroom with double bed, access to balcony and en-suite bathroom with shower, WC and w...
Cottage Code : Villa Artemis
Sleeps : 6
...access, a DVD Blue Ray as well as free wi-fi and air-conditioning throughout the villa. The kitchen comes with all appliances, and there's a fully furnished garden garden outside. There's ev...
Cottage Code : Villa Kyani
Sleeps : 6
...WC and washbasin- Master bedroom with double bed, Ipod docking system, air conditioning and en-suite bathroom with bath, shower, WC and washbasinFirst Floor- Access to large private terrace wi...
Cottage Code : Ormos Villa
Sleeps : 6
...the luxury of the in-room bathtub some of the villas offer. When you wake up in the morning you can push open the vast set of French windows to let the warm gentle breeze float in. Down the last se...
Cottage Code : Azure Beach Villas
Sleeps : 7
... sunshine. While the outdoor dining area is fantastic for al fresco dining! ***PLEASE NOTE:Images are of two of the properties within this small cluster of five 3-bedroom villas, therefore your alloca...
Cottage Code : Villa Rethymno
Sleeps : 7
... door. Here, you can enjoy your evening meals and drinks on the terrace space that has a table and seating. Entering through the front door will lead you into a cosy and stylish living area, which is ...
Cottage Code : Villa Sfakaki
Sleeps : 7
...fenced off and has endearing vines growing over the top of the trellis, to ensure total privacy. A small dining area is protected by a parasol, so you and your family can be protected from the ...
Cottage Code : Kissamos Beach Villa
Sleeps : 7
...surroundings. Two of the spacious bedrooms are doubles, while one is a twin room, each comes complete with a luxurious en-suite bathroom and uninterrupted views.The outside space is as equally i...
Cottage Code : Blue Sky Villa
Sleeps : 7
...local beaches (assuming you can drag yourself away from your very own beach of course!), to taking a trip out to the small island of Spinalonga or just heading to one of the nearby towns for a taste...
Cottage Code : Milos Beach Cronus
Sleeps : 7
...with jacuzzi, WC and sink and patio doors onto balconyFirst Floor- Twin bedroom with additional single bed and en-suite bathroom with shower, WC and sinkExterior Grounds- Private swimming poo...
Cottage Code : Villa Mitera Gi
Sleeps : 7
...Gi is set in a fabulous position offering guests phenomenal volcano views. Holding an excellent location in the village of Imerovigli, amenities including a range of shops and restaurants are just a...
Cottage Code : Villa Cobalt
Sleeps : 7
...to the terrace area. Upstairs, on the ground floor is the open-plan kitchen and living area, a further two double bedrooms, one with en-suite and an additional bathroom. Outside, there is a pri...
Cottage Code : Villa Tatiana
Sleeps : 8
...Garden- ParkingAmenities - AC (lounge + bedrooms)- Ceiling fans- Wi-Fi- Fireplace- Satellite TV- DVD- Hair dryer- Iron & Board- Washing Machine- Coffee Maker- Dishes & Utensils- Dishwasher- Freezer...
Cottage Code : Villa Fioretta
Sleeps : 8
...are all close by. Hire a car and get to explore everything this beautiful island has to offer!- Stone Swimming pool with oxygen- Pool terrace- Outdoor bar- Pergolas- BBQ covered area (panoramic vi...
Cottage Code : Villa Afroditi
Sleeps : 8
... friends travelling together.Villa InteriorGround floor- Hallway with sitting/office area and sofa bed - 1st bedroom with double bed and en suite shower room (accesss to shaded poolside terrace)- 2nd ...
Cottage Code : Villa Nefeli Anthi
Sleeps : 8
...the shops, restaurants and the lovely sandy beaches in the popular and picture postcard resorts of Kato Korakiana and Dassia. This modern designed villa is constructed over two floors with the grou...
Cottage Code : Villa Bianca
Sleeps : 8
...screen TV, DVD, CD, dining facilities and patio doors leading to the terrace- Bedroom with king-size bed and en-suite bathroom with bath and handheld shower, twin washbasin, bidet and WC- Cloakroom ...
Cottage Code : Villa Blue
Sleeps : 8
...twin rooms. Each of the bedrooms have a private terrace or balcony, these overlook the pool area and again have spectacular sea and mountain views. Outside, there is a large infinity-style private ...
Cottage Code : Villa Zoe
Sleeps : 8
...and just a short distance from the beach at Perama. It holds a peaceful and private spot on the top of a hill while still making an excellent base for those wishing to fully explore the whole island...
Cottage Code : Villa Apollo
Sleeps : 8
...and overhead shower, WC and washbasinExterior Grounds- Private swimming pool (depth; 170cm) - Pergola- Barbecue- SunloungersAdditional Facilities- Free Wi-Fi- Free Air conditioning- Cot(s) and high...
Cottage Code : Villa Poseidon
Sleeps : 8
...Going back upstairs, there is a separate annexe with external access where there are a further two twin bedrooms both benefiting from en-suite bathrooms. Outside, there is a large private swimming...
Cottage Code : Villa Halikouna
Sleeps : 8
...bathroom with shower, WC and washbasin and access to private balcony- Bedroom with twin/double beds- Bathroom with shower, WC and washbasinLower Ground Floor- Play room with sofa bedExterior Ground...
Cottage Code : Ikos Kassiopi
Sleeps : 8
...master bedroom is a double bedroom, again with en-suite.Heading down to the ground floor, you'll find one of the double (or twin) bedrooms, with en-suite bathroom. The main living area is on t...
Cottage Code : Villa Gouvia
Sleeps : 8
...the area.Heading in at ground floor level, there is a largely open plan layout. The décor is chic and uncluttered but has comfortable touches, like Persian rugs and comfortable sofas. The spa...
Cottage Code : Villa Arete
Sleeps : 8
...of a quiet lane in a private gated development with only three other properties. Villa Arete boasts modern and stylish furnishings, with all the necessary facilities for a more than comfortable sta...
Cottage Code : Villa Pleiades
Sleeps : 8
... dining area with TV, dining facilities and access to terrace- KitchenFirst Floor- Bedroom with double bed, balcony access and en-suite bathroom- Bedroom with double bed, balcony access and en-suite b...
Cottage Code : Villa Aspasia
Sleeps : 8
...WC and washbasinExterior Grounds- Private pool- Dining facilities- Brick barbecue- Sun loungers- Outside sound system- Outdoor children's play areaAdditional Facilities- Wi-Fi- Air conditioni...
Cottage Code : Villa Anastasia
Sleeps : 8
...Floor (Max. capacity: 8)- Master bedroom with double bed and en-suite facilities (bath with shower over)- 2nd bedroom with twin beds- 3rd bedroom with twin beds- 1 family bathroom - Kitchen- Din...
Cottage Code : Villa Orpheus
Sleeps : 8
...a spacious lounge and a brand-new kitchen.The lovely outdoor spaces will allow you to take full advantage of the incredible all-year-round sunny weather: a magnificent oval-shaped pool with se...
Cottage Code : Atlantica Caldera Villa IV
Sleeps : 8
...groves. The highlight is the half indoor/half outdoor pool, perfect for both high season and low season holidays. Outside, there is plenty of space to chill in total relaxation, either taking r...
Cottage Code : Sea View Villas
Sleeps : 8
...The verandas are further decked out with outdoor furnishings, which will encourage plenty of out recreation. Overlooking the fascinating Cretan Sea, each of these Sea View Villas can accommodate ...
Cottage Code : Athena Villa Superior
Sleeps : 8
...of the villa is modern and elegant, perfectly complimenting the surrounding environment. The interior of the villa manages to balance a contemporary style, whilst embracing homely comfort...
Cottage Code : Villa Rouga
Sleeps : 8
...and wifi throughout. The four bedrooms, located across different levels, are all decorated beautifully and have their own en-suites. On the second floor of the villa is another veranda with a Jacuzz...
Cottage Code : Villa Celena
Sleeps : 8
...TV and DVD facilities. The area is open-planned creating a sense of space with the added bonus of luxury touches such as the bar. The four double bedrooms are equally as luxuriously furnished and...
Cottage Code : Villa Polemarchi Iris
Sleeps : 8
...Crete, Greece sleeps 8 people. We are immensely thrilled to add Villa Polemarchi Iris to our blossoming portfolio of up-market villas located in the exclusive and up-market environs of Chania on th...
Cottage Code : Villa Eleni
Sleeps : 8
...and kitchen accommodation comes complete with dining, TV and DVD facilities. The area is open-planned creating a sense of space with the added bonus of luxury touches such as the bar. The four d...
Cottage Code : Villa Armonia
Sleeps : 8
...from the imposing white mountains to the stunning coastline below. The property boasts four en-suite bedrooms, a luxurious lounge, a generously equipped kitchen and well-equipped games room...
Cottage Code : Villa Cailey
Sleeps : 8
...The seating area comes complete with barbecue making it fantastic for alfresco dining.Ground Floor- Double bedroom with air conditioning and plasma TV- Gym and Sauna- Bathroom with hydro-massage s...
Cottage Code : Villa Alayla
Sleeps : 8
...Double bedroom with air conditioning and en-suite bathroom with hydro-massage shower, WC and sink- Double bedroom with air conditioning and en-suite bathroom with hydro-massage shower, WC and sink...
Cottage Code : Villa Ilektra
Sleeps : 8
...open-plan living accommodation on the ground floor with large patio doors leading to the pool area and a double bedroom with shower room. There is a lower ground floor annexe which offers fle...
Cottage Code : Villa Phaedra
Sleeps : 8
... family bathroom. Outside, there is a large private pool from which the lovely views can be enjoyed. There is also comfortable furniture overlooking the pretty gardens which make the perfect spot for ...
Cottage Code : Villa Calantha
Sleeps : 8
...shops and supermarkets. The family-friendly villa has been lovingly modernised, retaining character and charm while possessing all the necessary modern facilities. It can comfortably accommoda...
Cottage Code : Villa Hera
Sleeps : 8
... fruit trees, accompanied by wooden decking, sofas, chairs and loungers to give you the perfect space to spend a lazy afternoon. By night, you will find the pool lights up with tasteful mood lighting,...
Cottage Code : Villa Gala
Sleeps : 8
...sofas and a small coffee table. In fact, the garden offers a number of areas in which to socialise, or seek some peace and tranquillity, including a large dining area, several seating areas, a...
Cottage Code : Villa Aeolus
Sleeps : 8
...the largest of the Greek islands. Upon arrival at the villa, you will find two private parking spaces and entry to the villa via a secure gate. The main entrance leads into the large open plan liv...
Cottage Code : Vasilissa Villa
Sleeps : 8
...a private house, but the convenience of a hotel is only moments away.On the ground floor is a wonderful 350 m2 open plan living and dining space. The furniture is French in style, with a sophisticat...
Cottage Code : Villa Rigani
Sleeps : 8
...distance to the beach and amenities, while the picturesque town of Chania with its famous Venetian port is only a short car journey away.Inside, the modern 4-bedroom villa boasts spacious open-p...
Cottage Code : Villa Menta
Sleeps : 8
... in Crete, Greece sleeps 8 people. Villa Menta holds a fabulous position with gorgeous views overlooking Loutraki bay. It has an excellent location, in walking distance to the beach and amenities, whi...
Cottage Code : Tiggi Beach House
Sleeps : 8
...tires of the outdoors. An infinity pool on the edge of the property running along its length invites guests to experience the Aegean at home.Tiggi Beach House - a true Mykonian experience!Main Ho...
Cottage Code : Villa Toles
Sleeps : 8
...from Mykonos Town.Inside and out there is an abundance of space, yet every inch of the property has been deigned and decorated to an exquisite standard, with a meticulous eye for detail. The en...
Cottage Code : Houlakia Beach Villa
Sleeps : 8
...and en-suite bathroom with shower, WC and washbasin- Bedroom with double bed and en-suite bathroom with shower, WC and washbasinExterior Grounds- Private infinity-style swimming pool- Dining facili...
Cottage Code : Villa Alelia
Sleeps : 8
...the narrow streets of Mykonos town are bursting with restaurants and boutiques to explore, while evenings can be spent enjoying the excellent nightlife!The stylish and spacious villa has been design...
Cottage Code : Villa Sophronia
Sleeps : 8
...of which come with their own bathrooms. One Bathroom has a bathtub, while the rest come equipped with a rain shower. All king beds can easily be split into twin beds upon request, and each bedroom h...
Cottage Code : Villa Theras
Sleeps : 8
...Well-equipped with modern features, and quirky add-ons. One is sure to enjoy preparing breakfast and light meals in this charming environment. You will find two double en-suite bedrooms on the grou...
Cottage Code : The Aspro Spiti
Sleeps : 8
...its wide range of amenities, including shops and restaurants. Being set out over three floors, the villa would suit couples holidaying together, a small group of friends or a large family. The villa...
Cottage Code : Villa Christina
Sleeps : 8
...hillside, giving it spectacular views along the coastline and Ionian Sea. Inside, walking through the property, you can see it has clearly been designed with strong attention to detail which helps...
Cottage Code : Villa Aquamarine
Sleeps : 8
...system and patio doors leading to the terrace area. Upstairs, on the ground floor is the open-plan kitchen and living area, a further two double bedrooms, one with en-suite and an additional bathro...
Cottage Code : Villa Souleka
Sleeps : 9
...designed with contemporary yet homely interiors. Villa Souleka can comfortably accommodate up to seven guests across four spacious bedrooms. On the ground floor, is the beautiful open-plan l...
Cottage Code : Villa Dassia
Sleeps : 9
...of the surrounding hills from its private balcony. There's a double bedroom on the first floor, as well as bunk beds – both rooms have private balconies but share a family bathroom. All th...
Cottage Code : Villa Sotto
Sleeps : 10
...everything Tuscany has to offer.Main BuildingEntering the house from the front courtyard up an internal flight of pietraserena stone stairs takes you onto a small landing at the heart of this prop...
Cottage Code : Villa Montanare
Sleeps : 10
...and sculpted organically into the side of the hill so the edge simply "disappears" (similar to an infinity pool!) into a spectacular panorama. Villa Montanare's owner is...
Cottage Code : Villa Martino
Sleeps : 10
... up to 10 guests with comfortable and stylish Italian furniture. Enjoy the privacy of a self-catering villa holiday with a large private swimming pool, perfect for soaking up the sunshine and plenty o...
Cottage Code : Villa Pavelli
Sleeps : 10
...people. The one thing that's better than your own private villa in the centre of Tuscany? Your own private villa, but with a hotel on-site boasting its own restaurant, spa and swimming pool.This...
Cottage Code : Casa Gaville
Sleeps : 10
...machine- Living-dining room comfortably furnished with decorative fire place- Guest toiletFirst floor- Double bedroom with en-suite- Three double/twin bedroomsSecond floor (attic conversion)- Sin...
Cottage Code : Villa Sancia
Sleeps : 10
...entrance of the house, you are immediately drawn to the panoramic patio. Comfortable seating and an outdoor table with chairs are perfect for al fresco dining overlooking both the Rockefeller Fou...
Cottage Code : Villa Borromeo
Sleeps : 10
...modern kitchen which comes complete with all necessary modern amenities. Also on this level are two of the spacious double bedrooms, a twin room and two family bathrooms. Heading downst...
Cottage Code : Villa Sempione
Sleeps : 10
...loft area which boasts a billiard table, electronic piano and an assortment of games. In the guest cottage is a handy kitchenette, a twin bedroom and bathroom, this area would be perfect two member...
Cottage Code : Villa Tessa
Sleeps : 10
... impossible not to want a refreshing dip when looking out at the cool shimmering waters of Lake Maggiore - especially when those Italian rays shine through. No worries, just head for the inviting turq...
Cottage Code : Villa Campino
Sleeps : 10
...meal and behind it a lounge area with elegant seating around a grand fireplace. With views of the lake, it's one unique setting. The kitchen is separate, so surprising your guests with a delicio...
Cottage Code : Villa Valentina
Sleeps : 10
...driveway Villa Facilities - Air-conditioning throughout (except the basement) - Wi-Fi connection - TV (digital terrestrial and sky international)- DVD player- Towels and linens provided - Cot a...
Cottage Code : Villa La Fratta
Sleeps : 10
...and cellared in a cantina located just below the villa where guests have the opportunity to sample the wine and olive oil produced on the farm.The villa is elegant with very high quality furnishi...
Cottage Code : Villa Agrioli
Sleeps : 10
...with everything you need to knock together a fantastic meal. Outside is a large swimming pool and gazebo with magnificent panoramic views and the patio has a barbecue for casual poolside...
Cottage Code : Masseria Amaranta
Sleeps : 10
... villa, which leads out onto a magnificent terrace that offers extensive and relaxing views of the estate's vineyards. A large living room is located at the bottom of the stairs. Here, you can chi...
Cottage Code : Trulli Lagorio
Sleeps : 10
...yourself in the rural history and culture of the Itrian valley in Puglia, and take a holiday in this restored 'trulli' house; a traditional conical-roofed stone farm building specific ...
Cottage Code : Trullo dei Contadini
Sleeps : 10
... head out to grab a few rays of morning sunshine from the comfort of your own lounger. Fancy some breakfast? Or lunch, or dinner? The wonderful outdoor dining terrace with its BBQ and pizza oven are p...
Cottage Code : Masseria Don Mauro
Sleeps : 10
... safe), rooms are spacious rooms and differ in furnishings and type.Interior- Dining room: large dining table, high ceilings, plenty of space for the whole group and visitors- Living room: small dinin...
Cottage Code : Villa Ginepri
Sleeps : 10
...Room The Green Room can be used as an independent bedroom with entrance under the loggia, or it can be linked to the Alabaster Apartment. It is spacious and elegant with wooden beams and a luminou...
Cottage Code : Villa Duca
Sleeps : 10
...secluded pathways, and perhaps find a crystal clear cove for swimming. Please Note: PAX: 6 – 3 bedroomsPAX: 8 – 4 bedroomsPAX: 10 – 4 bedrooms & 2 single beds Main house - Bedro...
Cottage Code : Villa Atenasio
Sleeps : 10
...the living room two staircases lead to the first floor where there are four spacious bedrooms, three doubles and one twin and four bathrooms.The outside space is equally as attractive. The large pr...
Cottage Code : Villa Giacomo
Sleeps : 10
... to dine al fresco on the terrace while enjoying the Sicilian summer sun!Ground Floor- Lounge- Large living/dining room with fireplace- Kitchen with oven, hob, microwave, toaster, dishwasher, fridge a...
Cottage Code : Villa Regilione
Sleeps : 10
...no choosing between modern luxury and comfort here, because Villa Regilione has combined both with cushy white sofas, pale wooden floors and modern artwork. The five bedrooms amplify the crisp w...
Cottage Code : Casa Spagnola
Sleeps : 10
...floor- Open plan living room & dining area- Fully equipped kitchen: dishwasher, fridges, freezer, toaster, black coffee percolator, hot plate, hobs, electric oven and microwave- Double bedr...
Cottage Code : Villa Tremmilia
Sleeps : 10
...jacuzzi is a real pull and we defy you not to spend most of your time luxuriating in its cool water and bubbles. The gardens are beautifully looked after and spending time basking in the sun there r...
Cottage Code : Villa Amina
Sleeps : 10
...well-thought-out ornate pieces and dark wood furnishings, add character and flair - an inspirational place to lay your head. With three double bedrooms and a twin, it's ideal for larger familie...
Cottage Code : Casa Tacciano
Sleeps : 10
...Entry to the villa is via a quaint stone path to the main terrace.Entering into the long hallway immediately sets the tone for the fabulous villa that lies ahead. The long wooden table, dresser and...
Cottage Code : Villa Olive
Sleeps : 10
...large outdoor table and a barbecue . It is an ideal space for al fresco dining as the sun sets over views of the medieval village, the abbey and the undulating Tuscan countryside. Guests are able...
Cottage Code : Casa Olive
Sleeps : 10
...rooms have direct access to the gardens and ceiling fans. Guest can also take advantage of the laundry room with a washing machine, sink, iron and ironing board.First FloorThe first floor is accesse...
Cottage Code : Villa Serravalle
Sleeps : 10
...while within short range of some of the region's main attractions.Traditional Tuscan features and modern décor blend perfectly throughout the holiday home, complete with hand-laid tiling i...
Cottage Code : Villa Sirenusa
Sleeps : 10
...you need can be bought at the local wharf and market - fresh and seasonal - the Italian way!Enter Villa Sirenusa and discover elegant nautical interiors throughout the main living areas, but als...
Cottage Code : Le Rocce
Sleeps : 10
...to come and go as you please, with or without a car! There The Villa3 floors, 5 rooms, 1 kitchen, an infinity swimming pool and a dominant landscape!Ground Floor- Modern kitchen with dishwasher,...
Cottage Code : Cocco Bernucco
Sleeps : 10
...’ en-suite ’bathroom Exterior- Garden (80 hectares of private property)- Heated saltwater swimming pool (15x4 m, depth 1.40 m)- Barbecue & alfresco dining areaMore facilities...- Washing...
Cottage Code : Villa Montone
Sleeps : 10
... might meet a local hunting for truffles. Inside, modern comforts meet old stone details, archways and walls from another time. Each bedroom has the benefit of a private en suite bathroom, with brigh...
Cottage Code : Fortezza Di Spinola
Sleeps : 10
...thanks to under floor heating and fan convectors, shower stalls are relaxing with a pressurization of the groups that emit hot or cold water under high pressure, plasma TVs and all are equipped ...
Cottage Code : Villa Nebbiosa
Sleeps : 10
...There is also plenty of fascinating history and culture in the nearby medieval village of Citta di Castello.Ground Floor- Large French kitchen leading to Loggia for outdoor dining - Spacious din...
Cottage Code : Villa Gaino
Sleeps : 11
...bedrooms with double bed (each one has an own bathroom)- Two bedrooms with bunk beds and a single bed for children- Kitchen: refrigerator, microwave, oven, freezer, washing machine, dryer, dishwash...
Cottage Code : Villa Ronchetto
Sleeps : 11
...pool. Set amongst Mediterranean plants and trees, with its private back garden, the secluded Villa Ronchetto is the place to re-connect with yourself and your loved ones. Overlooking marvellous...
Cottage Code : Villa Rapolano
Sleeps : 11
...Floor- Bedroom 1 – Double bed- Bedroom 2 - Double bed - Bedroom 3 - Double bed- Bedroom 4 - Double bed- Bedroom 5 - Double bed- Bedroom 6 - Single bed- Two communal bathroomsOutside Ground...
Cottage Code : Trulli Mancini
Sleeps : 11
...two sofa beds - Bedroom with double bed- Bathroom Annex Two- Bedroom with double bed and en suite bathroom- Bedroom with double bed and en suite bathroom Exterior Grounds - Private swimmi...
Cottage Code : Villa La Fauci
Sleeps : 11
...Garage- Canoeing/Kayaking- Mountain biking- Swimming pool (with hydro-massage relaxing zone ), Dimensions: 16x8 metres, Depth 1.2 to 1.5 metres- Mini pool for children, Dimensions 5x2 metres, ...
Cottage Code : Villa San Pantaleo
Sleeps : 11
... extension of this family friendly home.The elegantly furnished living-dining room has large doors opening up both sides to two beautiful large terraces, one with an outdoor dining area. There is also...
Cottage Code : Casa Donnafugata
Sleeps : 11
...even an annex with a double bedroom and art studio for all those budding Michelangelos.Casa Donnafugata isn't all about the inside though. Step outside and revel in the splendid southern sun u...
Cottage Code : Casa Spino
Sleeps : 12
... bread oven. Both bedrooms boast views of either the courtyard or Valdarno Mountains. In the courtyard facing the olive grove, the Casetta will delight with its sunny terrace, original Florentine fea...
Cottage Code : Casa Domenico
Sleeps : 12
...visit! The entrance to the house is the large kitchen where there is also a table for 14 people. The floors are cotto furnished with antiques and iron objects made ’’by hand. From the ki...
Cottage Code : Villa Sartino
Sleeps : 12
...from the world. From two of the first floor terraces you can see castles on the distant hilltops, and it is the ideal place to sip a bellini and drink in the atmosphere. It is difficult not to b...
Cottage Code : Villa Mera
Sleeps : 12
...city, so it's very easy to reach and has all you need including a bank, supermarkets and restaurants.Interior:The villa is divided over three levels and can sleep up to twelve guests. There are...
Cottage Code : Villa I Gigli
Sleeps : 12
...room- PatioExterior Grounds- Loggia with large dining table- Swimming pool (60m2) with sun loungers and parasol- Al fresco shower- Private parking- Private garden park (approx. 5000m2)Villa Facili...
Cottage Code : Casa La Pieve
Sleeps : 12
...space- Triple bedroom with double bed and a single bed- Triple bedroom with en-suite bathroom with shower- Three bathrooms- Large terrace furnished with tables and chairsExterior- Swimming poo...
Cottage Code : Villa Tafera
Sleeps : 12
...2 singles- Fully equipped kitchen- Fully equipped laundry room - Stereo, CD player and iPod docking station- TV and DVD player- Complimentary welcome breakfast - Linens, bath towels and whirlpool ...
Cottage Code : Villa Bonaparte
Sleeps : 12
... away! The charming villa Bonaparte is a historical country house, designed in a modern, classic style. The villa is filled with period feature and furniture. On the ground floor there are two wonderf...
Cottage Code : Villa Calasso
Sleeps : 12
...you can get the BBQ blazing and enjoy some fresh local produce. InteriorVilla Calasso is divided into 3 apartments, each with bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen space.Bucaneve - Sleeps 2 Ground floor ...
Cottage Code : Villa Acciaio
Sleeps : 12
...oven, slicer, toaster, blender and espresso maker.First floor- 5 Double bedrooms, 3 with en-suite bathrooms and showers, 2 with a shared bathroom and shower.- Living room with fireplace and 2 sin...
Cottage Code : Villa Cardello
Sleeps : 12
...for 20 people- Double bedroom with en-suite bathroom with shower, WC, sink- Double bedroom with en-suite bathroom with shower, WC, sink- Twin bedroom with en-suite bathroom with shower, WC, sinkFirs...
Cottage Code : Casa Azzura
Sleeps : 12
...summer livingInteriorGround Floor- Kitchen with coffee maker, dishwasher, microwave, oven, hob, fridge - Dining room with fireplace and seating for up to 10 people- Bedroom with double bed and en...
Cottage Code : Trullo le Carrozze
Sleeps : 12
...for outdoor dining whilst another separate patio area offers a chance to hideaway and unwind with a book. The poolside has plenty of sun loungers for all, so get comfortable and enjoy the views of ...
Cottage Code : Villa Marcella
Sleeps : 12
...double bedrooms- Bathroom- Living area with sofa, dining table and TV- Kitchenette with refrigerator, kettle and coffee maker - Private patioGrounds- Swimming pool- Equipped outdoor area: garden &...
Cottage Code : Villa Vinci
Sleeps : 12
...on the first floor boast en suite bathrooms and original charm. Those relaxing in the upper living room will also enjoy privileged views of the ancient village of Monteriggioni from the balcony....
Cottage Code : Villa Anna della Pantogia
Sleeps : 12
...culinary needs, whether you wish to sample some local delicacies or simply have a pizza from the outdoor wood fired oven. The grand master bedroom has its own terrace overlooking the pool and sea an...
Cottage Code : Villa Rosmarino
Sleeps : 12
... TV corner with banquetes- Dining area with large dining table, wrought iron chairs and banquete corner- Patio doors opening to large covered terrace with further comfortable wicker seating, overlooki...
Cottage Code : Faro Rosso
Sleeps : 12
...Bedroom 4: Overlooking the hills, wrought iron four-poster bed, lounge area with sofa and LCD TV- Tea room: Fireplace, bookcaseSecond Floor- Sitting area for two with picture window- Terrace surroun...
Cottage Code : Villa La Ganza
Sleeps : 12
...beaches of Punta Secca, a charming fishing village. The owner can help you organise sailing, wine tasting and other tours too. Villa la Ganza is 20 km from the Comiso airport or Ragusa train stat...
Cottage Code : Villa Camerina
Sleeps : 12
...fishing village in the Ragusa province, Villa Camerina is a short drive from golden sandy beaches and rocky cliffs. Enjoy the region's specialties, including Ragusano cheese, ricotta ravioli an...
Cottage Code : Villa Bene
Sleeps : 12
... and the fully equipped kitchen. At the ground floor there are 4 bedrooms, all provided with bathrooms en suite, air conditioners and flat TV. Two of the bedrooms feature also single sofa-beds for ext...
Cottage Code : Villa Sacro Cuore
Sleeps : 12
...Floor- Bedroom with double bed, walk-in closet and en-suite bathroom with shower, whirlpool tub, WC and washbasin- Bedroom with double bed and en-suite bathroom with shower, WC and washbasin Third ...
Cottage Code : Villa La Luna
Sleeps : 12
...fireplace, TV and DVD- Dining room with dining facilities- Sitting area- Study with library- Bathroom- Large kitchen with oven, hob, nespresso coffee machine, fridge, freezer, dishwasher and larder...
Cottage Code : Villa Bahia
Sleeps : 12
...You're about to win instant brownie points with the kids. Lovely gardens surround the distinctive pool, meaning hours of fun. And for you, there really is nothing more invigorating than walk...
Cottage Code : Villa Nerano
Sleeps : 12
...room with a sofa-bed and a double bedroom and bathroom with shower. Back up on the terrace level, you have a spacious living room with fireplace and dining area, offering satellite TV and DVD. A t...
Cottage Code : Villa di Cappello
Sleeps : 12
...di Cappello offers guests the opportunity to stay in a truly spectacular and peaceful location right in the heart of Tuscany. The villaVilla di Cappello is a beautiful countryside villa wit...
Cottage Code : Casa Marlena
Sleeps : 12
...Marlena in Tuscany, Italy sleeps 12 people. This beautiful, perfectly traditional home in the heart of the Tuscan countryside offers the ideal holiday retreat, with an elegant private pool, genuine...
Cottage Code : Talamon Tower
Sleeps : 12
...on the level above reached by wooden stairs a dressing area and a bathroom with shower. From here there is access to a little terrace at the top of the tower. Close to the main villa is a lovely ann...
Cottage Code : Villa Della Toscana
Sleeps : 12
...one side to the sea on the other, it's like the whole of Italy on a plate.The restoration of this villa was one that clearly had a Tuscan vacation in mind. Villa della Toscana offers the perfec...
Cottage Code : Bisenzio Farmhouse
Sleeps : 12
...to create a stunning accommodation for rent. This property has a quaint exterior and the interior is luxurious, stylish and comfortable.Land on the estate has been developed into an organic farm wi...
Cottage Code : Villa Chimneys
Sleeps : 12
...plants inhabit the gardens of this villa in Umbria, where there's always something in bloom. Here valleys and green hills embrace you from the moment you enter the winding drive, which passes t...
Cottage Code : Villa Di Tufo
Sleeps : 12
...include-Jacuzzi or hot tub- Sauna- Log fire- Internet access- DVD player - Central heating- Air conditioning- TV- CD player- Table tennis- Games room- Safe- Satellite TV- Kettle- Toaster...
Cottage Code : Villa Condotti
Sleeps : 12
...trip out in the local area that is just what you're looking for. If you'd rather keep it simple, the hilltop town of Montone is within walking distance, so you can take your morning co...
Cottage Code : Villa Francesca
Sleeps : 12
...around garden, perfect for children to run around. Also, make full use of outdoor living with the covered roman style swimming pool which can be heated at cooler times of the year! The outdoor bar...
Cottage Code : Villa Rinaldi
Sleeps : 12
...area with two sofas and fireplace- Study with fireplace- Dining-room: incredibly ornate design, vast dining table for the whole group, fireplace- Professional kitchen: oven, dishwasher, microwave, ...
Cottage Code : Villa Gaiole
Sleeps : 13
...pool 12m x 6m - Sun bathing area with sun loungers and deck chairs- Garden with vineyard and olive groves- Large courtyard for up to 25 people- Pizza oven and barbeque area- Dining terrace with sea...
Cottage Code : Villa Marconi
Sleeps : 13
...up to a maximum of thirteen guests across five spacious bedrooms set out over three levels. On the ground floor entrance level is the impressive living room which boasts a marble fireplace and ...
Cottage Code : Villa Fornaci
Sleeps : 13
...13 people. Looking like it may have sprung out of the pages of a fairy-tale-book, this unique holiday home with its stunning lakefront position, is an idyllic place to enjoy all that Lake Maggior...
Cottage Code : Villa Ribezzo
Sleeps : 13
...traditional methods of construction to produce an authentic Puglia villa with all contemporary conveniences. At this destination you are only 2 kilometres from the quaint historic old town of Ug...
Cottage Code : Villa Giuseppe
Sleeps : 13
...stunning and were recently landscaped to create a wonderful place to relax. There is a beautiful garden enriched with a variety of aromatic Mediterranean plants, ancient old olive trees and frui...
Cottage Code : Villa Dania
Sleeps : 13
...missing is a glass of good Tuscan wine. Thankfully that can be found in Fabbrica, a small town with groceries, cafes, restaurants, and a pharmacy within easy walking distance.Tuscany's most i...
Cottage Code : Casa Lea
Sleeps : 13
...all year-round. Extensive lawns are covered by fragrant flowers and the gnarled old trees which have stood on the farm for centuries.The villa's apartment configuration makes it ideal fo...
Cottage Code : Quercia di Manciano
Sleeps : 13
... shower, WC and washbasinShared Exterior Grounds- Multiple dining areas and terraces- Swimming pool (25m x 4m)- Poolside patio with loungers, fully equipped external kitchen and dining table- Tennis c...
Cottage Code : Villa Solara
Sleeps : 14
...the beautiful Tuscan sunsets.There is a fully equipped kitchen leading out into the garden and an extra living room that is ideal for children. The garden is spacious and includes a patio area, a ...
Cottage Code : Casale Brigida
Sleeps : 14
...Brigida, old farm house from XVIII century, was recently renovated into an amazing Villa that can host, together with the next door Dependence, up to 14 people (also including the sofabed); over ...
Cottage Code : Villa Impruneta
Sleeps : 14
...floor we find the wine cellars (available to guests for wine tasting tours), the gym with sauna, the laundry room (with washing machine, drying machine and iron board) and the staff quarter (not av...
Cottage Code : Villa Bagnoli
Sleeps : 14
...is a self-contained penthouse with two further bedrooms as well as its own living, kitchen and dining areas. French doors on both the ground floor and penthouse lead out to large terraces which b...
Cottage Code : Villa Storia Estate
Sleeps : 14
... maintained gardens and grounds- Barbeque area- Hot tub- Infinity swimming pool (can be heated if required)- Jacuzzi for 6/8 people- Patio area furnished with deck chairs and tables for outdoor dining...
Cottage Code : Villa San Miniato
Sleeps : 14
...for the babies, and wellness room with sauna and massage bed. The large kitchen comes with barbecue, pizza oven and a huge dining table! There's also a big, comfortable living room, a storage...
Cottage Code : Villa Silva
Sleeps : 14
... the height of elegance, and the masters even benefit from their own sitting/dining areas and flat-screen TVs. Descend the steps into your private outdoor oasis, where a pool and Jacuzzi offer relaxa...
Cottage Code : Castellare Corti
Sleeps : 14
...table, three meters long, comfortable chairs, sideboards and antique wooden cupboards graciously furnish this room. An impressive fireplace decorates one entire wall in this perfect location to sha...
Cottage Code : Villa Mediterraneo
Sleeps : 14
...with cork oak, a plant typical of the surrounding environment that stretches along the coastline of the Bay of Policastro between S. Marina and Sapri.Surrounded by a large enclosed garden, Villa Med...
Cottage Code : Manor Monte
Sleeps : 14
...private elegant pockets perfect for a summer soiree. The large swimming pool is surrounded by resort-style sun loungers and parasols and there is plenty of uncovered parking space near the main e...
Cottage Code : Villa Chiesa
Sleeps : 14
...is a pergola to provide shade.The area around the pool has been fenced for safety but this does not impose on the wonderful views gained from this area. A barbecue area is located close to the...
Cottage Code : Villa Presti
Sleeps : 14
...groups of up to 15 can enjoy a tranquil stay amidst the typically picturesque gentle hills of the Umbrian countryside, enjoying the delicate floral surroundings from a private upland infinity pool...
Cottage Code : Villa Benne
Sleeps : 14
...high speed internet throughout the whole house.The interior common areas are spacious and comfortable. The living room with its big fireplace, the two dining rooms. The professional and fully equipp...
Cottage Code : Villa Leopolda
Sleeps : 15
...the decor is charming and unique - high ceilings, and light colours contrast with the sober wooden beams overhead and the occasional antique armoire. Even the formal dining room and chef's ki...
Cottage Code : Villa Orlandi
Sleeps : 15
...suite with double shower- Single bedroom with en suite with showerFirst floor- Double bedroom with en suite with spa bath- Double bedroom with en suite with double showerExterior- Yoga hut (140m2) w...
Cottage Code : Trulli Fioritura
Sleeps : 15
... a stone shower cabin. All furnishings, sophisticated and refined, help create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Trullo Cammelia has an independent entrance and a patio equipped with table and chairs...
Cottage Code : Villa Califano
Sleeps : 15
...family meals, activities together and for creating long lasting memories.The villa also boasts its own fully equipped gym on the lower ground floor and a private outdoor swimming pool.Unobtrusi...
Cottage Code : Villa Livia
Sleeps : 15
...to appreciate your garden. The amazing private swimming pool is the perfect place to soak up the sunshine, whether you are splashing around in the pool or relaxing on one of the sun loungers. T...
Cottage Code : Villa La Quadra Estate
Sleeps : 15
... areas equipped with tables and chairs- Rose garden- Organic fruit trees- Organic herbal garden- Park with the modern art collection*** Villa La Quadra Estate can accommodate up to a maximum of 15 gue...
Cottage Code : Villa Forte
Sleeps : 16
.../ barbecue grill. Guest can enjoy relaxed alfresco dinning. There is a large swimming pool 12 x6 m in length and 1.20 m to 2.80 m depth. The water in the swimming pool is heated by an ecological ...
Cottage Code : Villa San Giovanni
Sleeps : 16
...Grounds- Huge private grounds (set within a 15,00sqm park)- Private swimming pool (16 x 8m)- Sun loungers & parasols- Terraces- Dining facililtie- BarbecueFor larger parties it is possible rent s...
Cottage Code : Villa Torre
Sleeps : 16
... separate dressing room, and large bathroom with lavish bathtub and separate walk-in shower.Hay BarnMain floorGourmet kitchen with all facilities (Two ovens, one microwave oven, double fridge, wine fr...
Cottage Code : Villa Andromeda
Sleeps : 16
...including an expansive spice rack, villa's appointed full-time chef would also be delighted to prepare your meals so you can simply put your feet up and relax, if you'd prefer. As wel...
Cottage Code : Castello Cavica
Sleeps : 16
...using local stone and wood. Its 7 comfortable bedrooms can accommodate up to 16 guests (5 doubles, 2 triples). Each bedroom has a private bathroom, air conditioning, minibar and TV. The loun...
Cottage Code : Bisenzio Tower
Sleeps : 16
...buildings, separated by a beautiful courtyard.THE MAIN BUILDINGGround Floor: Dining room, breakfast, fabulous kithcen and guest cloakroom.First Floor: Lounge, music/tv room, bar, snooker room and gu...
Cottage Code : Casale La Fazia
Sleeps : 16
... to its current hybrid of traditional Tuscan rustic style and sophisticated elegance. The property is set on a slope, surrounded by olive and oak trees, off a very quiet road and looking out over the ...
Cottage Code : Villa Avondo
Sleeps : 16
...a large family bathroom with two twin bed rooms. The twin beds are larger than standard sized twin beds and known as Piazza Mezza in Italian.Downstairs on the ground floor, there is another lar...
Cottage Code : Villa Carosella
Sleeps : 17
...Billiard room- Oven- Fax- Dryer- Fridge with ice maker- Toaster- Cook and maid available for additional fee- PC and printer- Home theatre system- Plate warmer- Remote controlled gate- Rental c...
Cottage Code : Casa Parella
Sleeps : 17
...the base for your next Italian escape.Main villaGround Floor- Living space, including a large living area, a dining room and a second living room- Fully equipped kitchen with induction hobs and o...
Cottage Code : Villa Francis
Sleeps : 17
...The villa comprises of seven self catered apartments containing 8 bedrooms for 17 guest with en suit bathrooms. An additional 12 guests can sleep on sofas in the living rooms of several of the apart...
Cottage Code : Villa Poggio
Sleeps : 18
...terrace, or in the dining room of the main house. The impressive chef's kitchen makes feeding a crowd a cinch - even better if you arrange catered meals.The best art and culture of Tuscany can ...
Cottage Code : Castello Chianti
Sleeps : 18
...possibility to adding a cot, air-conditioning and shared bathroom.- Classic Bedroom (La Rosa) with twin beds (can be joined to form a double), possibility to adding a cot, air-conditioning and ...
Cottage Code : Villa Falti
Sleeps : 18
... Villa Falti. A recently restored farmhouse positioned on the grounds of a castle and surrounded by idyllic Chianti countryside, it's pretty special.And this is the place to immerse yourselves in ...
Cottage Code : Villa Ciottolo
Sleeps : 18
...and television room are all beautifully furnished and inviting, and the rustic, modernized kitchen is perfectly appointed to host the group. Ample sunlight will surely draw guests to the expansive...
Cottage Code : Villa Leccio
Sleeps : 18
...double bedrooms with en suite bathrooms with shower.On the second floor are a further three double bedrooms with en suite bathrooms with shower.NIDONido is a small romantic apartment with a double ...
Cottage Code : Villa Nobile
Sleeps : 18
...black and white marble flooring and lime and white-striped sofas alongside green floral ones - it's a striking contrast. Then, in the beautiful contemporary kitchen you'll discover stark whi...
Cottage Code : Villa Nicolina
Sleeps : 18
...Pizzaiolo.Perfect for that large-scale, once in a lifetime occasion, Villa Nicolina has room for 18 guests in its six double bedrooms and on three additional sofa-beds. You will have the use of s...
Cottage Code : Villa Subtila
Sleeps : 18
... olive trees and green valleys. Also, guests can enjoy the comforts and the services of a 5-star resort and swim in a private pool that also contains a Jacuzzi. Guests can walk through the nature rese...
Cottage Code : Casa Cerlo
Sleeps : 19
...Italy sleeps 19 people. If your family is looking for a grand Italian countryside adventure, this villa in Tuscany will delight them all. The property includes both a large farmhouse and a cottag...
Cottage Code : Trulli Gabriella
Sleeps : 2
...fridge/freezer, oven and gas hobs. - Master bedroom- Bathroom with shower, sink and WC.Outside Grounds- Private swimming pool (10x5m) - Reclining sun beds- Poolside shower- Covered patio with din...
Cottage Code : Villa Il Gufo
Sleeps : 20
...accommodate large groups all eating together. Large exposed beams, stone niches, handmade terracotta tiles, wrought iron, Persian rugs, fine furniture and antique fabrics are part of the furni...
Cottage Code : Casa Chieto
Sleeps : 20
...and various sitting areas. A spiral staircase leads up to the top floor of the tower with another double bedroom with private bathroom and shower. All the rooms can, if necessary, be single or doub...
Cottage Code : Villa Bello
Sleeps : 20
...2 bathrooms with bath and 1 bathroom with shower. There is a large living room with an imposing fireplace, dining room and kitchen. On the upper floor guest can take advantage of a covered terrace w...
Cottage Code : Pape Touna
Sleeps : 20
...Tiled floors, rustic furniture and a wood burning fireplace.- Bath towels and hairdryer included.- Kitchen Fully equipped kitchen with utensils and crockery, a kettle, microwave Mokafridge-freezer....
Cottage Code : Villa Anna
Sleeps : 20
... is a guest House on the grounds which contains 1 bedroom which is en suit. Outside GroundsOutside you can take advantage of the 2 covered terraces, huge garden with swimming pool, vegetable garden, h...
Cottage Code : Villa Morino
Sleeps : 20
...with en-suite bathroom with standalone shower and bidet- Twin bedroom direct access to terrace with en-suite bathroom with standalone shower and bidetLa StallaGround Floor- Living room with sofa...
Cottage Code : Villa Monte Nero
Sleeps : 22
... the wood burning stove outside, or go foraging in the olive groves that surround the villa, then see your pickings turned into olive oil by the experts! The interior covers 550 square meters over two...
Cottage Code : Faro Rosso Estate
Sleeps : 22
...private nature reserve of the coastal region of Chia. Clearly placed as such to guide ships, the views offered by this estate go beyond any of the passing vessels, providing guests with a gl...
Cottage Code : Villa Ettora
Sleeps : 24
...living room with a fireplace.- Dining room.- Kitchen with a fireplace, dishwasher, refrigerator and electric oven.- Four double bedrooms.- Four bathrooms (one with a shower, two with a bathtub and...
Cottage Code : Villa Santini
Sleeps : 25
...Dining room- Three double/twin and single room with en-suite shower room- Two double/twin rooms with en-suite shower room- Two rooms interconnecting (one double/twin and single and other large d...
Cottage Code : Villa Nicoletta
Sleeps : 26
...Large living room with exit to the pool side- Twin bedroom- Double bedroom- Two Bathroom - Laundry & garage Lemonaia house - Two double bedrooms with en-suite bathroom - Small kitchenette and exi...
Cottage Code : Castle Mago
Sleeps : 26
...onto the lovely rear rose garden where there is a pretty al fresco dining area with a marble rectangular table for all the guets, as well as an outside living area with comfortable settees and umbr...
Cottage Code : Villa Bastia
Sleeps : 26
...area between the hamlet’s guests, as a welcome and information office, as a place where breakfasts or dinners on reservation are served, or where guests can find books, guides, tennis ra...
Cottage Code : Villa Taraschi
Sleeps : 28
...two which have their own private terrace. The rooms are spacious with beautiful Afghan rugs surrounded by comfortable couches. The master suite, features a stunning en-suite in Portuguese marble ...
Cottage Code : Villa Fassio
Sleeps : 28
... bathroom with a separate bathtub and shower. - Living room with a dining area and kitchenette. - Entrance from the courtyard.Amenities- Swimming pool (20 x 10 m)- Three Roman pools (cold, tepid and w...
Cottage Code : La Casetta
Sleeps : 3
...the pretty painted door from the street and enter a stylish, white-painted stone lobby with a bright Moroccan rug and cushions. These add a dash of colour, there is a collection of ...
Cottage Code : Villa Aiala
Sleeps : 30
...kitchen, giving everyone their own space and privacy. The main farmhouse has plenty of common areas for everyone to come together and share meals or enjoy a game of pool. The property features ext...
Cottage Code : Castello Gubbio
Sleeps : 30
...the antique ’foresteria’, linked to the first one.Interior It has 12 rooms and one apartment. The rooms (3 two-bed rooms, 7 double rooms and 2 suites) are completely furnished with...
Cottage Code : Villa Carli
Sleeps : 31
... less than 45 minutes from the cultural centre of Florence. Originally built in the early 15th century, this outstanding villa was renovated between 1996 and 1998 and is now one of the preeminent ultr...
Cottage Code : Villa Soldani
Sleeps : 33
...TV and fireplace. There is an additional living-room with a vertical piano and a large billiard-room. Next to which is an en suite twin room, a utility room and two WC’s.First Floor The ...
Cottage Code : Segromigno Farmhouse
Sleeps : 35
...your kids!All the houses have wireless Internet access and a shared laundry room is available with washing machine and iron.In each of the houses you'll find a fully equipped kitchen. Th...
Cottage Code : Villa Montefoscoli
Sleeps : 36
...period. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, heating system, frigobar, telephone, TV with LCD television, Wi-Fi connection (at additional cost), hair dryer, safe.Opposite the main Villa there...
Cottage Code : Lorenzo Village
Sleeps : 37
...traditional materials, the village now offers an original Tuscan atmosphere, combined with modern furnishings. Two of the smaller apartments can be combined to add a ninth option.Apartment 1 (9/...
Cottage Code : La Chiesetta
Sleeps : 4
...Cottage has a garden entrance; it has a charming living/dining-room with corner kitchen. There is a double sofa bed in front of the satellite TV. In addition guests have access to a bathro...
Cottage Code : Casa Oliveto
Sleeps : 4
...and showerOutdoor Space- Private 500 sqm garden with barbecue and gazebo- Access to a swimming pool, tennis courts and mountain bikesAmenities- Number of guests: 4 people- Private garden with ba...
Cottage Code : Villa Tranquillo
Sleeps : 4
...is.The villa is L shaped, and open planned throughout and includes a dining area and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. There is a well-equipped kitchenette with kitchenware, a coffee maker...
Cottage Code : Trullo Ava
Sleeps : 4
...chic style. There is Wifi and air conditioning throughout.Outside, the gardens are just as beautiful, Trullo Ava has a vast garden space, with a private pool. There is also a covered outdoor dini...
Cottage Code : Trulli Castellana
Sleeps : 4
...trulli is enhanced by a generously sized, elegant private pool and an open pool-house, ideal for relaxation at dusk. Meals are best enjoyed at the pergola-style limestone summer kitchen and barbecu...
Cottage Code : Trulli le Mandorle
Sleeps : 4
...you can stay in one! Take Trulli le Mandorle. This 250-year-old elegantly restored villa, set in 5 acres of peaceful countryside scattered with olive groves and fruit trees, is special indeed.Inte...
Cottage Code : Trullo Joel
Sleeps : 4
...Washing machine- Weekly cleaning- Weekly linen change- Weekly pool cleaning- Common area with children’s playground- Children’s high chair (on request)- Children’s bed (on reques...
Cottage Code : Talia Villa
Sleeps : 4
...artist friend's holiday home). With sea views teasing you from every room, the beauty of Sicily will infuse every moment you spend here. For flawless swimming, you can choose either the littl...
Cottage Code : Villa Giovani
Sleeps : 4
...windows which look upon the magnificent views beyond. There is a simple and coordinated colour scheme which runs throughout, echoing the colours of the surrounding environment. The bedrooms are t...
Cottage Code : Villa Manlio
Sleeps : 4
...stone patio further the rural atmosphere of the property. An arbour which offers shade to a dining table adds a certain refinement to the grounds, which continues with the private pool, artfully...
Cottage Code : Villa Luminosa
Sleeps : 4
...looking out upon a distant mountain.Outside, the villa comes into its own. A veranda with a quaint wooden bench provides a relaxing spot from which to take in the surroundings. An elegant stone pat...
Cottage Code : Villa Cima
Sleeps : 4
... equipped; the open plan kitchen and living area offering a social and bright space in which to dine or relax. Both the double and twin bedroom come with generous wardrobe space, and are simply but ta...
Cottage Code : Casa Borroni
Sleeps : 5
...is perfect for those nights in - to maybe enjoy a succulent seafood supper?With two welcoming bedrooms and bathrooms, it's perfect for family life. A large marble tub in one of the bathrooms me...
Cottage Code : Villa Bibiana
Sleeps : 5
...stone-built villa in the rural Puglia countryside. Villa Bibiana has a mix of original and contemporary characteristics allowing a perfect combination of modern style and charming tradition.Vil...
Cottage Code : Casa Valera
Sleeps : 5
...of the coastline far below with the deep blue of the ocean stretching out as far as the eye can see.InteriorGround floorThe Ground floor has a large double bedroom, bathroom with shower, kitchen, ...
Cottage Code : Villa Bella
Sleeps : 6
...have their own residence on the far side of the park and a driveway with its own independent parking area and garden. They are very happy to help arrange tours, wine tastings, restaurant bookings a...
Cottage Code : Villa Selva
Sleeps : 6
...Olive grovesAmenities- WiFi connection- Air-conditioning- TV and sound system- iPad provided for guests offers internet access and useful information- Piano- Concierge service to greet guests and ...
Cottage Code : Villa Castagna
Sleeps : 6
...all the bedrooms share a balcony overlooking the gardens and glittering waters of Lake Maggiore only add to the appeal of this charming property. And to top it off, a spa with sauna and wellness ...
Cottage Code : Villa Cassano
Sleeps : 6
... as an external kitchen and dining area, complete with barbecue, making it the perfect spot for alfresco dining! InteriorGround Floor- Kitchen with oven, hob, fridge/freezer, coffee machine, dishwashe...
Cottage Code : Villa Bobolino
Sleeps : 6
...villa makes a fabulous base for those looking to further explore the wider Tuscany region. The quirky villa is bursting with character and charm and can comfortably accommodate four guests, with ...
Cottage Code : Villa Ciana
Sleeps : 6
... provides shade from the sun. There are plasma screen TVs in several rooms including the living room, and large couches for everyone to congregate in the evening for a film. There are also plenty of s...
Cottage Code : Trulli La Pietrina
Sleeps : 6
... with furniture and parasol- Guest bathroom- Gated property- Private parkingMore facilities...- WiFi- Air-conditioning available into the lamia (living room, kitchen, double bedroom)- Heating - SKY sa...
Cottage Code : Trulli Rosalie
Sleeps : 6
...a local wine and enjoy this as you watch the sun set. If you fancy a day out, take a short drive to the coast of Monopoli to explore the historic town and many sandy beaches.Interior Grounds (All ...
Cottage Code : Trulli Fiorella
Sleeps : 6
... villa holiday in the gorgeous Puglia. Interior Grounds (All on one level)- Open plan living room/dining room with TV and dining facilities, double bed in the alcove with curtain - Kitchen (just off t...
Cottage Code : Trulli De Luca
Sleeps : 6
...during the summer and a warm climate during winter time, making it ideal for any season. Inside, the interiors have been tastefully designed with candid white tones and shabby-chic furniture. ...
Cottage Code : Trulli Leonzio
Sleeps : 6
... dining area is the ideal place to dine at any time of the day, first thing in the morning with a cappuccino and in the evening after using the barbecue. The private swimming pool is absolutely divine...
Cottage Code : Trulli Tesoro Mio
Sleeps : 6
... chairs. - Bathroom with shower, sink and WC - Kitchen corner Studio - Large open studio with double bed, comfortable seating area with sofas for 8 guests and arm chairs. - Bathroom with shower, sin...
Cottage Code : Trullo Adriana
Sleeps : 6
...Living room with flatscreen SMART TV, DVD, and dining facilities with table and chairs for 6 people- Master suite with dressing room, shower room and doors to the garden- Double/Twin Bedroom with en...
Cottage Code : Casa Luisa
Sleeps : 6
... accommodation is a holiday apartment which occupies the entire 1st floor of the villa and is well suited to smaller groups and families who are eager to discover the enchanting region of Puglia by ca...
Cottage Code : Trulli Silvana
Sleeps : 6
... from this alluring holiday home, head out to the stunning cities in the region including Cisternino, Locorotondo, Ostuni and the UNESCO World Heritage site of Alberobello - famous for its number of t...
Cottage Code : Villa Jana
Sleeps : 6
...Double bedroom, with extra single sofa-bed- Twin en-suite bedroom- Double bedroom- Communal bathroom- Fully fitted kitchen- Lounge & dining area- Utility roomExterior - Private swimming pool (8m ...
Cottage Code : Casa delle Pigne
Sleeps : 6
...close to the striking allure of the Adriatic Seafront, this home is a haven for beachgoers and adventure seekers alike. Of course, surrounded by such raw natural beauty as well as the colourful pa...
Cottage Code : Casa Melograno
Sleeps : 6
...to the sun as it peaks from over the hillside.Stepping through those glass doors, guests will find themselves in the garden area which offers a whole host of activities for guests to enjoy. Set...
Cottage Code : Villa Capuccini
Sleeps : 6
...washbasin- Bedroom with twin beds and en-suite bathroom with shower, WC and washbasin- Bedroom with single bed and en-suite bathroom with shower, WC and washbasin- Bedroom with single (pull-out) bed...
Cottage Code : Villa Lapunga
Sleeps : 6
...as a fitted kitchen which comes complete with all the necessary amenities for a more than comfortable stay. There are three spacious double bedrooms, each boasting en-suite bathrooms. The outside sp...
Cottage Code : Villa Lorena
Sleeps : 6
... Italy sleeps 6 people. Villa Lorena is a cosy haven by the tranquil village of Scopello. Modern furnishings and minimalist design gives the interior a cool and invigorating feel, in perfect harmony w...
Cottage Code : Villa Gessica
Sleeps : 6
...plasma TV and DVD player- Living room - Bathroom with shower- Double bedroom First Floor (access to the external staircase)- Two bedrooms- Bathroom with showerExterior- Mediterranean garden - veran...
Cottage Code : Villa Rosalina
Sleeps : 6
...room creates an inviting area in which to cook and relax. Bare wooden ceiling beams slant distinctively towards the horizon, as though the house itself is becoming part of the surrounding rolling h...
Cottage Code : Villa Gilestra
Sleeps : 6
... famous Italian sun, all enveloped in an array of thriving plants. There is a large dining area alongside the outdoor kitchenette, shaded by the veranda. Also benefiting from a little shade is the poo...
Cottage Code : Casa Priola
Sleeps : 6
...beds. Each has air-conditioning and is brought to life with charming natural tones hinting of patterns and colour and all getting plenty of natural light thanks to the large windows. The two fami...
Cottage Code : Casa Mari
Sleeps : 6
...ocean views. Clad in the cliffs of Marciano village on the western coast of the Sorrento Peninsula, it looks out towards the island of Capri with direct views from its swimming pool and garden...
Cottage Code : Casa Tuoro
Sleeps : 6
... and double sofa bed to sleep an adult or two children- Large, modern kitchen with dining table for six: cooker with gas hobs, oven, fridge freezer, microwave, kettle, toaster and Italian coffee maker...
Cottage Code : Villa Volsini
Sleeps : 6
...garden, a perfectly manicured lawn surrounds the sparkling private pool. Lazing around the infinity pool in one of many sun loungers, you'll begin to appreciate the tranquillity and calm of...
Cottage Code : Casa Campana
Sleeps : 6
...sleeps 6 people. This sweet, homely villa in Umbria offers a dreamlike view of the hills on the horizon. A small family can reconnect here away from it all, beside the private pool or gathered roun...
Cottage Code : Villa Buona
Sleeps : 6
...in Umbria, Italy sleeps 6 people. A 14th century church has found a second life as this modern villa in Umbria. Pale pink stone walls rise above the green countryside outside Spello - this is your ...
Cottage Code : Villa Giardiniera
Sleeps : 6
... Red RoomThe master bedroom is found on the first floor and offers a wonderful view across the garden and the Umbrian hills. The colours of the Moroccan rug rhyme with the red king size bed from Minot...
Cottage Code : Villa La Macchia
Sleeps : 6
...by the Tiber River; in the summer, look out for the jazz festival.The VillaVilla La Macchia is a 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms villa with an extraordinary location and a large infinity pool Interior-...
Cottage Code : Villa Vigneto Estate
Sleeps : 62
...Bed Flat (up to 4 people)- Three Bed Flat (up to 6 people)- Three Bed Flat (up to 6 people)- Three Bed Flat (up to 6 people)More Facilities...- Three swimming pool - Wine tasting- Wine Tour and lig...
Cottage Code : Villa Di Nino
Sleeps : 7
...feature staircase. From here, there is access to the large outdoor terrace which boasts spectacular views of the Lake with the imposing Alps in the background. On the same level, is two double...
Cottage Code : Chiesa Amaro
Sleeps : 7
...riding lessons for a quite reasonable fee. This holiday villa is located in the tiny village of Canapegna, where you'll experience absolute peace and silence; the only sound? Birdsong. The nea...
Cottage Code : Villa Narcisa
Sleeps : 7
...are spacious and air-conditioned. For those warm summer months, there is a large outdoor pool surrounded by lush grass and shady trees. There is also a covered dining space beside the pool that enjo...
Cottage Code : Villa Raffaela
Sleeps : 7
...nearby amenities in both Montagnana and Montespertoli. The villa was originally a barn built in the 1640's by a noble Florentine family and has been restored into a beautiful independent house....
Cottage Code : Trulli Lavanda
Sleeps : 7
...masses of character throughout, the owners have lovingly restored the property keeping many of the traditional features whilst incorporating all modern conveniences. The spacious kitchen with large...
Cottage Code : Villa Capo Ferro
Sleeps : 7
...functional style, the owners have made sure you have every comfort on hand. The rich terraced gardens surround the spacious terraces and you have amazing sea-views from most spots.All four bedrooms ...
Cottage Code : Villa Cannigione
Sleeps : 7
...even on the last day of your stay!Outside, the large private pool is the perfect place to soak up the sunshine while soaking up the sunshine and the tranquil surroundings. The covered terrac...
Cottage Code : Villa Corte
Sleeps : 8
...Air conditioning in every room- Thermostat- Satellite TV- Washing machine- Iron and board- Fax machine- Dryer- Dishwasher- Wi-fi internet connection- Fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher- Beach b...
Cottage Code : Villa Costi
Sleeps : 8
...3 en suite bedrooms. Each is beautifully decorated with a neutral colour scheme and exposed beamed ceiling.Outside, guests can relax and take in the stunning scenery, have a meal with friends under...
Cottage Code : Villa Vigna
Sleeps : 8
...in the living and dining area, or perhaps in a sun lounger beside the pool. A gorgeous dining table set for 12 is the perfect place to enjoy meals made in the spacious, well-equipped kitchen. W...
Cottage Code : Villa Vigneto
Sleeps : 8
... at the very heart of Chianti Classico, about 5 km from Gaiole in Chianti, a medieval village famous for L'Eroica vintage cycling race. The villa sits nestled amongst the vines of an organic winer...
Cottage Code : Villa Sonni
Sleeps : 8
...staircase from the ground floor. Second Floor: The Second Floor is accessed by an internal stairway in the living room. Here you'll find two bedrooms each with their own private bathroom complet...
Cottage Code : Villa Chicha
Sleeps : 8
... Tours, wine tasting, restaurant suggestions and bookings etc can all be organised by the owners (please enquire)- Massages and treatments in the villa or at the local spa can be arranged- Cookery les...
Cottage Code : Villa Geovana
Sleeps : 8
...terrace overlooking the lake. Outdoors- Private swimming pool- Private garden (450 sqmt)- Private parking (2 cars)- Furnished gazebo- Outdoor storage- TerraceAmentities- Parking for 2 cars - Din...
Cottage Code : Villa Storia
Sleeps : 8
...for 6/8 people - Well maintained gardens and grounds- Barbeque area- Hot tub- Patio area furnished with deck chairs and tables for outdoor dining- Olive groves- ParkingAmenities- WiFi connection...
Cottage Code : Villa Regina
Sleeps : 8
...focuses on the harmony between body and soul and allows you to relax and recharge together with your friends and family. You'll experience a truly memorable holiday at Villa Regina – a...
Cottage Code : Villa Brisino
Sleeps : 8
...roomExterior Grounds- Private infinity swimming pool (14 x 4.5 m)- Sun loungers- Covered terrace- Dining facilities- Weber barbecueAdditional Facilities- Wi-Fi- Air conditioning- SKY satellite TV...
Cottage Code : Palazzo Novara
Sleeps : 8
...study- Desk- Computer, printer, scanner, fax machine and copier- Coffee table with 2 chairsDining room- Table seating 8 people Fully equipped kitchen- Dishwasher- Fridge and freezer- Electric oven ...
Cottage Code : La Casa del Fattore
Sleeps : 8
...at any time of the day. La Casa del Fattore is the perfect choice for a group of friends or large family looking for an extra special property in the wonderful Tuscany.Lower Ground Floor - Kitchen...
Cottage Code : Villa Turino
Sleeps : 8
...Bathroom with a shower.First floor- Double bedroom with a private bathroom and shower.- Large lounge room with a fireplace.- Large bathroom with a shower and a study with a double bed divan.-...
Cottage Code : Villa San Michele
Sleeps : 8
...in the region. Trees include Olives, Almonds walnuts, mulberries, figs, pomegranates, lemons, quince and prickly pears.*The Grotto:Near the property is a large natural limestone karst cave or gr...
Cottage Code : Villa Trullo
Sleeps : 8
...the holiday home offers ultimate privacy within close reach of many attractions. It's also an excellent event venue. The exclusive home boasts 3,000 square feet of luxury living space, includ...
Cottage Code : Masseria Crocevia
Sleeps : 8
...in Puglia lies just outside the UNESCO world heritage site, home of the famous trulli dwellings, Alberobello. The welcoming parlour will put guests at ease with its cosy fireplace, comfortable s...
Cottage Code : Villa Alberta
Sleeps : 8
...both adults and children. Make the most of the barbecue and dine al fresco with a lovely bottle of local wine. This villa is simply perfect! *For those in larger groups, Trulli Peppe is just next ...
Cottage Code : Trulli Peppe
Sleeps : 8
...shops and much more.Interior Grounds (All on one level)- Kitchen with 4 ring stove, coffee maker, dishwasher, freezer, microwave, oven, fridge, dining facilities, TV, patio doors leading to terr...
Cottage Code : Trulli Emilia
Sleeps : 8
...areas to relax on, there is even a hidden hammock. By evening cook up dinner on the barbecue and dine al fresco under the pergola on the wooden table. Grab a bottle of local wine from the nearby vi...
Cottage Code : Trulli Bruno
Sleeps : 8
...a TV and DVD player.The grounds of Trulli Bruno are quite simply fabulous. The swimming pool is surrounded by lush lawns with reclining sun beds and a charming covered seating area. There is the l...
Cottage Code : Villa Rosso
Sleeps : 8
...solarium terrace equipped with tanning and sun beds, here is the ideal place to enjoy the panorama of the countryside and sea views.The exterior grounds are extremely private and the perfect pla...
Cottage Code : Trulli Di Olive
Sleeps : 8
...the surroundings. The accommodation is connected by a network of above-ground tunnels and can sleep up to a maximum of eight guests across three bedrooms, each with access to the gorgeous outsi...
Cottage Code : Villa Fori
Sleeps : 8
...In fact, in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Alberobello, you'll find a whole town of them.And to explore this glorious region, you'll need a great base. Fortunately, we've found it:...
Cottage Code : Trulli Le Viole
Sleeps : 8
...fireplace. There are two bathrooms with showers, including the master bedroom's own en suite. Just 4km away, Locorotondo is the nearest town, a labyrinth of pretty whitewashed houses huddled tog...
Cottage Code : Casa Viola
Sleeps : 8
...al-fresco dining on one of the panoramic sea-view terraces. With four bedrooms, all en-suite, this villa is ideal for families or a small group of friends looking to escape to this prestigious desti...
Cottage Code : Villa Sughera
Sleeps : 8
...area with bedroom with double sofa bed and bathroom with shower, WC and washbasinExterior - Private swimming pool (8x4m)- Terrace- Sun loungers- Dining facilities- BarbecueMore Facilities...- Wi-Fi...
Cottage Code : Casa Splendida
Sleeps : 8
...Sun terrace with panoramic views of Cefalù- 9.5 x 5m swimming pool and large sun deck- Large terraced country garden- All newly refurbished and furnished to a high standard with ...
Cottage Code : Casa Victoria
Sleeps : 8
...A dedicated pre-arrival concierge service- Organic food items on arrival (Cefalu villas only)- A local representative on call 24/7 in case of emergency- A comprehensive information guide to t...
Cottage Code : Casa Da Sogno
Sleeps : 8
...areas with a large dining zone positioned between the two suites under a covered wood pergola. The house has two completely separate terraces offering magnificent views of Erice, Trapani and Ma...
Cottage Code : Villa Alvino
Sleeps : 8
...cubicle and luxurious bathtub. The second double bedroom also boasts an en-suite, but the highlight of this room is the bed – which features a beautiful carved wooden headboard, painted in...
Cottage Code : Villa Caminiti
Sleeps : 8
... coast from the city centre of Marsala, famed primarily for its excellent wine. It boasts a fine archaeological museum; the nearby site on the island Motya is home to remains from Phoenician times. Re...
Cottage Code : Villa Orsini
Sleeps : 8
...views of the country, including fruit trees and olive groves, which can be admired from the property's upper floor terrace. Just a short distance from the famous archaeological site of Agrig...
Cottage Code : Villa Cannizzo
Sleeps : 8
...air-conditioning and direct access to terrace- 2 bedrooms, each with double beds, air-conditioning and direct access to terrace - 2 bathrooms Exterior- Private swimming pool (4,5m x 4,5m depth 1,2...
Cottage Code : Villa di Sole
Sleeps : 8
...kettle, coffee machine, dining facilities - Bedroom with double bed, air-conditioning- Studio with double sofa bed- Bathroom with shower, toilet and washbasin First Floor - Bedrooms with doub...
Cottage Code : Villa Gallodoro
Sleeps : 8
...evening guests will never forget. The handy barbecue is great for cooking up a storm taking inspiration from all the wonderful local cuisine you will sample on your holiday!Main House Ground Floor ...
Cottage Code : Villa Balestrate
Sleeps : 8
...the bedrooms are stylishly simple with little characteristic touches in the rustic wooden furnishings or artwork. One of the bedrooms has doors opening out on to the terrace for a fantastic morn...
Cottage Code : Villa Elorina
Sleeps : 8
...Villa Elorina in Sicily, Italy sleeps 8 people. If you find your happiness where the sun shines, Villa Elorina could be your perfect holiday home.Features...
Cottage Code : Villa Segesta
Sleeps : 8
...stone fireplace, with Anatolian rugs and ornate, Indonesian furnishing, including an impressive wooden coffee table. The interior stone wall complements the terracotta tiling throughout the villa an...
Cottage Code : Villa Almeida
Sleeps : 8
...featuring plump sofas and armchairs dotted around for you to fully relax in. A lovely wooden dining table complete with elegant chairs awaits you - perfect for dishing up those succulent Italian...
Cottage Code : Casa Arcobaleno
Sleeps : 8
...room and loft living space above. There are two immaculate bathrooms in the main villa, one with a bath and the other with a large walk-in shower.InteriorMain Villa- Large living and dining area...
Cottage Code : Casa Poggio
Sleeps : 8
...a dining room and a loggia which offers the possibility to dine outside.Second FloorAn old staircase takes you up to the second floor, where there is a sitting room, three double bedrooms and two b...
Cottage Code : Tower Villa
Sleeps : 8
...8 people. Tower Villa is an exclusive luxury villa which has just been rebuilt on the ruins of a medieval defensive tower on the estate. The tower was originally built in a strategic position on...
Cottage Code : Villa Savini
Sleeps : 8
...in the centre of one of the most beautiful private nature reserves in Italy.Villa Savini is a 14th century complex set in a stunning position with beautiful views across endless woods, olive tr...
Cottage Code : Casa Giardino
Sleeps : 8
...Niccone Valley, this enchanting villa in Umbria is enveloped by 25 acres of gardens and orchards and boasts captivating views of some of the most awe-inspiring countryside in Italy. The open-plan f...
Cottage Code : Villa Quilici
Sleeps : 8
... sqm of gardens include oak and pine trees, rose bushes and rosemary hedges. Walk down the stone path to a private pool with diving board and a pool house for changing and showering. With marvellous p...
Cottage Code : Villa Colabella
Sleeps : 8
... life back home, if you desire. Located near the small village of Trevine, Villa Colabella is a short drive from Città di Castello (15 km). Climb the Torre Comunale for an amazing view of this p...
Cottage Code : Petronella
Sleeps : 8
...of the property is preserved. The house accommodates 8 people across 4 generous bedrooms, 3 with en suites housing large bath tubs, showers and bidets. There is a large eat-in kitchen stocke...
Cottage Code : Casale Cocca
Sleeps : 9
... Dishwasher, espresso and cauppuccino machine, kettle, blender, wine cooler, stove, oven, toaster- Table linens available- Washer/dryer- Iron/Ironing board- SMART LED TV with access to the Internet, D...
Cottage Code : Trulli Carmina
Sleeps : 9
...all close to the pool area. In the main building there are most of the bedrooms and a cosy living area. The master suite has its own external access to the large terrace next to the pool area. ...
Cottage Code : Villa Gironda
Sleeps : 9
...stunning city and with villa's inviting pool, terrace and large garden ready for you to enjoy on your return.Suitable for up to nine guests, Villa Gironda offers the perfect balance of the indo...
Cottage Code : Casa Regello
Sleeps : 9
...light- Traditionally designed bedroom with beautiful furniture and double bed, with en-suite facilities including shower, WC, washbasin- Bathroom First Floor- Three bedrooms traditionally desi...
Cottage Code : Villa Gelso
Sleeps : 9
...of Manciano, in the Maremma area of Tuscany, not far from the charming Medieval town of Capalbio. The grounds are truly beautiful, with large lawns and a swimming pool for the whole family to...
Cottage Code : Villa La Quadra
Sleeps : 9
...La Quadra in Venice & Veneto, Italy sleeps 9 people. Villa La Quadra is a luxury villa for eight people. It has a swimming pool and four hectares of fenced park lying at the foot of the Euganean ...
Cottage Code : Villa Alcanada Mar
Sleeps : 10
...end of Aucanada.Interior- Lounge with TV/satalite, stereo system, sofas- 2 double rooms and 3 twin bedroom, all with air conditioning - cold/hot- 5 bathrooms ( 2 en-suite )- A fully equipped kitchen...
Cottage Code : Villa Casares
Sleeps : 10
...suite bathroom (bath, WC and bidet), sofa, air-conditioning and access to a terrace- Bedroom Two: Smaller bedroom with double bed and en suite bathroom (bath, WC, bidet), air conditioningThe followi...
Cottage Code : Finca Santa Fe
Sleeps : 10
... to colourful local flowers, you'll love to feel at peace wondering amongst the vegetation, finding quiet spots to sit back and enjoy the peace and tranquillity. Swinging in a hammock under a tree...
Cottage Code : Casa Can Lima
Sleeps : 10
...Dishes/Cutlery, Kitchen utensils, Coffee machine, Toaster, Kettle and JuicerLounge: 10 seater sofa, plasma TV, dining area for 10 people5 Bedrooms: all with en suite shower rooms and access t...
Cottage Code : Villa Maritime
Sleeps : 10
...bed, large walk-in wardrobe, sea views and en suite with shower and hydro massage bath- Bedroom 2 with large king-size bed, large walk-in wardrobe, sea views and en suite with shower- Bedroom 3 wi...
Cottage Code : Villa Almond
Sleeps : 10
...The terrace leads down to the inviting private pool, which is surrounded by sun loungers. Relax and soak up the sunshine, dipping into the pool to cool off when needed.With pool towels and hairdr...
Cottage Code : Villa Volta
Sleeps : 10
...TV, Ipod dock, Playstation 3- Double bedroom with air conditioning, en suite bathroom with bath, shower, sink, WC, hairdryer- 2 x twin bedroom with air conditioning- Bathroom with bath and ove...
Cottage Code : Villa Almendra
Sleeps : 10
... mature gardens the winding pathways meandering through the lawns to various attractive areas providing their own unique charms. Take a welcomed break from the summer sun and enjoy a siesta under the ...
Cottage Code : El Jardin del Sol
Sleeps : 10
...space for relaxation and enjoyment. The beautiful grounds, including a large pool, stretch out to allow you to feel utterly alone and at peace with the utmost privacy. Cool off from the heat of t...
Cottage Code : Villa Luvina
Sleeps : 10
... large glass doors. There is also a fully equipped kitchen for your use, perfect for whipping up a picnic to carry with you to the beach. The ground floor offers two bedrooms, both with en-suite bathr...
Cottage Code : Villa Theresa
Sleeps : 10
...pool terrace, so you can stumble out of bed and wake yourself up by jumping in the pool in the morning! The further three bedrooms are on the first floor, all of which offer en-suite bathrooms and ...
Cottage Code : Villa Amery
Sleeps : 10
...al-fresco meals! Ground Floor- Double height hall- Lounge- Kitchen/dining room- Twin bedroom (wheelchair-accessible) with en-suite- Guest toilet- Laundry roomFirst Floor- 1 Double bedroom with en...
Cottage Code : Villa Oscar
Sleeps : 10
...in all the property has to offer, stroll to one of the nearby towns (several within walking distance) to enjoy some of the local delights, from tapas to sangria, there's something for...
Cottage Code : Villa La Paz
Sleeps : 10
...of peace, excitement and exploration! With a private tennis court on site, a huge private pool and even a pool-slide, you'll never run out of activities to keep you entertained. Perfect for fa...
Cottage Code : Villa Abierta
Sleeps : 10
...floor:Kitchen: Ceramic glass cooktop, Microwave, Toaster, Dishwasher, electric oven, Fridge/freezer, Electric coffee machine Living room: A/C warm/cold, TV, DVD, SAT English, SAT German, C...
Cottage Code : Villa La Marina
Sleeps : 10
... Satellite TV, stereo system, patio doors to covered balcony-Double bedroom with air conditioning, single sofa bed -Bathroom with shower, WC, sinkFirst Floor Apartment-Lounge with patio doors to terra...
Cottage Code : Villa Yoga
Sleeps : 10
...and a pretty garden, perfect for outdoor living, dining and entertaining and is ideal for those who want to spend as much time as possible outside whilst on holiday. When the heat gets too much, ...
Cottage Code : Villa Bold Times
Sleeps : 10
...WC, sink-Twin bedroom with air conditioning-Bathroom with shower, WC, sink-Games roomFirst Floor- Lounge with air conditioning, satellite TV, audio system with iPod dock, patio doors leading to terr...
Cottage Code : Villa Cruise
Sleeps : 10
...with shower in suite. Air Conditioning.First level:1 double bedroom with 2 twin beds (possible to join the beds).Bathroom with shower.1 double bedroom with double bed.1 bathroom with bath.1 ma...
Cottage Code : Villa Meridiana
Sleeps : 10
...room, this villa provides a very comfortable stay.The exterior of the villa is just as impressive with a sumptuous private pool to dip in and out of, luxury sun loungers to relax on and plenty o...
Cottage Code : Villa Eva
Sleeps : 10
...Grounds - Private swimming pool (9x4m) - Poolside shower- Outdoor kitchen and barbecue - Lawn gardens with gravel and trees- 2 covered terraces - Outdoor dining area - Sun loungers Vill...
Cottage Code : Villa Consuelo
Sleeps : 10
...and would make a great day trip especially in the cooler months as Costa Blanca is an ideal destination all year round.Interior of 4 bedroom villa over two floors- Open-plan living-dining roo...
Cottage Code : Villa Audine
Sleeps : 10
... terrace, offering fabulous views towards the coastline, a spacious kitchen complete with an electric coffee machine, provides everything you need to cook some family feasts. There is a double bedroom...
Cottage Code : Villa Trobol
Sleeps : 10
...Calpe, Spain sleeps 10 people. Recently renovated, and to a high standard, Villa Trobol has everything you could want on your holiday. It sleeps ten across five bedrooms – two of the bedrooms...
Cottage Code : Villa Guajiro
Sleeps : 10
...once a day. There is also a bar and a restaurant close by too, giving you good access to amenities.The interior of the villa is light with neutral decor and makes for a comfortable stay and with...
Cottage Code : Casa Zamora
Sleeps : 10
...just over 50km away, Tamariu is easy to access and close to one of the region's main cultural hubs. Visitors flock to the Old Town which remains as charming as ever, and several intriguing mu...
Cottage Code : Villa Baile
Sleeps : 10
... will find an open-plan living/dining room with an open-hearth fireplace, a great space for socialising and cosying up by the fire with a warm drink in the evening. A separate lounge features a TV, gr...
Cottage Code : Villa Fanny
Sleeps : 10
... en-suite double bedroom and a separate WC. The lower ground floor features two twin bedrooms, a further double bedroom, two bathrooms and a living room with a sofa bed that opens onto the swimming po...
Cottage Code : Villa Rayco
Sleeps : 10
...fridge, freezer, coffee machine- Separate WC- Double bedroom with French bed, doors to terrace and bathroom with shower and WCExterior- Outdoor swimming pool (4m x 10m) - Outdoor shower - Various...
Cottage Code : Villa Nuria
Sleeps : 10
...and TV. Five bedrooms are spread across the two floors, with a double and two twins on the upper level and two more twin rooms downstairs.Villa Nuria has a large, well-equipped kitchen and grea...
Cottage Code : Casa Quilmes
Sleeps : 10
...chairs, ceramic hob, oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridge-freezer, coffee machine, toaster, utensils and tableware- Living room with sofa and plasma TV - Gym with two cardio machines- Two suites wi...
Cottage Code : Villa Cometa
Sleeps : 10
... terraces and can take full advantage of the enviable mountain views. It's a well-equipped villa, with everything you might need on your family holiday – and all in a great location. Calpe h...
Cottage Code : Villa Conchita
Sleeps : 10
... to ensure you can make the most of the beautiful Spanish weather. And if ever you can drag yourself away from the gorgeous pool and garden, bars, restaurants, cafes and all the excitement Moraira has...
Cottage Code : Finca Pepita
Sleeps : 10
... leads us to the remaining rooms, a second double bedroom and two more twin rooms. All five rooms are furnished with beautiful pine fittings and frames, complementing the delightful wooden beams runni...
Cottage Code : Villa Julio
Sleeps : 10
...to explore the beautiful Costa Banca.Interior***This villa is a two storey holiday home with two separate apartmentsLower level - Two double bedrooms - Shower roomUpper level- Living/dining area ...
Cottage Code : Villa Gaspare
Sleeps : 10
...Gaspare in Costa Blanca, Spain sleeps 10 people. Lovely and cheerful villa with private pool in Calpe, on the Costa Blanca, Spain for ten persons. The villa is situated in a coastal and urban area a...
Cottage Code : Villa Los Pinos
Sleeps : 10
...tranquil location less than a 20 minute stroll from Tamariu's gorgeous sandy beach and eclectic range of convenience stores, shops selling beach wear, excellent restaurants and lively caf...
Cottage Code : La Perica
Sleeps : 10
...wardrobe- Bedroom 4 - Double bed with private shower room and wardrobe*separate shower room for guests, or can solely be used by guests of Bedroom 3.* Ground/Street level is Air ConditionedBasement...
Cottage Code : Villa Victoria
Sleeps : 10
...a group of friends. Main House- Bedroom 1 - Master Bedroom, private bathroom with shower, dressing room and lounge. Sea view, direct access to terrace and garden area. - Bedroom 2 - Double room and...